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  1. Re: Question of Decorum: Asking Small Shop Builder to Change Inla

    So it sounds like, to replace just the inlays, it's still easier to just do a whole new fretboard, rather than route the existing board? If that's the case, I'll definitely leave well enough alone!
  2. Question of Decorum: Asking Small Shop Builder to Change Inlays?

    Hey, all. I've got a glorious mandolin from a small builder I love everything about--except the fancy, Florentine fretboard inlays. I'd like to get them changed out for '30s Fern-style pearl block...
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    Re: KM1000 Spec Question -- side width?

    I had one from 2008 that had the narrower sides. Killer sounding bluegrass mando!
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    Re: Kentucky KM 1050 v 1500 or 1000 v 1500

    I can tell you the neck carve is just incredibly comfortable on the KM1000. I know it's subjective, but man that's a nice medium V.
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    Re: Eastman mandolin factory (video)

    Man, watching that fella carve out that scroll was deeply satisfying. Nothing cooler than a sharp chisel in adept hands.
  6. Re: Anybody from North Kakalacky (North Carolina)

    Also, if anyone's in the Asheville surrounding area and likes the rougher Monroe, Buzz Busby, et al style playing, I'd love to meet up and pick around!
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    Re: Bill Monroe tune Pocahontas

    <violates forum posting guidelines. will not be tolerated further.>
  8. Re: Anybody from North Kakalacky (North Carolina)

    Just moved to Maggie Valley, outside Asheville. Gorgeous up here!
  9. Re: Listening Recommendations, American Primitive

    Was looking for similar stuff when I started this thread:
  10. Thread: Wegen Pick

    by vanguard

    Re: Wegen Pick

    I got a couple TF150 that are pretty nice. I actually prefer the Dunlop Primetone big 150 triangle though—it sticks to the fingers better.
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    Re: Nerve pain in my finger

    Search "bone bruise mandolin" or "index pain mandolin" and you'll find a sea of discussions on google.

    I am still trying to heal from what I assume was bone bruise on the inside of my first...
  12. Re: Help me choose a F-style mandolin in the $2500 - $3500 Range

    Hunt for a used Northfield Artist.
  13. Re: Other primitive, raw mandolin music like early Bill Monroe?

    I think questions about picks, strings, brands, etc. are exactly the types of concerns that move us away from producing this kind of music.

    Also, you're right, questions about how to make these...
  14. Re: Other primitive, raw mandolin music like early Bill Monroe?

    This is fantastic

    Thank you
  15. Re: Other primitive, raw mandolin music like early Bill Monroe?

    I pretty much agree with all points here. I have a very low schmaltz tolerance, and the slick, smooth, soulless sounds that soundtrack visits to corporate chain stores leave me dreary for hours...
  16. Other primitive, raw mandolin music like early Bill Monroe?

    As one of the many who found interest in the mandolin because of Bill Monroe, I find myself seeking more music like his earlier recordings. You know, where the mandolin playing is raw and loose,...
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    Re: Hiscox Case - nice!

    My used Northfield came with a Hiscox case. I love it. Much lighter than it looks, but crazy rigid. It just feels and looks incredibly well made. The way the metal trim seals when you close it is...
  18. Re: Two of the great living mandolinists today: Sam B. And Chris

    Sam's playing is very tasty here.

    I never noticed how far back Thile holds his plectrum! My pick would go flying in seconds if I gripped like that. I suppose he does that to create some give in...
  19. Re: My New Northfield Artist 2A a Mind-blowing Success

    Boy, there's gonna be a lot of packing today and tomorrow, but I could possibly sneak away for a show-and-tell at some point. I would of course expect to see one of yours as well!
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    Re: Northfield Lovers

    Ahhh, gotcha. I blame MAS.
  21. Re: My New Northfield Artist 2A a Mind-blowing Success

    Funny y'all mention liking it better without the inlay; I've been on the same page the last day or two. I was gonna have a particular flowerpot inlaid; one from a Loar-era F4 that is a little wonky...
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    Re: Northfiel Lovers

    I don't notice any more for sale than any of the other major players' instruments. Looking here, Reverb, Ebay, etc., I see a small grip of Northfield, Ellis, Weber, Collings, etc. for sale used—none...
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    Re: Pick-click for newbies

    Yikes, you certainly can! Sounds like a Florida scoop is in order.
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    Re: Kentucky 805 blonde?

    Make an IMGUR account, upload there, copy thumbnail link, post here, done!
  25. Re: The silver-plated Gotohs on Kentucky KM1000 . . .

    Thanks a ton for the info! Bummer it's so hard to know if you're getting the real thing. I guess the silver lining is that, if these silver ones on the KM1000 aren't actually Gotohs, they function at...
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