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  1. Re: Sound difference between a 305 and a higher end Mandolin?

    You can probably evaluate catmandu2's first point by thinking about how sensitive you are to the tonal differences in guitars. What level guitars do you have? Since you're happy with those, you...
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    Re: Petersen Octave Mandolin

    All four of those match the gauges of the EJ80 set, so there you go!
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    Re: Petersen Octave Mandolin

    Mine is a Level 3 with a 22.5 scale length built in 2006. Ive only used EJ80s on it because Ive always been thrilled by their tone on all four courses.

    As for the levels, they definitely...
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    Re: Eastman Octave Mando...

    At that price point, it's going to be hard to find an OM that is any better. You might even have to go up another $500-$1K to get the next level even used.

    As Adam mentioned, the Eastman is a...
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    Re: ArtistWorks discount - What do you think?

    Me, too. I was expecting an interesting and somewhat lengthy thread during the first few weeks after the class opened, but I've noticed nothing.

    Looking at the curriculum list, I think that there...
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    Re: Punch brothers

    Agreed! Tony and Norman were bowling on different lanes in the same alley. The PB are in a totally different alley. I didn't like it on the first listen, but then it grew on me. Still, I'd...
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    Re: Northfield FS vs Artist series

    I’ve never played an Artist model, and I haven’t played any Northfields in at least three years, so I’m probably a generation or two behind, but I agree with Lane that the Big Mon —- at least back...
  8. Outstanding interview! We’re so fortunate to...

    Outstanding interview! We’re so fortunate to have Tristan Scroggins and Daniel Patrick doing such deep dives for us.
  9. Re: String Gauges For Cittern, changing Unisons to Octaves

    To get an idea of the diameter ratios of octave pairs of strings, I looked at a standard set of strings (Daddario's EJ38) for a 12-string guitar. It seems like as the courses get lower, the ratio...
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    Re: 1992 Nugget A Deluxe #155

    No matter how many agree about that, it only takes one person with desire and funds to prove that the price is right.
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    Re: Apollo Mike Marshall picks

    If I remember correctly, Mike had been using ProPlec picks for quite a while. I wonder how these will be different, aside from the price.

    Also, does anyone know whether Mike uses the same type of...
  12. Re: String Gauges For Cittern, changing Unisons to Octaves

    Id start by asking Nigel.

    In the meantime, some of the bouzouki players here who use octave pairs could give you recommendations for the G and D strings. Scale length will be a consideration,...
  13. Re: New Bela Fleck Album out - My Bluegrass Heart

    I ordered the cd through Mandolin when I got the RockyGrass show streaming “ticket,” so I’m not sure when I’ll be getting it. I’m still waiting for the new Watchhouse cd that I bought through...
  14. Re: Article: Sharon Gilchrist's Mandos, Cars & Coffee Vlog Airs T

    First, mandolins and beer. Now, mandolins and coffee. Things often come in three, so what's next? :popcorn:

    I really hope the lawyers don't get involved in this, given that JS probably already...
  15. Re: New Bela Fleck Album out - My Bluegrass Heart

    I haven't gotten the album yet, but I watched the broadcast of the band's RockyGrass set this evening. It was absolutely astounding --- and was apparently their first live performance. The music...
  16. Re: 'Good Vibrations' for 7 mandolins and 3 mandocellos

    That is quite an undertaking! Nice use of slide and bow, along with A/V technology!

    That song was such a leap forward from the rest of the Beach Boys catalogue. It was like if the Beatles had...
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    Re: Frank Wakefield

    I got the teal album when it came out in 1972, after I saw Wakefield interviewed on David Frost's show, and I still play it a few times a year. His back-up band on that album included Tony Trischka...
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    Re: Zimnicki in classified info

    It’s quite a striking instrument, and it’s at a really nice price point for a 10-string, let alone one with electronics. My main concern would be about the tone of the C string, since Elderly says...
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    Re: Amazing Nugget F5 at Carter's!

    I hope it was bought to play, not just display.
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    Re: Octave Mandolin Course

    Thanks for the info, Jim. I thought that all ukes were tuned in the same relationships, with the 4th string higher than the 3rd. So, when cunparis said that his bari uke was tuned like an OM, I...
  21. Re: Article: Modern Mandolin Camp Designed for Experienced Player

    On the camp website, I couldn't find any info about the classes. I found the schedule, which was a timetable of the course periods, and the instructor bios, but no info about the classes themselves.
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    Re: Octave Mandolin Course

    I think it would be OK from a technical standpoint, since the scale length would be on the low end of the OM's range, and the tuning would be the same. However, I think that much of the music ---...
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    Re: Luthier Tune-up Frequency

    I've heard of "rocket science" before, but not "rocket surgery." Since the machines are becoming more human, though, ...

    What people should be able to perform does not always match what people...
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    Re: 10 String Mandolin Tuners

    So does my Lawrence Nyberg.

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    Re: Sixties Music

    I'm still blown away every time I hear that PG&F version of "I Want You (She's So Heavy)." Grier and Flinner do phenomenal solos on that all the way through!
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