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  1. Re: F-5 intonation issue bridge placement

    Intonation has nothing to do with the placement of the f-holes in relation to the bridge.

    Brad Laird (a member here) has an extremely informative and easy to follow information about bridge...
  2. Re: Strap for a Strad-ol-Lin? There's no strap button.

    I know that strap buttons are popular.

    But frankly, I deeply hate a hole drilled into an instrument and a screw being attached in a place that never had one intended to have one. Just because...
  3. Re: Mandolin Tasting: Gibsons, Buckeye, Duff, Northfiled

    You may remember That was a difficult one. I was sooo wrong with my...
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    Re: Crucial Link




    It helps to know some set up on your own. I could do better knowing set up myself. The best set up mandolin that I played was a Lloyd Loar F-5 that was set up by Dave Harvey.
  5. Re: BRW Mandolins / Ben Wilcox Magazine Article

    Acording to his website he quit building 2017, having started to build in 1999 (
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    Re: Lost bit of binding, 1915 F-4

    NOT soon please Streborkcaj!
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    Re: Ear training apps

    Yes, the tonedear thingy does what my Salzburg link teaches you. Indeed it is about note recognition (wether notes, intervals, chords etc.).

    You need that if you want to sing. Because just as you...
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    Re: Highland Rim

    Still kind of waiting. It would make this thread so much more compelling if it was not only a musical statement. As in many musical documentaries there is something to learn when and if youre told...
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    Re: 10 Questions For John McGann

    Yes, very much.
  10. Re: Levin Aristocrat 2-Point, circa 1945

    So its Sir Clem now since you bought into aristocracy, you old Swede. Youve done well on that mandolin. Play it in good health
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    Re: Amazing Nugget F5 at Carter's!

    Id like to go on record that I am mainly interested in the discussion about the instrument's aesthetics, sound and feel. My comment about the price was purely a coincidental quick impulse post and...
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    Re: Andy Statman Bought A Loar F5!

    I was windowshopping for that Lloyd Loar at Larry Wexer Ltd. often. Andy Statman deserves the best mandolin he can get.

    I first noticed Andy Statman on "Peter Rowan & The Red Hot Pickers". Listen...
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    Re: Amazing Nugget F5 at Carter's!

    I played one of yours in Brighton at TAMCO, Brighton, UK. It was a long time back. Yet I remember it fondly.
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    Re: Amazing Nugget F5 at Carter's!

    It’s a great looking mandolin. Yet it is vastly overpriced in today’s market. If it sounds as good as it looks 20 K is a proper price. Look at today’s Gilchrist and Dudenbostel prices. We are talking...
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    Re: Strickland mandolin #23

    Nice sound.

    He is a luthier from the same region as Anderson and Henderson.

    Anderson and Strickland worked together. I played an Anderson F/5 mandolin once. It was a good mandolin mandolin.
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    Re: Highland Rim

    Nice playing, nice tune.

    Walk us through your recording setup, please (hardware and software).
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    Re: Education (trip to Carter's)

    This is interesting as it begs for an explanation.

    What made you dislike the Stanley V5 the first time around? What was different the second time that you played it? What made you like the Stanley...
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    Re: Help me identify this mandolin!

    Yes, we can. So far Id need a glass sphere.

    Did you read about "The Gibson" mandolins (maybe online). Orville Gibson started making instruments in 1894 and founded the company in 1902. Ever...
  19. Re: Need some help to assess the value of a restored 1972 F5 Gibs

    Don't I know how you feel. You are on a trip and suddenly you see what you are craving.

    I started out on guitar also. Now I have branched out on several instruments with the mandolin having...
  20. Re: Need some help to assess the value of a restored 1972 F5 Gibs

    Red: You are visiting a French city coming from where? From Dubai? From Nashville Tennessee? From Berlin?
    If you're French and you live in France, find out about French builders and French mandolin...
  21. Re: Purchase a good entry mandolin in EU in 2021

    I do think you have to approach the search for the right mandolin in a roundabout way here in Europe.

    First of all: What kind of music do you want to play???
    You write, that you come from the...
  22. Re: Rest in Peace - Byron Berline passes

    RIP Byron Berline.

    I saw "California" (Berline, Crary, Hickman with the adition of Steve Spurgin and John Moore) and was duly impressed. Was sad when I saw the news that his shop burned down, was...
  23. Re: Do you know the model of this 1935 Gibson?

    Ok, it could also be a late 30ies A-00 (same as A-1 before it went to have the wide bell body). But the script in the back of the headstock seems to indicate otherwise (albeit its not original to...
  24. Re: Do you know the model of this 1935 Gibson?

    Looks like its a 30ies Gibson A-50 (with replaced tuners). As the fretboard is glued to the top (like roundhole Gibson mandolins) the sound may be nice but it will lack power. They can be nice...
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    Re: Problems with playability. Help!

    The humidity is certainly not a problem in the UK (or other parts of Europe like Germany etc.). So I would guess that you have to look somewhere else.

    Id be interested who the mando-luthier is....
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