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    Re: Jug Band Music in New England

    Well, bravo! If I lived in the Boston area, I'd be interested, but i'm in central VT, and busy with several acoustic roots/vintage jazz musical projects already. Best of luck!

    Dave in VT
  2. Re: Banjo tuners on Gibson tenor and plectrum guitars

    Several years ago, I owned and restored a 1930-ish TG00, which had it’s original Grover banjo tuners( the lower grade ones). That TG00 was the early style, not the later L00 body size.
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    Re: OM Sinking Top

    It's only overlapping by 1.5mm, so I believe it would still work(you'd be sawing through the thicker part of the kerfing, and it should glue up ok, upon reassembly).
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    Re: OM Sinking Top

    Right: IMO, it only works on instruments with sides that have straight edges(are a consistent width), without taper or curve along the edges. That usually means only carved top/back mandos & guitars....
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    Re: OM Sinking Top

    Regarding removing the back: I have used Randy Wood's method for back removal several times, and it's worked well for me(he uses it on mandolins, I've used it on archtop guitars). Using a very thin...
  6. Re: About new fretboard for old Gibson A jr.

    Why not simply radius the existing fingerboard, assuming there's enough thickness?
  7. Re: how to rip binding strips from celluloid sheet stock

    I did think a black fiber material would also work fine. But since I have the black celluloid, and frequently use other colors of celluloid for binding replacement, I really want to setup, to be able...
  8. Re: how to rip binding strips from celluloid sheet stock

    Thank you all. I quickly learned, here and elsewhere, it's a matter of cutting or shearing, not sawing(which I suspected). Yes, real celluloid. I may try the Micromark mini-cutter, but turns out, a...
  9. how to rip binding strips from celluloid sheet stock

    I'm repairing a '27 Stahl/Regal mandolin for a customer, which required removing the back. I'll need to replace the black celluloid binding. I have some .060" thick sheet stock on hand, and am...
  10. Re: String set gauge for 1927Regal flattop mando

    It does have rosewood b&s, and it did sound very good after the first round of repairs. Should the owner agree to proceed, I’ll document the process, and post photos.
  11. Re: String set gauge for 1927Regal flattop mando

    Hi rcc56, it's not a humidity issue, it's been kept in a humidified room, along with a piano.

    And now, after regluing the split brace, and removing the clamp, I can see the brace has cracked...
  12. String set gauge for 1927Regal flattop mando

    About a year and a half ago, I did some repairs(mostly loose braces) on this lovely 1927 Stahl- labeled Regal. Came out nice, I strung it with 9-34 strings.

    Last week, customer brought it back,...
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    Re: Older Barnes & Mullins Flatback

    Midwinter Sun, what a charming old instrument! I've never heard of the maker, or seen one like it, but it's always a pleasure to see something like this for the first time. Nice workmanship on your...
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    Re: Delmore Brothers

    Charley, thanks for that link. I too am a big Delmore Bros. fan, ever since I found, by chance, a King/Starday compilation, in my local library, when I was in high school in '74(along with a Doug...
  15. Re: 1964 Guild 1964 F-30 Special Brazilian Rosewood

    John, just to confirm: You found some Guilds with straight dovetails(as opposed to tapered)? I've run into those on '70's era Gibsons, but was not aware Guild used them too.

    I've only done one...
  16. Re: Correct screws, to attach bracket to Gibson pickguard?

    Thanks for all your replies. I’m placing an order with Blacksmith Bolt Company.
  17. Correct screws, to attach bracket to Gibson pickguard?


    Can anyone tell me the exact size screws needed to attach the pictured bracket, to the F-4 pickguard, in my photo?
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    Re: Mildewed Instruments

    I recently used an ozone generator, to de-mildew several vintage cases. Seemed to work well. One needs to be able to isolate the generator, to avoid breathing the ozone.
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    Re: Value of a good restorer

    Absolutely beautiful restoration!
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    Re: Refretting

    I used to think and say, guitar repair isn't rocket science: but after having to undo or redo numerous inept, bungled 'repairs', I began to think, ...maybe it is rocket science!
  21. Re: 1914 gibson H1 mandola sagging top, and bowed neck

    A few clarifications:
    The top brace is not loose(it has been reglued previously).
    My plan to remove the fingerboard & plane the neckshaft is to correct excessive neck upbow, not a low bridge, or...
  22. 1914 gibson H1 mandola sagging top, and bowed neck

    I have this one on my bench for a repair estimate. Attached are photos, but the quality is poor, as the sag is difficult to catch, in a photo(but easy to see with the naked eye). I've been doing some...
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    Re: Refretting

    As important as the tools, and the helpful guidance from the previous posts, I suggest first practicing on several instruments that are not your favorites, and/or valuable.
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    Re: Wood identity question

    Yes, I believe it's stained maple, and it looks like bird's eye. Burl would not, I think, be suitable for instrument building.
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    Re: Help Identify This Old Gibson I Bought

    I second rcc56's suggestion of the Dampit brand or type(Humitron is another). In my repair work, I have had to repair the damage caused by other types(Oasis 'bag' suspended in the strings, and the...
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