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    Re: Monel strings

    These GW monel strings are really great, and not just cause you get a picture of Gabe on the cover.
    I'm on my second set and I am very happy with them. As good for better than D'addarios and in the...
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    Re: 3-Part Chris Thile Master Class online

    Chris replied on his Instagram that each class would be archived for 30 days after.

    Thanks MC for the heads up, I am excited for it!
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    Re: NMD Kelley A5

    Congrats! Skip and Kevin are both really great guys. Kevin let me stop by fairly late one evening when I bought #54.
    A couple of years later, Skip was very generous in his pricing and did a great...
  4. Re: Our version of David Grisman's 'Ricochet' / quarantine video

    If anybody wants to learn this without doing quite as much hard work, Mike Marshall does a very thorough breakdown of all three parts in his ArtistWorks class
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    Re: Recent Kelley mandolin

    Awesome! Glad that helped. My #54 sounds way better now in my opinion that in did when I got it. May be my playing or 'opening up' or whatever (see countless discussions elsewhere on the forum about...
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    Re: C.Mangan RoundCore Monel

    I love the Gabriel Wiseman monel set that CM has, have been using them for a few months now (2 sets).
    They are the "custom medium" gauges I prefer and I think they are as good or better than the...
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    Re: Recent Kelley mandolin

    Sounds great Skip! Hope OH is treating you well, but feel free to come back to NC ;)
  8. Re: Is playing TABS detrimental to really learning?

    Why don't we write it out in "shape notes"? I found those pretty easy to read in the church choir LOL.

    But seriously, I think the only way TAB or even notation for that matter is detrimental is if...
  9. Re: Stewmac shipping outrageously expensive and NOT eco-responsib

    Yea, it's a worldwide issue unfortunately and not just one vendor.

    I'm obsessed with buying old records on Discogs though, and you can usually get multiple records through media mail for about...
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    Re: Mile Twelve win an IBMA Award

    well deserved, congrats David Benedict and all!
  11. Re: Article: New Music from Gabriel Wiseman - Off The Cuff

    Great job Gabe! This is a really nice mandolin record, y'all check it out!!
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    Re: Mandolins "Opening Up"

    We're on this again?! lol

    There are SO many factors. The instrument, the temperature, the humidity, the strings, the way you are playing that day, the amount of wax in your ears, the room you are...
  13. excellent stuff! Love Marks picking with Chris...

    excellent stuff! Love Marks picking with Chris Jones, looking forward to hearing this
  14. Re: mandolin orange-Unknown Legend (Neil Young cover)....WOW

    yea! Loved this so much the first time I saw it. I have never been a Neil Young voice fan but love some of his tunes and this was always my favorite. They killed it!
  15. Re: Our version of David Grisman's 'Ricochet' / quarantine video

    Excellent job! Deceptively difficult tune to play and have it sound good. Very nice!
    Co-Written by Richard Somers btw, really cool dude himself that I got to meet at Bibey Camp last year. :cool:
  16. Re: Amanda Jewell pdf transcription from Skaggs - Campbell

    Great tune and Casey's record is awesome too! Thanks so much for sharing!
  17. Re: Is playing TABS detrimental to really learning?

    I never cared much about reading notation, until I started learning things that tabs were not readily available for.
    For example, I got into some Brazillian Choro thanks to Mike Marshall. He tabbed...
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    Re: To Cafe Members on the US West Coast

    If anyone needs to escape to North Carolina let me know, we are closing on a new house soon and will have some extra space.
    Wish that we could send you some of our rain!
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    Re: recommend me an acoustic bass

    We got a Taylor mini bass and I really like it. As easy as a guitar to play but has a good sound to it I think!
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    Re: Wayne’s World of Mandolin Channel?

    Wayne just posted a pretty sweet video on the blues scale stuff and he jams on some really cool stuff too with a drum machine beat.
    Check out the Stanley mando he is playing too, pretty sweet sound...
  21. Thread: Fake Book

    by Drew Egerton

    Re: Fake Book

    Onassis, irealpro is very much worth it! Keep in mind it’s only backing tracks no melodies, but still it is an amazing resource. I’ve only been dipping into jazz for a couple of years and it’s been...
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    Re: D'addario strings (Consistent breakage)

    I actually had this problem with a few packs of D'addario J74's probably over 10 years ago. If I recall correctly, I think we contacted their customer service and they sent me a few free packs to...
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    Re: Philphool, Phil Goodson, passes :(

    I'd like to add to this post the response that I received from Phil's daughter Becca when I sent her the link to this thread. Thank you all for your comments!

    "Oh Drew, this means the world to me....
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    Philphool, Phil Goodson, passes :(

    Cafe members,

    I regret to inform you all that Dr. Phil Goodson, known around here as Philphool, has passed away after a strong battle with cancer.

    In additional to being a well respected OBGYN...
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    Re: Dennis Vance receives double transplant

    Best wishes Dennis that everything progresses as good and quickly as can be!
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