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    Re: Bowlback, US Made? Interesting

    It looks in the 8th photo that there may be a gap in the neck joint. No clues as to manufacturer.
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    Re: Music Store Etiquette

    Bring whatever you need to help you feel confident in the decision that you may make. I believe you are talking about a trip to Nashville and those stores and, indeed, any store that has a decent...
  3. Re: Some great resources for Irish trad players...

    Here's some favorites I have discovered over the years:

    Irish Traditional Music Tune Index

    Traditional Music of Clare

    Sťamus Connelly Collection of Irish Music

    Harp of Tara - Great free...
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    Re: Peter Ostroushko Passes

    So sad, a nice guy and excellent musician. He will be missed. I will be listening to his music in the days to come.
  5. Re: Shipping a mandolin for repair / setup work !

    I had to ship a $3000 bowlback mandolin to a friend halfway across the country about 15 years ago. I found some excellent padding material from my daughters' old toy chest. They were in high school...
  6. Re: Small hands and neck width - instruments that fit/don't

    I don’t think it was me. I have little problem with teens Gibsons like the one you are trying out. For years I played a 1919 A-3 and I loved it. However I prefer the tone and neck of my snakehead. I...
  7. Re: chop or other rhythm techniques for octave mandolin?

    Of course anything can be percussive if you want to make it so. I can take a set of mallets to a piano or even a violin. Most of us revel in the multiple sound of mandolins but generally concentrate...
  8. Re: How do you think of the fretboard - closed patterns or just n

    I like Niles raving looney philosophy but I have always been a fan of his approach.

    I also play fiddle and guitar so I have the advantages of all three instruments. Plus I have been in many...
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    Re: Going backwards

    BeginnerBill: Some very wise advice above. I wonder if you can supply some additional info about yourself and your playing. Are you or have you in the past taken any lessons on mandolin? Before the...
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    Re: This weeks mandolin that won't get a bid or buyer

    Interesting (?) truly homemade F-5.

    I am still trying to figure out what "spuir" is. The top looks like it was patched—maybe he carved too much?
  11. Re: chop or other rhythm techniques for octave mandolin?

    That is an over-generalization. Yes, if you play a chord on a mandolin and then quickly mute it, that could be considered percussion and that is usually the purpose in a bluegrass band since there...
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    Re: 4 x bowlback mandolins for restoration

    Some quality makers there including DeMeglio, Peretti, Salomone. Could be decent but looks like all need work.
  13. Re: Small hands and neck width - instruments that fit/don't

    Sherry: you are on the right track. Play every local one you can for sure. You may find one that excites you. If not you will have a good idea if you do go to Nashville or wherever. I look fwd to...
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    Re: Mandolin bridge spacing?

    I am not sure what the standard luthier measuring system should be but I would guess it is better to measure center to center of the width of each string rather than the space between. I would also...
  15. Re: Small hands and neck width - instruments that fit/don't

    About GC used/vintage: they do have an excellent policy of shipping from any store to your local store. Then you have the option of going to that store and trying it out and you can then return it in...
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    Re: 12 string banjolin

    This could be some variant of the Filipino bandurria which, if so, would be strung in double-string courses, not like a mandriola. Those instruments usually have 14 strings and modern versions have...
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    Re: What do the numbers mean???

    When a maker starts out usually they have a few models either named or numbered. Even post-Orville Gibson had a relatively sensible system for the few models of mandolins and guitars. As time went on...
  18. Re: Small hands and neck width - instruments that fit/don't

    I have relatively small hands for a person of the male persuasion. If I were commissioning a mandolin I would use my 23 snakehead A-2ís neck which is just about perfect for me. Width at the nut is...
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    Re: What do the numbers mean???

    Yes, Gibson’s illogical system. Sorta logical up to the 1920s then in the 1930s they started using the retail price to distinguish some instruments. I believe that is what the A-40 and A-50 meant. In...
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    Re: Ernie Ball Earthwood?

    Just curious: what is the scale length of this mandola?

    I agree with Allen about the two strings per bridgepin design.
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    Re: Too Cold to Ship Your Instrument

    I have had pretty good experience with Fedex Home (formerly called Ground). They seemed the most accurate and at times got there sooner than they predicted. I did a trade once and the other guy used...
  22. Re: Best Oval Hole A Mandolins for Orchestra Playing?

    Personally I can stand a chunkier neck vs. one that is wider. I had a mandolin with a 1-1/4” neck at the nut and found it not great for me. OTOH I have played plenty of teens and 20s Gibsons with no...
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    Re: Newbie Trying to Make a Choice

    My main fiddles are completely pointless. :)

    Most people, including fiddlers don't even notice that they are odd. I do like they way they sound for fiddling. They were all designed and made in...
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    Re: Too Cold to Ship Your Instrument

    I certainly understand the concern about finish checking. I know there is no guarantee but I think checking usually occurs when you shock the instrument with one extreme or the other. If you keep it...
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    Re: Taft 2 Point

    Any info on the label if there is one?
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