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    Re: Guitar and Mandolin Duos

    Like fAtHanD....these 2 aren't exclusively mando and guitar but Caleb Klauder and Reeb Wilms is high up on my list:
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    Re: Free V-Picks - Right Here

    Down wit' it.
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    Re: Norman Blake these days?

    eadg145 PM me and I can get you a copy of Directions since I got it from that original site when I started this thread. Cheers!
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    Re: Right Hand Technique?

    I disagree with the "lose volume" portion of your statement, jazztune18. In general, you actually can increase volume with a very loose grip on the pick because when the pick hit's the string with a...
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    Re: Cool Video On John Reischman's Mandolin

    Yeah, that is one of my favorite mandolin videos of all time! It has been posted a couple of times before but it's always a good one to watch again, again, and again........
  6. Re: Monteleone F5 - #4 of his original 10 Loar copies

    djweiss that is a nice Monty; the owner let me play it at bluegrass jam the whole jam a while ago! Very well aged!
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    Re: Where's Jill these days?

    Well, I say we all send her message telling her that we miss her. She made quite the impact here and on the SAW group with her amazing ITM mando picking!
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    Re: Thile - Florida pick noise

    Well, this mandolin doesn't have a scooped florida as it's still all original and isn't one of Chris's mandolins. Chris's Dude and his first loar both have the scooped florida and I'm sure he'll make...
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    Re: Bluegrass Standards

    Just FYI. Here's the REAL Bluegrass Book

    I have had it for awhile and it' got most of the tunes you could expect to come up at a bluegrass jam. Like the other books mentioned already is also has...
  10. Re: Dave Peters and Friends at Winfield, Ks. '96 & '99

    Jordan, do you know who some of the other players are, btw? Thanks!
  11. Re: Dave Peters and Friends at Winfield, Ks. '96 & '99

    Oh man..I was just going to go to bed, too. Well, I guess that's out the window! Thanks, Jordan!
  12. Re: Hot, hot, hot. New Snark Tuner model $11.95. Limited quantiti

    Just saw this and bought one myself. Thanks for the heads up on care for these, Bob. It was about time to replace my intellitouch that I've had since...2004!
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    Re: Luke Plumb and Peter Daffy

    I think you might mean Mr. Plumb. Mr. Daffy was the guitar player in the video. Is sure helps that Luke plays a Gil F5 to get such a killer tone!
  14. Re: Just picked up a Buckeye, would like to know other Buckeye ow

    Jamann, I thought that last video you posted on the SAW group was with a new mandolin. It sure sounded spectacular just from that one video. Congrats to you on your new Buckeye, Jamann, and congrats...
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    Re: Finished My Stew Mac Kit Build!

    Wow, that's a really fine looking build! Congrats on finishing it without any injuries. :) Looks like a really nice finish job on there, also.
  16. Re: Mandolinist Joe Walsh of the Gibson Brothers

    Will do that tomorrow, John. Thanks!
  17. Re: Mandolinist Joe Walsh of the Gibson Brothers

    Hi John, Thanks for making that playlist for Joe! I've watched a bunch of them already. I haven't done it before so I was wondering if it's possible to add videos to somebody else's playlist. There's...
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    Monroe 1981 Austin City Limits

    Hi all,
    I just posted this in another thread but wanted to post it in a new one, also. Not sure if many have seen this but, man, it's a great one! Enjoy!
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    Re: Bill Monroe's Kentucky Mandolin Live

    f5loar strikes again! Yup, it's from 1981 and it was from their appearance on Austin City Limits. I don't remember how but I found this video of this show on youtube. This was show number 607 (season...
  20. Re: Mandolinist Joe Walsh of the Gibson Brothers

    I asked Joe about "Sweet Loam" and, yes, he played his Laplant for the whole of the album. He got the Gil after that album.
  21. Re: The gag is so "last month." Batman. Robin. Sorry...

    I imagine that picture would show Batman fully knocking his head completely off if he mistook his mandolin for a b#$%o.
  22. Re: Ruining a live performance in three easy steps...

    Hi all,
    I was just watching this video and it made me remember this thread. Thile seems to put the clapping to rest pretty quickly while doing it in a way where he didn't sound like a jerk. Haven't...
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    Re: Brian Oberlin on tour

    I got to attend one of Brian's workshops on 12 July. It was only 4 of us present and each one of us ranged from rank beginner, intermediate (myself) to established player in both bluegrass and swing...
  24. Re: Excellent oldtime mandolin--good quality Caleb Klauder clip

    Well if we've got 2 out of the 3 videos from that show why not add the 3rd! :) Caleb is also one of my favorite mandolin players and I just love his style and rhythm to his playing. He's got a lot of...
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    Re: Video Review Stanley V5 #63

    You have just became my most favorite person in the world. Oh...and just so you know, I'm also leaving Northwestern Cali in 20 minutes. I'll be at your house in 24 hours with a frosted mug in hand....
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