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  1. Re: Does this seem reasonable for a first mandolin?

    New LM-110's are listed at discount sellers for $250. Even with a decent case, $315 seems pretty steep for a used one.

    I think a $275 offer would definitely be reasonable, perhaps even generous.
  2. Re: Off in the weeds on my first mando purchase ...

    Amazing how quickly one gets used to the particular neck width and profile of a frequently-played instrument. As one who switches among guitar, banjo, mandolin "family," and various types of...
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    Re: Tenor Banjo --> Mandocello

    Many things are possible. You'll need to modify the bridge, and probably the tailpiece (unless you hook two strings on each prong) to accommodate eight strings, as well as the nut. Squeezing eight...
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    Re: its only a Dollar..

    I'm confused -- what's the point? Even a fake Gibson F-5, which this undoubtedly is, is worth more than a dollar; the tuners alone. the bridge, the tailpiece...

    Is it a total scam -- you make an...
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    Re: Flatiron 3MW Mandola Ser.# 9205401

    According to several Cafe threads, the first two digits of the serial number represent the year it was made, so yours would be a 1992.

    It has decent value; Flatiron "pancake" mandolas show up with...
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    Re: "Powerful/Loud!"

    As owner of a '30's National Triolian mandolin, I'd say that's a distinct possibility. And there are quite a few threads on Asian resonator mandolins (Johnson, and mandolin-banjos that decry...
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    Re: Mandolinetto Makers?

    His band has a Facebook page; you could start there.
  8. Re: What instrument is the hardest? My experience

    Let me state clearly that I love the English-system concertina. If I didn't, I would have discarded mine long ago (I have two trebles and a baritone), and stuck to the stringed instruments I mostly...
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    Re: Rover RM-75 F style mandolin

    RM-75's get pretty decent evaluations on the Cafe. Solid woods, carved top, decent "fit & finish." Amazon reviews are all 4- or 5-star. They go for near $450, so $300's not a bad price, especially...
  10. Re: I think something's wrong with my mandolin.

    No, I think you should sell it to me. Immediately.
  11. Re: What instrument is the hardest? My experience

    Tiramisu, maybe? Something Italian, at any rate.

    The mandolin, with its equal tuning intervals -- allowing chord patterns to be moved around the fingerboard, and "rationalizing" scale patterns --...
  12. Re: United Faux Resonator Mandolin Circa 1940

    Looking at the original auction, now marked "ended," I ran across this McCormick "resonator mandolin," which looks remarkably unlike anything I've seen before.

    If four equally-spaced soundholes...
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    Re: Favilla Mandolin

    Favilla -- one of the seriously underrated US makers. Their ukuleles are still much in demand, and whenever I ran across a Favilla guitar, I was always impressed with its quality and sound.

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    Re: Harmony H35 Mandolin Chicago

    Well, in my experience, Harmony Monterey mandolins had really nice tuners: nice ratio, very smooth. Other than that, pretty ordinary instruments.

    The Japanese instruments blew Harmony and Kay...
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    Re: Mandolin with bridge pins

    Ovation mandolins have fixed, glued bridges, and while they don't have bridge pins, they do use ball-end strings held by slots in the bridge. They seem to work OK, as far as I've heard. Not quite...
  16. Re: What instrument is the hardest? My experience

    Tried playing my grandfather's fiddle, didn't get very far -- had a hard time getting consistent bow pressure and speed, missed having frets -- but didn't really make a serious attempt to learn it.
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    Re: Your average $150,000 guitar

    Maybe made for Game of Thrones fans?
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    Re: 1934 Rickenbacker Tenor

    Does have a "matching" period amp...

    Replaced headstock overlay, I assume? Don't know if the Waverly planetaries are original, but the "Swiss-cheese" headstock perforations would suggest that...
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    Re: Your average $150,000 guitar

    Hey, doesn't antoniotsai put instruments on eBay with similar ornamentation -- but significantly lower prices?
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    Re: This must be a joke

    Now marked "sold," so I guess someone wanted it...
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    Re: Info on this old bowlback?

    Thanx to Bob A in Post #2; I didn't know any Italian builders used the zero fret. I was going to opine "zero fret, slotted headstock, probably German," and I would have been, as I often am, risking...
  22. Re: Now HERE's a mandolinist's worst nightmare:

    Couple bass banjo vids: first one's a Gibson that Bernunzio had for a while:
  23. Re: Does anyone know anything about this Mandolin?

    Wonder how it got to Puerto Rico?
  24. Re: Gibson Army Navy (Reissue) AN Custom (mid-90s)

    I have one of these, dated 1987, signed by Steve Carlson, Serial #7001128. When John Bernunzio sold it to me, he said it was made for Lou Catello, who was a Gibson dealer in NH -- Catello & Sons...
  25. Re: The Guitars (and Mandolins) of Ken Burns' Country Music

    Guild pushed hard to get Nashville endorsements, probably gave away a bunch of instruments to get them onstage. Not that they weren't excellent guitars, but you can see, from different periods, the...
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