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  1. Re: man I need a good tuner foot pedal model. not clip on

    Just talked with a pedal steel player using a BOSS needle style tuner, and said it works great for that set-up. We also had a good discussion of Peterson tuners, strobe-light vs digital and all...
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    Re: Adventures in Clip-On Mics

    Late to this thread! I play in a similar situation to the OP - acoustic instrument along with drums, cajon, e-bass, pedal steel, accordion, electric banjo... occasional horns. Cops get called.

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    Re: ‘Beach’ mandolin

    Small World: My travel/beach mando originally sold from Gryphon, but came to me very slightly used—not a scratch or nick to be found and still light blonde, 200 bucks. It's been over 10-years and...
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    Re: Who doesn't memorize tunes/songs?

    Quoting f-d because this approach is also not memorization.
  5. Re: backpack straps with sternum strap?

    I believe you can purchase third-party sternum straps for backpacks without one already, so you might look at REI and other camping outfitters for this as an a la carte item.
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    Re: Bought & I Don’t Even Play

    Did that same move one day, bought a mandolin and joined the cafe. Welcome! Philphool is absolutely right, and you'll want to spend some time re-visiting LH and RH mechanics as you adjust.
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    Re: Over the Rainbow chord melody

    Amazing and wonderful and brilliant! Thank you Aaron for sharing this with us all. As a piano player, this is the competency level I still hope to achieve on the mandolin. Your Peghead Nation course...
  8. Re: Rio Grande Mock 4 Pickup for Gibson EM200

    Good point! The current strings are a nickel medium set from The setup from The Music Emporium was perfect, so I asked about the strings and ordered sets to spare.

    Only issue is the...
  9. Re: Rio Grande Mock 4 Pickup for Gibson EM200

    It does seem to be the original electronics, and have been impressed with the knobs: clean sounding and satisfying to turn, tone cap is subtle and useful. They do like to be used, and it sounds...
  10. Rio Grande Mock 4 Pickup for Gibson EM200

    I recently joined the e-mando crowd after seeing a beautiful Gibson EM200 on our classified. 177450 Have had it for a couple months now, and have played a couple gigs so far.

    9/10 stars, with the...
  11. Re: If you could have any mandolin in the world….

    Have a suspicion it's not the Loar. ;)
  12. Re: -If you could have any mandolin in the world….

    Just a Nugget, that is all I ask.
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    Re: Man I need a good tuner...

    Peterson StroboPlus HD is the one for me. Have used it on all the instruments for over 6 years now, including calibrating the key tracking for synths and tuning the spinet piano. I genuinely credit...
  14. Re: Sometimes you gotta go back to the basics...

    I treat my mandolin teacher as if they were a coach. There isn't a whole lot left for me to study or learn, but of course we always do find things. Most of the discussion is about efficient mechanics...
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    Re: Argh...

    Q: What is your typical playing situation in which you hope to hear overdriven pre amps?

    Horses for Courses: At gig volumes last weekend (8/10), the Super Champ XD set on its clean channel was...
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    Re: 4- vs 8-string electric mandos

    I recently joined the electric mandolin club. After a long debate about all the various build styles, and different ways we might amplify a mandolin, I chose an 8-string solid body, a classic Gibson...
  17. Re: My mandolin got eaten by a Stratocaster.

    Strat has not been picked up since getting this EM200 from our Classifieds last week. Also putting in a good word for the fantastic Vox AC30 as tube amp of choice for this household.

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    Re: If You Were Famous . . .

    Always a Bridesmaid, never a Bride! Have genuinely famous friends, but not me. :crying:
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    Re: Mandolins have ruined my ears

    Yep. Truly enjoy the Pono, but its tone is nothing like the all Koa Kanile'a sitting next to it, and the price difference is as described. It was outside my budget, but after playing it I literally...
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    Re: Fender Tele Tenor at NAMM

    Ha! I do enjoy the ukulele very much, and also completely understand your point. Am currently playing in a band called The Ukulele Brothers (mando/b-vox). These guys can square off any noble groove...
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    Re: Old versus New: Blind Taste Test

    Assuming a comparable test with mandolins: Even if we could control all aspects of a performance from instrument to instrument, what meaningful difference would exist? I say none, because once we...
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    Re: Fender Tele Tenor at NAMM

    Dot position aside, is there anything about the fret spacing that would hinder tuning in fifths?

    Always figured the popularity of using guitar tuning on a tenor came from The Kingston Trio. If I...
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    Re: Acoustic preamp for mandolin

    It certainly is quite a challenge playing mandolin for a band with drums, e-bass, acoustic and electric banjo, multiple ukuleles and accordion to boot. Last gig was billed as an unplugged event yet...
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    Re: Take A Hint?

    Hang in there! Also took up mandolin in 2000, and have suffered many years of being asked to play guitar. :disbelief: Only in the last couple years have I joined a band where playing mandolin. Wow,...
  25. Re: I just Googled "Best Mandolin". Amazing results...

    Pretty sure that article was written by an AI, not a human.
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