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  1. Re: Old photos - a hodgepodge of musicians - folkies +

    This one interested me because of young Woody Guthrie on fiddle.

    L - R:
    Sis Cunningham (accordion), Cisco Houston (guitar), Woody Guthrie (fiddle), Pete Seeger (banjo), Bess Lomax (mandolin)
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    Re: Mandozine asking for help...

    John has passed. I assume this all about the site he left behind, and I assume your confusion is due to the fact that the Facebook post comes in his name on his Facebook account. It’s probably family...
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    Re: Best Place to Sell aside From Classifieds

    I've had no problem selling, only use Cafe Classifieds, eBay & Facebook. All three get results, sometimes only one or the other, for quick sales. Key is to make a video that can include showing &...
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    Re: Best Place to Sell aside From Classifieds

    Whatever type of instrument you are selling, if you have a decent case for that instrument, no "special" box is required. Just a good, sturdy box that is a bit larger than the case, and good packing...
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    Re: Rolling Stone’s DelFest review

    Well, you would expect Delfest to have a great lineup!

    I'll be headed to Colorado at the end of this week in anticipation of the Pagosa Folk & Bluegrass festival. It's a smaller festival with a...
  6. Re: The Entertainer - Solo Mandolin Arrangement [Tab]

    Very nice, and thanks for the sheets!
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    Re: Playing notation G/F#

    Yep, context & arrangement. If you’re aiming for solo mandolin arrangement rather than group play, use the suggestions of using different chord voicing than 0023, or the single F# note in a “bass...
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    Re: Man I need a good tuner...

    “What I use” thread ... spot on.

    I use two kinds of tuners. Cheap tuners for when accuracy is practically meaningless. This is not so often, but there are moments. Brand doesn’t matter. They’re...
  9. Re: how to get perfect compensation, tool perhaps?

    No need for this with a floating bridge.
  10. Re: Sometimes you gotta go back to the basics...

    Wow Br1ck gives awesome advice in that post. And Eric starts to flesh out the part I quoted from Br1ck - when I practice so slowly that what I'm practicing seems way too slow, what I have there is...
  11. Re: Sam's Workshop today was grrrreeeeaaat!!!!

    These are treasures, thanks James! Hope Sam gets well and strong again.
  12. Re: Sam's Workshop today was grrrreeeeaaat!!!!

    Wow, it was great watching how Sam plays Cattle In The Cane there.
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    Re: Tab writing apps

    I'm old school when it comes to reading, I prefer paper, and never try playing directly along with Tabledit or Musescore on the screen (mobile or otherwise) - like you and others, I do use the...
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    Re: Standing position

    Gotta find what works for you, Rob. I like to wear a strap always, sitting or standing, to have my instrument in a similar position whether sitting or standing.

    One advantage to using a high-slung...
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    Re: Funny Banjo Content



    "Get me out of here."

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    Re: Tab writing apps

    Two suggestions, Bunnyf, maybe one will help.

    The first is to echo HonketyHank. Tabledit is a fairly versatile tab writing software and I use it for writing notation or tab. I use it for the...
  17. Re: Old photos - a hodgepodge of musicians - folkies +

    Woody Guthrie (left) Alan Lomax (right)

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    Re: Wow. What won't they try next?

    If neither I nor the Martin guy has ever seen anything like it, then it must be worth at least 10 grand. :whistling:
  19. Re: Article: Roots and Boots Music Camp Featuring John Reischman

    This sounds like an awesome atmosphere with awesome timing to coincide with the Folk Festival. I hope it's a great success, because I'll be making an effort to attend in coming years. I envy anyone...
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    Re: I must've done something wrong......

    I’ve used it for decades on finished surfaces (doing burn-ins) and when I feel it necessary or useful on unfinished surfaces (doing glue ups) with no problem of finish adherence afterward. I’m...
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    Re: Web based backing track tool?

    I like the ability to add your own tracks or make modified versions of their tracks. I took the plunge with annual subscriptions, and used that service for two years. Moved on after that. The first...
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    Re: I must've done something wrong......

    In general, Titebond squeeze out and/or glue runs that are not under clamping pressure will not adhere well to any sealed surface. But under a little clamping pressure, adherence will be improved, as...
  23. Re: A few neat exercises from Sierra Hull and Reverb

    A really nice exercise and it got everybody thinking about chord building ... great stuff :)
  24. Re: A few neat exercises from Sierra Hull and Reverb

    The definition of arpeggio necessitates chord tones. Arpeggio = broken chord (chord broken into single notes).

    About the chord theory - the OP, HonketyHank, made a neat little video about this a...
  25. Re: Check out the old "repairs" in this guitar

    Don, those inserts with the prongs are definitely not meant to be hammered in, the prongs are meant to act as threads and they are to be screwed in, which is why there is a hex hole at the surface...
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