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    Re: What have I got here? Bozeman Flatiron

    I have one of the flatiron mandolas that had a bit of top sinkage like that. Took it in to none other than Frank Ford himself, who diagnosed that the transverse brace had become detached at one end...
  2. Re: Flatiron 1N (The one that got away) and Northfield Calhoun

    I have a 1N, 2MC, and 1C. They are a little different because of the different tone woods, but not much. Pretty much any flatiron pancake is a nice instrument (sorry). Also like the big muddy’s as...
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    Re: playing partner{s]

    I have a bunch of friends who use JamKazam. FWIW, to make it work well, there are a few restrictions:

    - can’t really handle more than about 4 or 5 people at once
    - you need to be wired in...
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    Re: Irish Metronome

    Pre-covid, I was going to take Marla’s in person Irish mandolin seminar (she’s the woman in the video). Before class she sent some exercises for us - the point of them being in Irish, pick direction...
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    Re: Iwamoto F5 mandolin #118 in progress

    I met Iwamoto-San last year and played in that jam. The bar is called Moon Stomp, in Koenji. He’s really nice and the whole crowd was incredibly welcoming. I saw one of his instruments in a store...
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    Re: looking for a travel mando

    I travel a lot with a flatiron flattop. mc-2 I thjnk. Itís really great. I keep it in a soft uke case and can tuck it above the luggage on a plane, etc. itís got a great tone and volume and is very...
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    Re: Hoffee vs new Calton vs Pegasus vs ?

    I have an old Calton and a new Hoffee. I like the calton better. The hoffee is both bigger and heavier, and not seemingly for good reasons. Also the gloss cost scratches if you glance at it. My wife...
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    Re: Which bridge should I get?

    They’re not adjustable but I’ve been having really interesting results putting Red Murphy’s 11 hole solid bridges on some of my instruments. Really changes the tone. You’ll have to make one, I don’t...
  9. Bluegrass jam at Moon Stomp in Tokyo

    I was visiting Tokyo this week and looked around for jams. Thereís a really great one ln the first and third Friday of each month, in Koenji, at a place called Moon Stomp. Typical small Japanese bar,...
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