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  1. Re: Emando settings for ancient Digitech RP 200

    Thanks - I wasn't sure which effects to focus on tweaking first. This is very helpful.
  2. Don Stiernberg Trio, "It Could Happen to You"

    Every ten years or so I'll post some new videos to my ancient YouTube channel,page, (whatev) This one here is an old Burke/Van Heusen number, played by everybody from Bing Crosby to Miles Davis. If...
  3. Music and Nature Videos - Sobell Banjo Lute and Flute

    I have a mid-1980s Sobell 10-string cittern that I swap back and forth from 10-string fifth's tuning, to five strings (in 5-string banjo orientation). So, going from a mando instrument to a banjola...
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    Re: Rogue mandolin has no braces

    I have heard that before and it makes no sense whatsoever. Of course violins have a brace, its called a "Bass Bar" and yes it helps to support the top from collapse. The sound post on the treble side...
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    "J'attendrai" Gypsy Jazz

    Just stumbled upon this trio, nice stuff...
  6. ETSU Mandolin Orchestra - Remote recording

    I know there is a small audience for this kind of ensemble, but I figured I might find it here !

    Here's a recording that my students and I made as part of our Mandolin Orchestra course at East...
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