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    Re: Expensive mandolins

    He also had a habit of “borrowing” guitars from friends and not returning them.....
  2. Re: An extra finger can be incredibly handy

    Then again, Django did pretty with less than a full compliment of digits.
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    Re: Bridge "leaning" toward peghead

    Its the pressure of the angled strings behind the bridge that tries to push the bridge forward. Its easy to fix as noted above. Just don't slack the strings so much that the bridge moves or it will...
  4. Re: Anyone near Camarillo want to make a few bucks?

    Great price for a vintage case. Hope you can arrange it.
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    Re: Giving credit where credit is due

    I bought a Snark a couple years ago and it broke after about two weeks. The store— a well known retailer who is mentioned here often— refused to replace it. I guess I should contact Snark directly.
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    Re: Collings MT vs MF vs Stivers F

    I had an MT for a while. It was a really good Mando. Shoulda hung on to it.....
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    Re: Strap Locks

    I use those plastic thingies that keep your bread bag closed. The best are the heavy duty ones that come on a sack of potatoes. Also have used rubber o-rings and faucet washers. Or you can use a...
  8. Re: Best Place to Sell aside From Classifieds

    Be advised that shipping costs have skyrocketed over the last few years.

    As far as consignment, the usual fee is 20%.
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    Re: Mandolin sound changing over time

    Everybody says that they're instrument has improved over time but nobody has any recordings to prove it. The recordings would have to be in the same room with the same mic at the same temp and RH,...
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    Re: Leave leather strap on?

    I've left my leather straps on for years with no issues. I did, however, own an Eastman varnished mandolin that the PO left the tuner clamped on to the headstock, and it damaged it.
  11. Re: Externally vs Internally mounted Piezo?

    I have a Breedlove American FF that has an internal K&K mounted with the adhesive supplied by K&K. One of the discs let loose and I had it reattached with CA glue. I can tell the difference between...
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    Re: Thanks Dennis...The Mandolin Store

    You cant go wrong at TMS.
  13. Re: How much should I ask? Weber Black Ice Octave + mandolin

    I would sell separately for the aforementioned reasons. You will have much larger markets for each if you do. Selling as a pair limits the number of buyers.
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    Re: CGDA to GDAE tuning

    Elderly Instruments sells John Pearse TG strings.
  15. Re: This is not your mothers cutting board mandolin..

    When it gets down to $4.25 I might be interested.
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    Re: Barn Find, What is it.

    Looks like E. C______ silkscreened on the headstock.
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    Re: Help deciding on a new mandolin

    +1 for the km505. I owned one several years ago. It hit way above its weight class.
  18. Re: PSA - those old-school wooden pyramid metronomes

    Don't they have an metronome app for smartphone?
  19. Re: Please recommend good under fretboard A style strap

    You can make any strap "under the FB". Just take a shoelace or leather thong and tie it under the FB. Then attach it to the strap.
  20. Re: some really good mandolin playing in this song

    I met Billy at a workshop a few years ago. He seemed pretty disinterested in the whole thing. Maybe he was tired or not feeling well; I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    He needs to work on...
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    Re: Predicting the Future

    I should have been a rap "artist." I can write bad poetry with no melody any old day.
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    Re: Slipping plectrum

    I’ve found that different plastics have different levels of tackiness. I use sandpaper on my Dunlop Ultrex. On Rhinos I take an Xacto knife and crosshatch them. Then I have Cool Picks that work well...
  23. Re: This Gibson mandolin deserves it's own page for its back side

    Holy tiger stripes, Batman!!
  24. Re: Why the price jump/scarcity on Blueridge tenors?

    Elderly is selling them for $535 with gig bag & set up. About 4 years ago I bought one from MF for $379.
  25. Re: Mando Tasting, interested in your vote.

    its number two for me. Mellow, balanced tone.
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