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  1. For members that make a living in the music business

    This is an article in Variety for those that are self-employed in the music business.
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    Re: Gigs Cancelled - Health and Safety

    I have had a number of my shows cancelled over the years for 'Health and Safety' reasons . . . the promoters were afraid that once I started playing, there would be a stampede for the exit, and...
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    Re: Fern Loar F5 Attic Find

    Greetings, my name is Grant Handley. It was my father, Worth Handley who played in the Hart Valley Drifters briefly in 1962. The flea market find, the $25 Loar F5 Fern, was his. An early photo of the...
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    Re: Dash Crofts

    I thought maybe it was time to revisit this old thread--cool article on Seals and Crofts in Feb Texas Monthly:
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    Re: Instrument swap?

    Yeah, but only with old friends I've known forever, *and* where we know each other well enough to know how we are likely to treat the instruments.

    Not just for obvious harmful things such as...
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    Re: Volume boost pedal question

    You'd be a prospect for the RedEye Twin then. The RedEye works because of its very linear amplification characteristics. I had a chat with the owner/designer, and he said most pres need EQ due to...
  7. Re: If you could have any mandolin in the world….

    I just snagged this


    I could be quite happy where my collection is right now, without spending another dime.
  8. Re: -If you could have any mandolin in the world….

    It's very simple...Ms. Griffith's A5 Loar! Not for the monetary value; sound, feel and mystique!

  9. Re: Man crosses the Atlantic in a barrel - with mando

    I imagine there was a lot of chop.
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    Re: 4- vs 8-string electric mandos

    If you get an 8 string, you can always play it as a 4 string.
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    Re: The end of my playing days.

    Hi - For all you very patient & incredibly supportive folk,here's a 'progress up-date' (sort of ).

    My review x-ray yesterday, showed no further increase of my ''infection'' (should we call it)...
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    Re: The end of my playing days.

    Hi Doug - The 'taste' thingy is total crap !!!. I'm going to embark on a diet of hot/spicy & Pickled types of food. The ONLY things that have tasted 'real' so far are pickled foods such as Pickled...
  13. John Denver on mandolin - what a fiddler though

    just saw this video on YouTube!

    embed didn't work. The link is very cool though!

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    Re: Eastwood Mandocaster replacement pickups

    Hi Dave,
    This link should work

    The stacked humbuckers are hum cancelling in all three positions whereas the single coils...
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    Re: JazzMando website to sunset soon

    I appreciate everyone's kind words, and I've got good news. A few generous souls contacted me offline and I've consented to work with Baron Collins-Hill to revamp the old site and put a more current...
  16. Re: New to swing mandolin, who should I be listening to?

    Another interesting jazz player is Will Patton who lives in Vermont. He plays an old Gibson A mandolin & does a lot of
    arranging of jazz tunes, plus presenting his own compositions.
  17. Re: Condolences on the passing of Rebecca Harvell Ellis

    Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers. Most of you didn't have the fortune to know Becky, but she was my best friend and the sweetest person to ever have lived. As for mandolin content, if...
  18. Re: New to swing mandolin, who should I be listening to?

    A Mandolin player I highly recommend is Will Patton. A superb player. Johnny Gimble is a Mandolin player that plays with great Jazz “phrasing”.
    I agree with David wholeheartedly. Listen to Armstrong...
  19. Re: New to swing mandolin, who should I be listening to?

    Swing is jazz - and was the most popular music in America before WWII and sometime after.

    Stop listening only to mandolin players. Moore and Burns were great, but they are in thin company.
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    Re: Mandolin-related multitool?

    Not sure if there's an unofficial 'right' way to do this, but thanks to everyone for the great ideas! There were so many things I hadn't thought of, and some tools I hadn't ever heard of. I'll post...
  21. 1952 Bigsby inspired 5 string Electric Mandolins

    I think I've caught the Bigsby bug, I've been wanting to build bunches of Tiny Moore style mandolins for a long time, I've tooled up, here's the first 2 bodies I built yesterday, going to saw out...
  22. Re: 500-instrument collection donated to Belmont University

    Ain't no "if"...

    I've got about 75 instruments now. When I'm not playing much any more, my two kids get their picks, and the rest go to a dealer, either by sale or on consignment.

    Most of mine...
  23. Whipping Post (Allman Bros) Berklee String Orchestra NMC

    NMC but a lot of strings here, they done good, had to post
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    Re: Bach, where to start?

    This minuet is also in the e-book by Alison Stephens
    Or, if you want to start a little lighter, you may try this one:
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    Dude. With all due respect, that's a little harsh. :confused: I found it rather enjoyable, it sounds kinda old-school futuristic and trippy and trad slide blues all in one. And not bad sound...
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