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    Re: Jimmy Gaudreau on Turkey In The Straw

    Jimmy has said that very same thing, many times.

    The thing about JAG was, he was young, sang tenor, and he could pick the fire out of the thing. And he was in the right place at the right time....
  2. 1915 Gibson with custom Alessi tuning machines

    My good friend Niccolo Alessi just sent over this set of custom tuning machines he made for a 1915 Gibson mandolin. It is pretty sweet to take the finest performing mandolin machines in the world,...
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    Why is my picture turned sideways?

    Ever wonder why some images uploaded to the web appear sideways, clearly not as intended? That picture of the instrument you wanted to sell, you were...

    Read this blog entry...

    This entry...
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    Re: Dave Apollon and his 1923 Loar # 73009

    It has been for sale privately for several years and Evan has run a few ads before this one. Of the refinished Loars I've played this is no doubt one of the finest. It had to have been hand picked...
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    Re: Dave Apollon and his 1923 Loar # 73009

    Thanks Fred, for giving the details on the Halifax Purchase you made. I have heard about this for several years from various sources here in Nova Scotia. I did know it was you that bought it, but...
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    Re: Loar forgery / fake Serial # 80263

    Dear Mr. Smith, For $50 and the same photos you have posted sent by email to Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, TN will tell you all you need to know about what you do and don't have in that F5 style...
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    Re: Dave Apollon and his 1923 Loar # 73009

    Let me partially correct some information on 73009. It was not pawned in Halifax by an American sailor but by the mandolin/guitar duet Lucky & Curly. It was bought by Canadian sailor Ray MacLean...
  8. #8 Bean Blossom Moment Monroe&Mayfield "First Whipoorwil"l 1954

    The power and energy of the Mayfield era with the Bluegrass Boys was quite something. That music was legendary and this tape has been often copied.
    One of the most interesting copies of it was made...
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    Free V-Picks - Right Here

    Was chatting with Vinni Smith at V-Picks the last couple of days and we thought it'd be fun to do a special...
  10. Re: #1 A Bean Blossom Moment 1962 Bluegrass Part One Bill Mon

    Glad you liked it. I have a library of tapes from this era and have processed some of them into mp3's and cleaned up the sound.
    I am going to post a few of these each week and I will pick ones that...
  11. #2 A Bean Blossom Moment 1966 Walls of Time with Rowan & Greene


    One of Bill's most powerful bands.....Peter Rowan....Richard Greene and the meshing of Rowan and Monroe's voices with the haunting fiddle of Greene.

    From Marvin Hedrick Library
  12. A Pictorial Visit to Carter Vintage Instruments

    Reserved for notes

    OK, this hands down is the coolest Instrument Shop setting I have ever seen. This feels like a high end art gallery, except you can touch and feel anything you want. I missed...
  13. Pictorial Visit to Gruhn Guitars - New Location

    Title says it all. This is the new place. It was renovated as a clean sheet of paper. Every piece is purpose built.

    These pictures are the main floor and the third floor


  14. Thread: Apollon

    by f5loar

    Re: Apollon

    Cheap for a refinished Loar and darn near priceless for it having been owned and played many years by the Master of the Mandolin.
    The April 25, 1923 Loar F5 was of course his first F5. Being close...
  15. Re: Ponderings about Gilchrist and Dudenbostel

    No I have not. Heard great things about them though.......I have been very lucky in my life to have owned and played a number of great instruments. I have hosted picking parties where we have in...
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    Sticky: Re: Loar Picture of the Day

    I had the pleasure of hanging with Bill on January 23, 1981 prior to his concert. This was just after he'd gotten 73987 back from Gibson with the headstock repaired. He was quite proud and happily...
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    Sticky: Re: Loar Picture of the Day

    I thought for a long time whether to post these or not, but, in the end I felt it was important enough for the readers here to see this F5 mandolin.
    This is the Loar signed F5 that was recently...
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    Re: Is Hoarding Nice Instruments Justifiable?

    My wife knows who to call and what to tell them. That is bring a huge tractor trailer truck to take them all to market. Hoarding is totally different from MAS. With hoarding you no longer pick...
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    Re: The Last Loar??

    OK here's some thoughts...

    Let's use the Feb.18th Loar that Thile just purchased as a starting point. Let's assume that this mandolin is all-original with no repairs, no refin, all original parts...
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    Re: The Last Loar??

    Screaming deal... yes. I do not think that changed tuners (albeit with redrilled peghead holes) and a little overspray diminish the value by at least 70 k. In fact I have been thinking about Evan...
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    Re: Hoffee vs. Ameritage vs. Hiscox vs. Eastman

    I normally do not post on forums however I think there is some misinformation here that needs a response. It is true that Michael Heiden was involved in helping me get the new mandolin cases off the...
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