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  1. Re: Old Time Jamming/music around east Dallas Tx

    Well, we finally got moved into our new apartment up near Firewheel Town Center. Still bored to death, but looking forward to the Dallas old time jam starting up again on June 20th. If there is...
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    Re: Mandolin insurance?

    I added all my musical instruments to a Valuable Personal Property policy with my home owners insurance company. I have roughly $8,000 of coverage at a cost of about $25.00/yr. They are covered at...
  3. Re: Old Time Jamming/music around east Dallas Tx

    Well, we have made it to Texas, and are bored silly sitting in a hotel waiting for our household goods to arrive. Anyone out there want to jam? We are in a hotel in Rockwall.
  4. Peacham Acoustic Music Festival (PAMFEST) cancelled for 2020

    I found out last week that the Peacham Acoustic Music Festival in Peacham VT, scheduled for mid-August, has been cancelled. While I thought this decision was a little premature, I understand the...
  5. Re: Any idea where I can find more music like this?

    There is a band based out of southwest Virginia called "The Whitetop Mountain Band" that you might enjoy. You can see some of their performances on Youtube, and they have a website, too. They are...
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    Re: Mandolin Set Up Ebook and Mandolin Users

    Rob, Thanks for the ebook. Lots of good stuff in it. I like the way you make your nut slot files out of feeler gauges. I have been using welding tip cleaners for this purpose for a few years, and...
  7. Re: Help to choose first mandolin (Harley benton vs recording kin

    I agree with the comments about setup. I don't have any experience with Recording King mandolins, but I do with their banjos. I owned a RK35 banjo that was really nice. Sounded great, and was well...
  8. Re: Could this be real? Martin guitars $90. NO financial interest

    About six months ago a friend of mine ordered a copy of a Martin D45 (minus the Martin Logo)from a builder in China. It turned out to be beautifully built, and it sounded good. We took it over to...
  9. Re: Old Time Jamming/music around east Dallas Tx

    I know it would be a hike, but we would love to meet and play some tunes with you. We'll let you know when we get to town and get settled.
  10. Re: Old Time Jamming/music around east Dallas Tx

    My wife and I have been to the OT jam at Heritage Village a couple of times when we visited family in the Dallas area. It was a good jam. Folks were friendly, and welcoming. If I recall correctly,...
  11. Old Time Jamming/music around east Dallas Tx

    My wife and I are planning to relocate to Garland, TX (East Dallas) in June. We are looking for old time jams, or other opportunities to play. We know about the old time jam at the Heritage Village...
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    Re: What's your new fiddle tune?

    I have learned a number of tunes since I have been staying at home for the last 4 weeks. Ihad started to learn a couple of the prior, but have recently put the finishing touches on them, too. I...
  13. Re: First Video of The Mandolin Store new location

    Dennis, Good luck in your new location. I bought an Eastman 305 from you about 6 months ago, and could not be more pleased. Great instrument, and you guys put an awesome setup on it for me. Stay...
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    Re: best mandolin for 700.00

    I bought an Eastman 305 from the Mandolin Store for under $500, and am very happy with the instrument. Sounds great, and the craftsmanship is wonderful. I recommend it highly.
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    Re: On-Line Jamming Apps?

    Thanks to all for your replies.
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    Re: We Lost John Prine.

    So sad. His music will be an everlasting legacy to his memory. He will be greatly missed. Condolences to his wife and family.
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    Re: Trade in KM150 for an MD305 or MD505?

    I started playing mando less than a year ago, and at the suggestion of the folks at the Mandolin Store, purchased an Eastman 305 over the KM150. I have been playing stringed instruments for many...
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    On-Line Jamming Apps?

    A couple of the folks in my usual jamming group are looking for an on-line app. that will support realtime jamming. They have already tried Skype, What's App, and Face Time, without success. There...
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    Re: Old Time Jams in southwest Florida

    Thanks for the reply, and the tip about I checkout meetup, and to my surprise, there was a picture of a friend on mine from our OT jam here in Williamsburg VA, playing his banjo...
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    Old Time Jams in southwest Florida

    My wife and I are avid old time players who are considering a move from Virginia to the southwest Florida area. We are looking for OT jams in the Sarasota/Ft.Myers/Bradenton area.

    Any info would...
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