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  1. Re: looking for Ideas in adding pickup coils to an old mandolin..

    I got one of those old DeArmond mandolin pickups, for 1950s technology it doesn't sound half bad.

    I think for what he's after though, a K&K big spot external would work just fine.

    I've got some...
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    Re: What's the real difference?

    Sounds much like my daughter, what she said was she's not much after that Gibson guitar tone oh, she's one of those Martin girls.

    I think with the mandolin, after two thousand bucks it's all...
  3. Re: May Bell mandolin on Pottstown PA craigslist

    I went down the rabbit hole hole on Slingerland mandolins recently and it turns out that they probably and most likely but don't quote me on this, produced the Maybell line of mandolins as well.
  4. Re: PRETTY Collings Custom MF FLAME looks like a real auction on

    I guess my 1600 didn't cut it, I'm out.
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    Re: Advice on a Mandola?

    I have a 2-year-old Eastman Mandola in my shop for a setup and I put it up against a Weber hyalite Mandola that I just got in. There is no comparison in tone. Admittedly the Eastman hasn't been...
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    Re: Cafe versus Craigslist

    Imgur is a good site for hosting. You can do galleries and very high resolution photographs. And it's free of course.
  7. Re: Weber Hyalite (octave?) mandolin

    Yeah I'll play it for a bit and pass it along myself. I called the store and asked him to check the scale length. They didn't quite what that meant...

    I had one of these but in Rosewood in 1999 I...
  8. Re: Weber Hyalite (octave?) mandolin

    17 inch scale so definitely a Mandola.
    Thanks for that tip, it'll be here Monday.
  9. Re: Kalamazoo Mandolin Mystery--zippier sound hole binding

    I have one of these as well, been my keeper since 1985. Identical with the zipper rosette. One of the few I have seen with a perfectly flat top.
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