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  1. Re: Backing Irish music with guitar after playing mandolin melody

    Thanks JL, that discussion explains my word of caution in excellent detail! :)

    It's probably worth pointing out though that ,near me, and I suspect more generally in Irish trad, good "backers"...
  2. Re: Backing Irish music with guitar after playing mandolin melody

    Hi Derp,
    Great advice from others on this thread. I play a lot of backing for Irish music on the guitar. Where I live there are a bunch of good Irish tune players (usually 2nd or 3rd generation),...
  3. Re: Looking for Music Documentary Recommendations

    Hi Dagger, hope you're well?

    I completely agree about the TG4 documentaries. As well as the ones that you listed, I really enjoyed this one about the great pioneering Irish guitarist Arty McGlynn...
  4. Re: Looking for Music Documentary Recommendations

    Great thread, I love a good music documentary. In these challenging times when it is more difficult to get out and play with others, it seems like an opportune time to indulge in some quality music...
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    Re: "Playing the circle of fifths"

    I hope this isn't going too far off piste. A jazz trumpeter that I know a bit who also plays Irish trad has come up with a 3d version of the circle of fifths. This video below explains it. In these...
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    sad news, Arty McGlynn passed today...

    Just seen this sad news. Arty was an excellent and pioneering guitarist for Irish trad although he played other genres....
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    Re: Natural talent vs practice

    Hi Dagger, I completely agree that working with other musicians is really important, not just for the development of musicianship but also for the general social experience and camaraderie. I'm sure...
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    Birmingham tradfest 2019 anyone?

    Hi folks,
    Next weekend I'm going to the Birmingham tradfest (I've got an 18 month old little boy so weekends off are a rarity these days, but more than compensated for by the little man)....
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    Re: The end of my playing days.

    I'm very sorry and sad to hear this news.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Ivan a handful times a few years back (via this website) and did a bit of jamming with him. I remember a kind, curious and...
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    Re: Improvising

    This doesn't necessarily answer your question Br1ck, but I thought it worth sharing this clip where guru Grisman talks about improv and offers (to my mind at least) some profound insights about the...
  11. Re: Who makes a good inexpensive Octave Mandolin?

    Here is the amazing Tim Edey demonstrating an Ashbury
  12. Re: Ale Brider (a Yiddish folk tune) [on Red Valley Mandolin]

    Great to see some klezmer mandolin :mandosmiley:

    I've been loosely involved with both the Irish music and klezmer scenes in Manchester for about the last 20 years. Admittedly, I play more guitar...
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    Re: Music venues in London England

    The session website lists traditional Irish music sessions, I'm not saying that this is complete or all the sessions are definitely running but may be worth a look....
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    Re: What's a Chord Melody?

    I found this to be a really informative lesson on the subject, thanks Aaron...
  15. Re: John Doyle - Irish Rhythm Guitar: Accompanying Celtic Tunes

    Another great resource for Irish trad backing on the guitar is Frank Kilkelly's website which also includes information about key players, I don't have his books but there is plenty of info about...
  16. Re: Guitar Question: Starting to Play Fingerstyle?

    Like most things in music, "fingerstyle guitar" covers a wide range of things. I think that a good place to start is decide which guitar players you would like to emulate and focus on one of those....
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    Re: Stuart Duncan on mandolin

    I really like this recording which has Stuart on mandolin :mandosmiley:
  18. Re: Jordan Ramsey wins the mandolin competition at Winfield!

    Congratulations Jordan, it was great to meet you a couple of years ago when you were gigging in Lancaster (UK). I was blown away by your playing and as others have intimated, you're a real gentleman...
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    Re: Electronic Music - It Has No Soul?

    Interesting thread - I'm not a huge fan of purely electronic music but have some friends who are and I have had some great times listening and dancing to electronic music with them.

    There is a...
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    Re: Hawk picks.

    Thanks Ivan,
    I've got one and like it - the three corners have different degrees of "pointiness" which is interesting, here is some more information:
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    Re: 'nuther one bites the dust !

    This sounds well worth checking out for a mandolin enthusiast :)

    I hope life is good Ivan, will be nice to catch up soon :mandosmiley:
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    Re: Prohibition Swing Club

    Thanks Scot, we've got about 10 tracks recorded and will probably aim to do another 3-4 and then may release an album. Here are another couple of videos, hope you like them :) The first is with the...
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    Re: Prohibition Swing Club

    Thanks for the comments folks, I'm the mando player in this band. :)

    The pedal steel player is a fantastic musician and just after that video was shot went on to tour the world playing with Billy...
  24. Re: Why was Earl Scruggs style of 3-finger banjo so special?

    This is a really interesting thread with plenty of great posts :).

    I'm certainly no expert on the history of the banjo but it seems clear that Earl Scruggs was the first person to play like Earl...
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    Re: Can any song be played in any scale?

    Talking of jingle bells, I find this to be an interesting video, Mike show you how to play the tune in various ways. As people have said you can transpose any tune to any key (think of putting a capo...
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