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  1. Minuet from “Don Giovanni”, K 527

    This Minuet from “Don Giovanni” (“Don Juan”) K 527 by Mozart has words in Estonian, written by the Estonian poetess Anna Haava (1864-1957): “Suur kontsert algab koidu aal” (Big concerto at the dawn...
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    Jazz version in honour of meadows

    Here is the jazz version of “Elagu kõik me armsamad aasad” (Long live all our lovely meadows) I posted here in Cafe folk forum some time ago.

    Toomas Rannu...
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    Two jazz versions

    Here two jazz versions of two folk tunes I posted some time ago in Cafe folk forum.
    One is a Swedish waltz "Vals från Vargön"(Waltz from Vargön) from West Gothland and another is an Estonian...
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    “On neidolla punapaula”

    This Uusimaa (Finland) folk tune “On neidolla punapaula” (“There is a girl with a red ribbon”) is also known in Estonia as “On neiukesel punapaela” or “Punapaela-Laul”. It was arranged for two voices...
  5. Re: Two German songs in honour of meadows

    Thank you Jonas for the website link. I see that "Spannenlanger Hansel" is some 20-30 years earlier than "Auf der Mauer, auf der Lauer", the very similar song to that. ...
  6. Re: Two German songs in honour of meadows

    Thank you, Jamie! There are many birds there in this time of the year. I tried to catch some to sing on the background. Somehow it succeeded and I think it adds much to these simple songs.
  7. Re: Two German songs in honour of meadows

    Thank you! This “Spannenlanger Hansel” is really very close to it and I unlikely shouldn't have been found that song.
  8. Re: Two German songs in honour of meadows

    Thank you, John for this interesting information! Some have found that this is a German song "Auf der Mauer, auf der Lauer". It’s interesting if there are some more.
  9. Two German songs in honour of meadows

    This German tune with text written in Estonian by Friedrich Kuhlbars (1841-1924) “Elagu kõik me armsamad aasad” (“Long live all our lovely meadows”) is popular in Estonia also in nowadays. I’m sure...
  10. "Tuomi on virran reunalla" ("Under the bird cherry")

    This beautiful Finnish folksong is about loneliness after the death of a loved one. It was arranged for two voices and was published in “Lemmiklaulik VII (Riho Päts) K.-Ü. "Kooli-Kooperatiivi...
  11. Poll: Re: Poll: do use use a bevel edge or round edge pick?

    I use "BlueChip TAD-1R 40". It has very smooth beveled edges and it maintains its shape for a very, very long time. In my experience about 1000 hours of playing and some more.
    Toomas Rannu
  12. Two songs from “The Magic Flute” by Mozart

    I used several sources for completing this simple arrangement of “Das klinget so herrlich/Könnte jeder brave Mann” from Mozarts “The Magic Flute” including the score of the opera and recorded this in...
  13. Re: “Juba linnukesed” (“Already the birds”)

    Thank you, John! Simplicity is the point. For its simplicity this song is used in music education. Students in different ages make their first steps on different kind of instruments. This tune is...
  14. “Juba linnukesed” (“Already the birds”)

    I think everybody in Estonia knows this simple song about springtime. I’m sure that first time I learned it at school when I was about 7, but probably even earlier. The melody is traditional and the...
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    Re: Vals från Vargön, jazz version

    Here is the mandolin tab (PDF) of this “Vals från Vargön” jazz arrangement.
    Toomas Rannu186175
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    Re: Vals från Vargön, jazz version

    Thank you, John! That's a good melody for improvisation and when the thing is right, everything else comes after.
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    Vals från Vargön, jazz version

    The reason why I’m posting this jazz version here, is because of the folk version of the same tune I posted about month ago, so you can compare with it.
    Making tab (PDF) is a little complicated. I...
  18. Re: “Tuonne taakse metsämaan” (“To the woodland far away”)

    Thank you! The process of developing this technique is still running. In search of new sound and wanting to get closer to music I’m interested, I started with it in September 2019. I use pick and...
  19. “Tuonne taakse metsämaan” (“To the woodland far away”)

    This lovely Finnish folksong was arranged for two voices and was published in “Lemmiklaulik VII (Riho Päts) (K.-Ü. "Kooli-Kooperatiivi kirjastus, Tallinn, 1938)”. Here it is played on one mandolin:...
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    The Blue Bells of Scotland

    I found this beautiful tune from “The Celtic Fake Book: C Edition” by Hal Leonard Corporation and made an arrangement for two voices on one mandolin. English subtitles for those who like to sing...
  21. “Mamma har sagt till mig” (“Mom has told me”)

    This Swedish walse from Dalarna was arranged for two violins and was published in “Låtboken" (Utgiven av Sveriges Spelmäns Riksförbund, Falun 1998). Here it is, transcribed for one mandolin:...
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    Bach: Bourreé I&II, BWV 1009

    Usually the First Bourreé is played in clear rhythm and the Second Bourreè is played smoother and in a little slower tempo, Meno Vivo, for example. I set the tempos quite the contrary. Why not?
  23. Re: "Vals från Vargön" ("Walse from Vargön")

    Thank you, John! I like your term “hybrid picking”. This style comes somehow from my background as a guitar player. Years of violin lessons in childhood, metal-band in eighties, jazz’n’swing bands...
  24. "Vals från Vargön" ("Walse from Vargön")

    This Swedish walse from West Gothland was published in two books: one voice in one book and one in another, both for violin. I put them together, made some changes in the low voice and here it is:...
  25. Re: started playing again....some Bach.....

    Thank you for sharing! Waiting for the B side!
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