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  1. Re: Looking for Mandolin Recommendations that hold their value

    Hi everyone (and OP!)

    If you like the Collings sound then buying one is maybe the best way to get it. The reports of Collings consistency have been accurate in my experience - every one of them...
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    Re: Gavin Baird F5 in the classifieds (now there's an F4!)

    Hi everyone,

    I just noticed the last Gavin Baird F4 is in the classifieds right now. Being sold by Gavin no less! I know we are all being careful with $ during this awful pandemic but if I didn't...
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    Re: Shout out to Collings

    I'm impressed by how consistent the Collings I've played have been. They've all sounded good (with the Collings flavour) and have had high quality build and excellent finish. Fancier or more basic,...
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    Re: octave mandolins

    My OM has a 23.5" scale and I don't have long pinkies - so it can be tough to play melody in first position at speed. The upside is it has beautiful tone and sustain. After a while it dawned on me to...
  5. Re: Inexpensive starter mandolin advice needed

    One step up in the catalog from the entry-level Eastmans and Kentuckys might be a good place to look for a great instrument to start on. You might find yourself with something very good and maybe...
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    Gavin Baird F5 in the classifieds

    Hi everyone,

    Baird mandolins rarely show up for sale since Gavin's total output was low and demand for his instruments is always high. I have NFI in the one that's in the classifieds right now -...
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    Re: Monel strings

    I've tried the Curt Mangan and Martin Monel mandolin strings (not the D'Addarios yet) and felt the Mangans were quite a bit better than the Martins. Seemed like better tone, volume and presence to...
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    Re: Gibson Jam Master Questions

    I've had both a Jam Master A and a Nashville Flatiron F. Both were very good, and good value too. I did like the Flatiron a bit better though. They can be incredible mandolins for the price. Compared...
  9. Re: Makes me long for the old "Photoshop This" threads

    OK, how about...




  10. Re: Of your favorite instruments that qualify for this site...

    Big mandolins are a lot of fun. This Weber Guitar-Bodied Octave Mandolin "Octar" has been getting plenty playtime at home on the couch. It's totally awesome with tons of voice and resonance - it...
  11. A tuner shootout: TC Electronic Unitune vs. Peterson StroboClip

    A tuner shootout: TC Electronic Unitune vs. Peterson StroboClip HD

    While tuning today I thought of the tuners thread going on in this same forum. It inspired me to do a little head-to-head between...
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    Re: Tuner...not Tuners

    I've tried a lot of different tuners but can't say I love the Snarks. They run through batteries quick, they're not very bright and they seem to break at the stem too easily. And they don't always...
  13. Re: Shocking revelation! Lyon & Healy Style C on eBay

    Wouldn't it be great to see one of the great luthiers here on the Cafe rebuild that lovely mandolin! It would make a great repair thread and at the same time rescue a delightful instrument from the...
  14. Re: Praise for the contoured and rectangular Ameritage cases

    Hi Daryl - I agree with you the cases are great, although heavy. You mentioned these are the first Gavin Baird mandolins you've seen. I guess that's not too surprising - they are rarely mentioned...
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    Re: Any arguments AGAINST MAS?

    If it's an argument made on behalf of playing feel then one solution might be to have a couple different mandolins from a maker whose work you really like.

    For instance I have an F4 and F5 from...
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    Re: Seagull S8 Owners Thread

    I tried a couple and found them surprisingly loud, certainly louder than I'd expected. I didn't find them particularly enjoyable though - they seemed a bit shrill, with little bass. The sound was a...
  17. Re: New Apitius Club Jazz Mandolin acquisition…

    No kidding - what a beautiful instrument. Just gorgeous.
  18. Re: How much does a Northfield actually cost to make?

    Yes they did. A Yairi can be an exceptional guitar. I found a DY-84 a few years back. I had known they were good but never had one in hand. Picking it up, holding it, playing it made it immediately...
  19. Praise for the contoured and rectangular Ameritage cases

    Hey everyone,

    I'm a longtime lurker here on the cafe. I've bought and sold a few things in the classified section but now I've finally gotten up the gumption to post here on the forum. Baby steps!...
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