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    Re: Finger plane question

    I made a set of finger planes not too long ago. I even made a toothed blade for one of them. You can check out my thread below.
    so far I have really been liking the smallest double convex plane...
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    First Mandolin Build Thread

    I think it's time to start a build thread for my first mandolin. So far I've resawed, jointed, and glued up the blank for the soundboard and glued up and roughed out the neck blank. The neck blank...
  3. Re: Question about resawing a wedge for a soundboard

    I managed to make the cut with a hand saw with no issues. It took longer than it should have. I need to sharpen my rip saw.

    It turns out I didn't really have much of a choice of how to glue these...
  4. Re: Low/No budget DIY mandolin making tools

    Just finished up the gouge. I got a bit more curve to the blade before heat treat. I turned a handle from some walnut firewood from a tree that fell down at a friends house. I used a brass pipe...
  5. Re: Low/No budget DIY mandolin making tools

    Made some progress on the gouge. Still need to sand, heat treat, sand more, and make and mount a handle...

  6. Re: Low/No budget DIY mandolin making tools

    Wow that's really inspiring! I'm very much about enjoying the process as well as the outcome so slow and cheap is perfect for me.
    That epoxy cast finger plane is really interesting I've been...
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