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    Re: Need a laugh? Click here.:)

    What a drag! But, at least you're able to laugh about it! :))
  2. Re: Beautiful John Paul Jones improv from the BBC

    Happy Birthday Jonesy! :)
  3. Re: Beautiful John Paul Jones improv from the BBC

    Maybe JPJ is lurking around here on the Cafe under an assumed name? Anyway, I'd LOVE to see a Cafe interview with him. He does a lot of interviews, and I think this would be a feather in his cap, as...
  4. Re: Beautiful John Paul Jones improv from the BBC

    Clearly, John Paul Jones is the most gifted musician from Led Zeppelin.
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    Re: Who writes this stuff?

    Yeah, first thing I did was check out his positive feedback and what he sells. People seem happy with his instruments. Seems to be an upstanding person.
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    Re: The first song you learned

    I'm pretty sure that the first song I attempted to learn was "My Last Days on Earth" by Bill Monroe back in the mid `80's. It sounded like he was bending strings or something and I couldn't get it,...
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    Re: Rawhide tablature for mandolin

    The most accurate tab I've ever seen to Bill Monroe's original recording of Rawhide is David Grisman's in the Winter of `77-`78 issue of Mandolin World News. Note-for-note and practical suggestions...
  8. Re: please recommend: bluegrass mando videos

    If you're interested in learning from the master himself, you can't beat this 2 DVD set on The Mandolin of Bill Monroe by Homespun. Lots of songs with closeups of his hands and the 2nd DVD is Sam...
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    Re: Jesus Mandolin

    Though I'm a Christian and play Bluegrass Gospel, it doesn't do anything for me. As it's been already said, it could be somebody smoking a joint. Could just be wood grain too ... In fact, I probably...
  10. Re: Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Blue Grass Stomp

    I don't think people are treating it as if it's Bluegrass. It was a Bluegrass instrumental in it's original form, and some people don't care for the way Statman is doing it. That's all.
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    Re: Post a picture of your band!!

    Well, this is when I was the bass player for Apple Core, a Beatles tribute band here in Milwaukee. This photo is us in 2006 at Summerfest, the world's largest music festival. I'm second from the left.
  12. Re: what are the best strings for a warm woody tone?

    A woody tone? I've found that the maple strings work well ... ;)
  13. Re: Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Blue Grass Stomp

    I don't think people are being critical. Most Bluegrassers like the original and are just saying that this doesn't do it for us. Different strokes for different folks.
  14. Re: Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Blue Grass Stomp

    Too many notes ... but they're fine musicians. ;)
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    Re: Is Hoarding Nice Instruments Justifiable?

    Asking this question here on the Cafe forum is akin to asking the drunks in a bar if it's justifiable to get loaded! :))
  16. Re: Do mandolin strings typically last longer than guitar strings

    No doubt about it! I used to change guitar strings like socks, but in all of these years I don't ever recall breaking a mandolin string ... seriously! :)
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    Re: Lloyd Loar's F model headstock


    That wasn't meant as a criticism or anything negative at all. I was just saying that if it works ... great! :)
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    Re: science behind a mandolin "opening up"

    Why would anyone care what a scientist has to say about a mandolin opening up? If I eat my wife's turkey today and then my daughter's, and afterward determine that my wife's is better, should I get...
  19. Re: Old Ebenezer Scrooge - fingerings, 4th part

    I play Old Ebenezer Scrooge. In fact, I usually do it as a warm up to get the fingers going. I play this pretty much note-for-note and I do it with the 7th fret there. But, there's lots of open A's...
  20. Re: John Duffey - controversial stage persona?

    This photo's hanging in the Bluegrass Museum in Owensboro. :)
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    Re: Mandolin For Dummies - For Real

    A website is given at the end of one of the earliest chapters where you can download the play along and listenable sections of the book.
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    Bill Monroe Centennial Exhibit

    I wanted to start a separate thread for pictures I took of the Bill Monroe Centennial Exhibit at the International Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensboro. The fiddle is Uncle Pen's. :)
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    International Bluegrass Music Museum

    While I was in Kentucky this past weekend, visiting the Bill Monroe attractions, I stopped in at the International Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensboro. Here's some of the pictures I took, including...
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    Re: I'm On My Way to the Old Home

    Now I know what Bill was singing about, and the images of the Old Home are forever etched in my mind. I only regret that I didn't walk the trails of Jerusalem Ridge, but it was after 4pm and it's a 9...
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    Re: I'm On My Way to the Old Home


    Yeah, it was a nice drive in the autumn colors going out there. They've done such a nice job fixing the place up, especially when you see the film of Bill walking around the Old Home when it...
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