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  1. Re: The merciless camera (recording ourselves as a reality check)

    Have you noticed how many of us who post over on the SAW group and elsewhere leave our heads/faces out of the camera shot? The excuse it that it focuses the viewer on the hands, but the truth of it...
  2. Re: A Mandolin & Octave Mandolin duet: Big Hands

    A great tune and very fine recording and playing, Isaac. Thanks too for sharing the notation and the details of your recording set-up. I am still using Windows XP on an Advent laptop (with no...
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    Re: Help with musical notation and tabs

    Thanks, Mark. I just wondered why there would be a fret position marked on the same string as the muting symbol. That same symbol appears on chord diagrams when a string has to be omitted (or...
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    Re: What is this amazing-looking instrument?

    A friend of mine acquired a similar instrument with those tuners, and we borrowed a wee tool from an angling friend who used it to tie fflies, if I remember. Msndolin strings are a lot harder to...
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    Re: Help with musical notation and tabs

    I am not a lover or user of TAB, but could it be that the person who created the TAB has meant to have the "x" on the top E string, therefore muting it, but allowing you to play the G at 2nd fret (A...
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    Re: Turns and Mordents

    As Doug says, I imagine you are reading a violin/fiddle score, Sherry. I play a lot with fiddlers, mainly Scottish/traditional music and I use hammer-on and pull-off techniques in my interpretation...
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    Re: Social Groups?

    I too thought that it meant active postings being made, Ray, but I have come to the conclusion that it simply means that someone has had a look at the thread in the group without actually leaving any...
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    Re: Leaving Stoer by Ivan Drever

    Great sustain in that octave, Dagger, and a good start to your day. Nicely played too!
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    Re: Leaving Stoer by Ivan Drever

    That is a really good video, Mandrian. Very informal and creates a great tmosphere. One of the more unusual venues, I would guess, and should certainly produce a very clean recording environment!...
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    Re: Leaving Stoer by Ivan Drever

    Hi, Mandrian, I have just posted a version over on the Song-A-Week group and here it is for your amusement.
  11. Poll: Re: Poll for the Song a Week Social Group Week #532

    The Hole in The Wa' is one of the oldest pubs in Dumfries, Scotland, and was frequented back in the 18th century by our national Bard Robert Burns, Mike. In November 2013 Max Houliston, one of...
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    Re: side bending - cracking

    I use a very thin nickel silver sheet that I hold against the side, sandwiching the side between this and the bending iron. From your photo it seems that you are concentrating on bending the side...
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    Re: Specific Pick Direction Question

    Sherry, which do you feel more at home with? By all means try the different stroke directions and combinations that are recommended, but I would say that ultimately your own natural picking style...
  14. Re: Songs from old Prague for GDAD Bouzouki or Tenor Guitar

    Fine selection of tunes, Ondrej. Great tone from that bouzouki and tenor guitar - and the Martin Seagull in the second video. Fine playing too!
  15. Poll: Re: Poll for the Song a Week Social Group Week #531

    Here is a link to The Four-Poster Bed, the second tune in the set Gelsenbury and I recently collaborated on in the SAW Group. It comes in at 1:31 on the video.
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    Re: Top strength/Tuning stability

    If you have only a single transverse brace across the top under the bridge then it may well be that you will have to add further bracing, especially if you have sanded the top down after the...
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    Re: MuseScore software

    I use it as my notation siftware for all the reasons mentioned above. Version 3.5.0 is my current version and this allows you to input the chord symbols as does previous versions, but now the chord...
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    Re: Bohemian Zwiefacher

    Fine selection of pieces here, Ondrej. I love the look of intense concentration on your face as you scan the notation.
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    Re: New tune I wrote, "Red Winged Blackbird"

    Great wee tune, Amanda, and so well played. :mandosmiley:
  20. Re: Two Hornpipes: Rights of Man and Off to California

    Lovely set and playing, Dave. Off to California is one of my favourites and a tune we played a lot in our ceilidh band here in Scotland.
  21. Re: A tune I wrote for octave mandolin - Something Squirrelly

    Great, driving jig you have written, and you play it really well. Your octave sounds great too.
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    Re: First builds finished at last.

    Incredible work - certainly not what I would imagine for first-time builds (going from my own first efforts!). You can be really proud of your achievements, Mikeyb.
  23. Re: Couple of tunes on the mandolin from Ye Vagabonds!

    Lovely playing, and such great duetting. Really together.
  24. Poll: Re: Poll for the Song a Week Social Group Week #529

    Amazing instrument, the hurdy-gurdy, Simon. I have a friend who plays one and he sometimes brings it to sessions here.
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    Fine collaboration, Bren. Lovely blend of all the instruments and a great tune with "continental" flavours specially on the box!
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