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    Re: Delmores Tenor Tuning?

    I looked him up, I hadn't heard of him before (but now i have!), it looks like he did indeed play tenor along with mando and fiddle as well? It appears that he's using a CGDA tuning in his fingerings...
  2. Re: DGBE (Chicago) Tuning: A and Bb/A# chords are weird

    The B flat chord is kinda meh in chicago tuning because there is no real "first position" chord you can play. You have to play a barre chord for it's first inversion or what have you on the neck. No...
  3. Re: Advantage and disadvantage of the Cutaway on Tenor guitar ?

    I have a cutaway on my tenor, I used to have one of a similar model w/ out a cutaway and having one made some techniques a lot easier to play. It all depends on whether or not you plan to use that...
  4. Re: What is Today the best Tenor guitar between 500$ => under 100

    Blueridge unless you can find a used Collings. I played a Collings Tenor once and it was a very loud guitar (in a good way) with an exceptional tone.
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    Re: Alternate Reality Fender Tenor Tele

    I tried purchasing from them. That was the third or fourth time I actually purchased one and it ended up cancelled because they made a mistake, thats the second time its happened with zzounds, and it...
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