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    Re: NMD: 2007 Triggs F5


    Great questions. The reason I returned the Triggs was because of the fingerboard extension. Like I said, that was totally on me, and something I'll have to me mindful of going forward. The...
  2. Big Sciota Mandolin Sheet music and breakdown

    Hey all

    My Thursday mandolin sheet music and song breakdown is focusing on another great fiddle tune today - Big Sciota (aka Big Scioto, Big Scioty, Big Sciatica etc). The more I play this tune,...
  3. Re: Today in Mandolin History - August 5, 1890, Lawrence, KS Jour

    All hail August 5! If we could go back in time we'd share some music with these folks. Guessing likker may have been involved! This would have occurred less than an mile from Cafe headquarters, maybe...
  4. Re: Holding on to your personal Holy Grail mandolin

    I’ve had my Heiden A5 for about 14 years now. Many others have come and gone but it has stood the test of time.
  5. Re: Holding on to your personal Holy Grail mandolin

    My Heiden Heritage Model F-5 #107 is one of around 20 in existence and the most beautiful mandolin I have ever seen. It took years of searching, and playing dozens of mandolins costing from a few...
  6. Re: Holding on to your personal Holy Grail mandolin

    In December I'll have had my Girouard for 4 years and I can honestly say that it's my personal Holy Grail instrument. Have never thought about selling or trading it ever, it does everything I want....
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    Re: Bourgeois Mandolins!

    Comes the Revolution, Bourgeois mandolins will be replaced by Proletarian mandolins. Only available in one style, ten-year wait for delivery, made from sturdy peasant materials.

    Pickers of the...
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    Re: Waterloo No mandolins?!

    Believe this is fairly common knowledge and I know it was communicated somewhere on this forum once that although Waterloo Guitars are still considered a part of the Collings line, very few have been...
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    Stolen Gibson F-4 Mandolin Serial #66824

    Hello Mandolin Cafe members,

    Last August I purchased a 1920’s Gibson F4 mandolin, serial number 66824, from Drum & Strum, a music store in Warrenton Virginia. It arrived safe and sound and,...
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    Re: Ellis Waitlist

    Almost a year to the day and I'm officially off the list. Well worth the wait!
  11. CJ from Po' Ramblin' Boys goes to Greece to get a Loar

    This is a story you will enjoy.
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    Stefan Sobell guitar-bouzouki

    My friend Niall Anderson acquired this lovely 1997 Stefan Sobell guitar-bouzouki recently, so we got together to play a few tunes and see how it sounds, along with my older Sobells.

    It's a camera...
  13. Re: Duff A style mandolins, like to hear owner thoughts, some ?

    here is what came out of all this.

    first, a huge shout out to Mandobar for alerting me to the pre-arrival of this beast.

    looks old, feels old, sounds old(but tight notes everywhere), plays like...
  14. Re: Flatiron Appreciation Thread / 1994 Flatiron A5 Artist Pics

    I love my oval hole prototype Flatiron/Gibson. x-braced 2006? experimental build. when the big flood hit nashvegas it was saved by being on a very top shelf in a storage area. after the flood, it was...
  15. Re: Flatiron Appreciation Thread / 1994 Flatiron A5 Artist Pics

    These are some old pictures of my even older Flatiron, an '83 A5-1. Probably 30 years ago I had a radius fretboard put on it and then eventually replaced the tailpiece with a cast one as you can see....
  16. 1924 F-5 played at CV posted today, Andrew Marlin content

    Andrew always seems at total ease playing any mandolin, and has his own distinct sound. amazing artist. I consider John Reischman in the same way.
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    Re: 2020 Duff A5

    I’m interviewing Paul tonight for the podcast this week! I love my 2012 F5.

    If you have any questions for Paul, let me know below! I’ll see if I can have them make their way into the interview!
  18. Re: Duff A style mandolins, like to hear owner thoughts, some ?

    Scheduled Delivery Date: Thursday, 01/20/2022

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    The Kesh Jig :)

    Hello! I have sadly been unable to make covers recently due to poor health. Hoping that this cover of The Kesh Jig will get me back into the swing of things!
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    Re: Paypal

    I asked my wife, an experienced and licensed tax preparer, for her comments. Her advice:

    "First, Card Payment and Third-Party Networks are indeed required to report aggregate payments greater...
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    Pick Review for an Apollo Casein 1.4mm

    This video is especially made for Cafe members! I know we always talk a lot about equipment, and picks are definitely no exception here. So I thought I'd make an exhaustive review of the Apollo pick...
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    Re: David Surette has passed.

    It was a pleasure to hear him play Frieze Britches in person at Swannanoa 2017 where I was first introduced to his teaching and music, and on the Mandolin Mondays video. On my drive back from...
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    Re: David Surette has passed.

    As I hale from North Conway, NH, my first exposure to David was when I saw him ski at Mt. Cranmore, and for the life of me, I could not get him onto my junior high ski team. Time flies, and soon (?)...
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    Irish music collection project

    I should probably start this thread with an apology in advance for the hours of your life you will never get back. But I won't apologise for the meandering journey of fascinatinon and distractions...
  25. Re: Items stolen from David Grisman's gig last night

    David Grisman's wife Tracy is an artist. The loss of the 70 art prints and the art portfolio may be as equally painful as the the loss of the microphones. Maybe the art will turn up somewhere and...
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