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    Re: beside the mandolin.

    I play the mandolin-banjo. I also have a 6 string banjo tuned like a guitar
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    Re: Ibanez No 516 Mandolin

    Looked thru my catalogs and no 516. But i did find online that it was made 1978-1979
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    Re: Ibanez No 516 Mandolin

    I have a few ibanez mandolins with the same headstock. They are from the early 80's. I know the headstock shows up in the Ibanez 1982 catalog. Tomorrow i can go thru the catalogs i have , but i don't...
  4. Re: What is the most mandolins you've owned at one time?

    I had 52 guitars once, i am at 18 now. I had about the same amount of mandolins last year, but i have sold some to pay for others. I'm not sure how many i have now.

  5. Re: UK Luthier to build 4 String Solid Body Electric Mandolin

    I have 2 solidbody octave mandolins one 4 string and the other 5. I found the 4 on reverb it was a custom order that someone changed thier mind. After talking to the seller Northfield Guitars i...
  6. Re: man I need a good tuner foot pedal model. not clip on

    I bought a boss tu-3 for $55 off eBay a few months ago and it works fine
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    Re: Dremel attachments

    I have used mine to route out some of my elictric guitars and solidbody mandolins
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    Re: I Don't Do Tab

    If i have to leara song i like notation or by ear , I don't think i have ever learned a. Song by tab
  9. Re: If your spouse just green-lighted an electric mando ...

    With $1000 you could get 2 cheaper ones maybe a 4 string mandobird and a 8 string one should be able to get both under 1k178090
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    Re: Does Praying Help Find Your Blue Chip?

    That's why i have 3 well maybe 4 right now. I get an email from bluechip saying free engraving and shipping from time to time if i have a spare $35 i always buy one, they just had a father's day...
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    Re: What is Patty Griffin playing here?

    I own one. It's a F6 they are fun to play , since i olay guitar also
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    Re: We're not so weird...

    I have a huge collection of robots, but I've been selling them lately. I once had 600 slot cars and i still have about 800 feet of track
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    Re: Mandolin Stand Recommendations

    I use the Proline FRMS1...
  14. Re: Should I take my Eastman MD305 on vacation?

    I almost always take a mandolin with me , sometimes i don't get much time to play, but when i do I'm glad i brought it with me
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    Re: The Mighty Cozart! New 8 string electric

    Funny i bought one also , I've been busy and haven't messed with it. I say them on eBay and i offered $111.11 and it was acpteped. I'll tru it late or tomorrow and get back
  16. Re: ultra-mini battery/travel rig for electric

    I have about 50 battery operated amps but i use my Roland cubes the most
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    Re: Ten String Electric Thinline Design

    I would say the reason you don't see fan fretts is because not many have ever played them and most aren't will to spend a decent amount to try them. And also all my 5 string and 7 string instruments...
  18. Re: Who makes a good inexpensive Octave Mandolin?

    I think mine is 20" that what it was advertised as. I saw alot at $900 but i held out and found mine at $600 with hard case. It goes great with my flat top octave and my solidbody ones, which are all...
  19. Thread: Nomd!

    by darrylicshon

    Re: Nomd!

    Congratulations, love octaves. I am expecting a new one any day , but it is a solidbody elictric 5 string
  20. Re: Who makes a good inexpensive Octave Mandolin?

    I have a Michael Kelly Octave Mandolin, which i paid $600 i am very happy with it. It plays well and sounds good, well at least to me.
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    Re: 4- vs 8-string electric mandos

    I like a 4 or 5 string the best but i enjoy playing my 8 string ones also , you might end up with both, or should i say all 3 of them a 4 , 5 , 8 strings
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    Re: Going Wireless

    I was just thinking about pulling out my wireless , i haven't used it on mando yet and haven't even used it on my guitar in at least 3 years
  23. Re: 4-string emando, what’s the best out there?


    Octave mandolins are lots of fun in the photo you can see a regular mandolin a octave and a regular guitar. I'm having an octave 5 string made it should be ready soon. I agree they are...
  24. Re: 4-string emando, what’s the best out there?


    I have a few different ones none are very expensive. I like all of them they all are a little different. When it comes to what you want , since you have a mann 5 string all mine except the...
  25. Re: Looking for mandolin fret repair in Atlanta

    Maple Street Guitars will do it also they are in buckhead
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