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    Re: Thank you Scott and Dan!

    Yay! The best site on the Web is back. Thanks, gents.
    Was worth a shot, I guess, and sometimes there's only one way to know for sure. Thanks for picking up the pieces.
  2. Re: About to apply finish on first build....

    Get everything sealed, then scrape. Then seal again, get a film over everything, and level sand. Once you can level sand and get a consistent flat surface (usually somewhere between 4 and 10 coats),...
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    Re: Inlay colors

    Hmm, I don't know if that's true. Isn't marquetry where you make a flat panel out of multiple pieces, then apply that like veneer to a substrate? Or is all wood inlay marquetry?
  4. Re: Best Bridge Jig Stew Mac or Cuberland ??

    Oh - have we talked about how easy it is to damage an instrument's finish by putting sandpaper on it and then rubbing all over it? You may not notice it on a vintage instrument, but if you do it on a...
  5. Re: Best Bridge Jig Stew Mac or Cuberland ??

    The Stew-Mac jig has you rubbing the bridge in the direction of the strings. That's fine. If the particular mandolin you're working on likes that.
    Depending on the location of the bridge, the angle...
  6. Re: Resonance of a fiddle vs mandolins (wow)

    I see your oil can and raise you one pie plate.
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    Re: Ebay: maple top mandolin

    Cedar, redwood, spruce, fir, basically any good piece of a conifer (softwood), properly oriented and seasoned, will make a good mandolin top. Hardwoods in general don't make good carved-top...
  8. Re: Where are Pono Octave Mandolins made?

    Sure, Indonesians are very friendly and very smart people, as far as my experience goes.
    I was thinking more along the lines that it's a production shop, and there are staffing and/or liability...
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    Re: Metal saddle for flat top bridge?

    That's a custom job, but definitely feasible.
  10. Re: Where are Pono Octave Mandolins made?

    My guess is that the factory is not used to having visitors, and may not even have a way of doing that unless you have a business relationship/purpose for the visit.
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    Re: Inlay colors

    Recon stone is great for those flashy colors. Also check out Abalam, and browse through the Masecraft catalog. They have a lot of zany stuff - search for the Nordic pine cone, super cool.
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    Re: Professional Mando Names

    I think this is a very personal thing.. I've never named any inanimate object, except ironically, but I know people who take it very seriously as part of the bonding process. "Sweet new laptop, what...
  13. Re: Plastic coated or smooth mandolin strings?

    They may have been Thomastik strings, or another true flat-wound strings. They feel like they might have a coating on them, but they are really just very smooth. Not cheap, but they last years...
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    Re: Round vs. pear shape

    Shape doesn't make a difference unless there are "multiple discrete bouts" involved. Mostly it's things like arching, graduations, body size and scale length that dominate tone, and then things like...
  15. Re: Sunburst practice/test - What happened here?

    All good points.
    What you are seeing there is that the wood was soaked with wood/dye. As it dried out, the capillary action of the maple wood wicked the dye back out onto the surface of the wood....
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    Re: tone woods for Octave Mandolin

    To Nigel's point, there is not a "standard" octave mandolin design, so you don't stand a chance of knowing how the woods used might impact tone. In the guitar world, if you were to get a Dread with...
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    Re: Stolen guitar bouzouki found

    Great news, Nigel. Hopefully the first of a trend.
    What a great-sounding instrument, too.
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    Re: F2/F4 style mandolins?

    Eastmans are generally good values. But their oval-hole instruments don't sound nearly as good as the comparable f-hole models in their lineup. I would stay away from Eastman for any oval-hole...
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    Re: Mandolin as carry on?

    FYI, not all tickets these days follow the "1 carry-on and 1 personal item" rule you might be used to. Assume you have 1 personal item and no carry-on unless you have verified (or paid) that they'll...
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    Re: Round vs. pear shape

    Hmmm, I think of Celtic style instruments as being more "onion shaped" which I would describe as being less round than American instruments. I like all shapes as long as the thing works together as a...
  21. Re: Looking for F-4 string recommendation

    EJ74's, Flat Tops, or Thomastik Mittels, depending on what you're into. It is true that the truss rod instruments have more gumption, on the average, and you can goose that a bit with 80/20 bronze or...
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    Re: Advice for a pre-professional luthier?

    For sure... that's just not my cup of tea. I do repairs to build goodwill and to help people out, an I charge reasonably for it. But I'm too ADD to do repair all day long.
  23. Re: waterbase lacquer finish suggestions

    Well French polish is a very different look than waterbased finishes. Both can be good, just different.

    There is no real "waterbased lacquer", but there are waterbased or waterborne chemistries...
  24. Re: Advice sought about 1917 Gibson H1 Mandola

    Interesting. A 46cm scale length mandola tuned to mandolin pitch using normal 0.10/0.015/0.024/0.038" mandolin strings has approx. 130kg of string tension.
    A mandolin (36cm scale length) would have...
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    Re: Rice university

    I'm a design professor and I could, theoretically, do something like this. Would love to.
    But man, the thought of trying to get a dozen student's hand skills to the point where they could actually...
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