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  1. Re: Anyone know of a website or app that will display all chord n

    At least he has an iPad but for people that don’t have any Apple products that’s too bad, it’s a great app. Maybe contact the designer and request an android version. OTOH my android hubby has an...
  2. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    Hasn’t Gibson always been a bunch of (I can’t say on a family friendly forum) when it comes to their business practices? I was at the Bozeman acoustic facility the day the Tennessee facilities were...
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    Re: Tips for beginners 1st camp

    ROW is a great camp, Iíve been a few times and was bummed to miss this year. Give yourself a break Greg - youíve only been playing for 3 months - I know people that have been playing for years that...
  4. Re: How much does a Northfield actually cost to make?

    I think those F5Sí are one of the best values around.
  5. Re: Anyone know of a website or app that will display all chord n

    I don’t mean to keep beating this horse but GT will do what you want, because this is my iPad it only shows to the 10th fret but one can scroll up the entire neck or chose positions.

    For scales...
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    Re: southern flavor - key?

    I think the band is playing major chords and Monroe plays minor bluesy stuff. Our group has an ongoing discussion of the walk down at the end of A...on the mando I play G, F#,Em...the guitars play a...
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    Re: The Song of the week social group?

    Go to learn/listen tab and select social groups then look for SAW. Its a fabulous resource and a super fun supportive group.
  8. Re: Anyone know of a website or app that will display all chord n

    Yes, that looks like it. I have all Apple products so if you have an iPad Iíd say go for it. Iíve had the app for many years now and itís so handy. It has many instrument choices...6/7/12 string...
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    Re: I need some serious help...

    I think you mentioned you are a guitar player so you know about boom-chuck, mandos generally play on the chuck part. So grab your chord play a false boom and then chuck across the strings on beats 2...
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    Re: Watson's Blues

    Very nice! I love this tune and have been playing it a lot with my guitar buddy a great tune to just jam on.
  11. Re: Anyone know of a website or app that will display all chord n


    Like this?
  12. Re: Anyone know of a website or app that will display all chord n

    Like this?


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    Re: Peghead Nation

    I generally have 8-10 tunes in various stages of learning/reviewing/perfecting in rotation at any time - like Fred if I waited until they were perfect I'd still be on tune #1. The fun thing about...
  14. Re: Open chords vs closed chords for chops n chucks

    I think you should learn all kinds of chord shapes and use them as you see fit - the only person who gets to decide what sounds good I alternate between open, 2 and 3 finger chords and...
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    Re: Storage: Case vs Hanging on the Wall

    Do what you like, you'll get many, many opinions here and they are all right.

    FWIW although you didn't mention stands I have several Hercules multi-instrument stands and keep most of my...
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    Re: For Family. For Country. For Freedom.

    For sure Jamie, my dad and uncle were signalmen in the British Royal Navy, my dad had his ship shot out from under him in the Bay of Biscay in 1943 and spent D-Day at Eisenhower’s HQ relaying...
  17. Re: Best Online Instruction - Subscription or Free

    Is it the thing he calls ďJethroís warm upĒ...I too have been working on this and inserting it wherever I find 2 measures of G...sometimes it sounds good other times not so latest was...
  18. Thread: TI strings

    by bigskygirl

    Re: TI strings

    I have not experienced any issues with the E and A strings, in fact they seem louder than ever. Guess it depends on the mando, pick, player..etc. If you think it’s a defect try to contact them,...
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    Re: Thomastik Strings

    This thread is pretty recent, check it out. I think if you’re wondering then just get a set and try them, I love them, yes...they are getting pricey but I’ve had the current set on for 3 months now...
  20. Re: Yet another pick thread, primetone small triangles

    I don’t think you’re being picky, I discovered these recently. I like the small triangle too, I used to use a BC80 but I think the Dunlop sounds better on the TI strings. I also like the Red Bear...
  21. Re: Northfield 4th Generation, on Elderly's web page - $7495

    I have #268 built in 2014, itís 4 years old now and it held its own again a new artist model a friend had last year. I suspect these 4th gens are really special.

    Itís not an import in the way...
  22. Thread: TI strings

    by bigskygirl

    Re: TI strings

    Glad you like them, I’ve had a set on for about 4 months now - since mid-Jan. I was thinking it was time to change them as they seemed to be sounding a bit different but everyone at my jam group...
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    Re: Montana Oldtime Fiddle Camp

    I've been - camping is best and there are dorms as well as nearby hotels.
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    Re: Tabs driving me nuts

    Well, the first thing is to know how the song goes...some TAB is written with timing but most isn't. Follow along with the TAB while you listen to the recording, get a slow downer program if you...
  25. Re: Sometimes you gotta go back to the basics...

    Yes, Iíve been messing around with arpeggios (chord tones), various scales, exercises, you name it lately. Not obsessively - just rechecking that everything is working well. I have to laugh...
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