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  1. Re: Pono UL4-10 baritone uke/tenor guitar - intonation issues

    Thanks all. It is actually sold as a steel string baritone uke/tenor guitar. It has a 21" scale, a little shorter than a typical tenor guitar. I had worked on the action earlier and I don't think I...
  2. Pono UL4-10 baritone uke/tenor guitar - intonation issues

    Hi all.
    I just purchased a new Pono UL4-10 string string baritone uke/tenor guitar with 21" scale. The instrument has a fixed bridge with bone saddle.

    My intent is to keep it tuned as an...
  3. Mandolin Tab for The Thrill Is Gone - Grisman Style

    Hi all,
    Anyone know location of mandolin tab for The Thrill Is Gone as played by David Grisman?
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    Re: Bridge for 5-String Emando

    Thanks, Jeff and Dave. I'll give him a shout. His website does say he has started retailing parts again.
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    Bridge for 5-String Emando

    Hi all, I need a supplier for a 5-string emando bridge. has the type bridge I need but it is for a 4-string emando (link:...
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    Octave Mandolin Build Workshop - Don Kawalek

    I attended Don Kawalek's annual mandolin/banjo build workshop this week at the Holiday Lake State Park 4-H Educational Center near Appomattox, VA this week. What a blast! I built an octave mandolin...
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