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  1. Re: Trying to ID an UNMARKED "A" Style Mando - 3" thick?

    Paracho (Mexico) product, maybe? Kinda looks like it...
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    Re: Thanksgiving Thoughts

    Just reiterating my thoughts of seven years ago.

    Spent Thanksgiving in Boston/Cambridge with kids and grandkids. Took my Strad-O-Lin and a no-name baritone ukulele along to make a bit of music...
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    Re: Local instructor - Rochester NY ?

    Weighing in: my good friend Bob Olyslager (Blue Ridge Country Ramblers, Group Therapy) has been teaching mandolin and banjo at his house for decades, on the east side of Rochester. PM me and I'll...
  4. Re: Cheap beater mandolins that play, for leaving in the car etc?

    Maybe 30 years ago I bought a badly cracked Strad-O-Lin for $50 from an elderly NYCity lady who'd kept it under her bed for decades, in its canvas gig bag. I had the crack stabilized, disregarding...
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    Re: Estate Sale Bowlback

    Fancy model, lots of rosewood ribs, vine inlaid fretboard, mother-of-pearl binding and, as you say, lots of "bling." Carving on the neck heel is another high-end detail. I've not seen US-made...
  6. Re: Any musical stamp collectors out there?

    By the way, here's a ten-year-old thread discussing a possible Bill Monroe commemorative US stamp; Google finds more discussion of it around 2014, when supposedly there was a design for it. Guess it...
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    Re: Have I Been Scammed?

    A product offered at one-twentieth of the standard market price on eBay -- well, I'm sure there have been legitimate transactions, for a variety of reasons (ignorance, emergency, whatever) along...
  8. Re: Vintage photo of a Lyon & Healy mando cello

    Gee, apparently the Fairmont Creamery Old-Timers had both a "Shorty" and a "Slim" as members. Old-time radio days...
  9. Re: This weeks mandolin that won't get a bid or buyer

    Well, I paid about $600 for my Triolian mandolin, and it's in better shape that this one -- still has its pickguard, as well. However, I know prices have risen over the past 30 years, so maybe the...
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    Re: Mandolin - Resonator by Republic

    You got one-a those??? Always wanted one...

    With regard to JeffD's post, the other type of resonator that has a less-brash, more musical sound, is a used Dobro mandolin with the spider bridge,...
  11. Re: Kentucky K1000 Master Model need help with serial number

    "Flammy?" Guess they mean "flame-y" or something similar...?
  12. Re: Any musical stamp collectors out there?

    First time I saw Buffy Sainte-Marie was in 1963 or '64, at Club 47 in Cambridge. Mike Seeger was the featured performer (hey, stop me if you've heard this one!), and Joan Baez had a concert in...
  13. Re: Loar-era Gibson F4 -- Structurally Sound?

    Am I wrong in inferring that there's not a standard curvature for Gibson arched tops, but that it varied somewhat from instrument to instrument?
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    Re: Old Gibson Mandolin

    Definitely looks like a refinish or overspray on the front; 'way too shiny for the vintage and the condition of the back.

    Wouldn't modify the Handel tuners; very valuable, and probably a good...
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    Re: Information on resonator mandolin

    An oddity. Jim S is correct in stating it appears to be a National-style biscuit-bridge instrument. The label doesn't make sense, in a way; according to the late Bob Brozman's authoritative book,...
  16. Re: Everything you wanted to know about the Irish bouzouki...

    Still swimming upstream, maintaining that "Irish bouzouki" is an oxymoron. Losing battle, but I still think long-necked OM's aren't really "bouzoukis," but, well, long-necked OM's. Greek et. al....
  17. Re: Spotted in Phoenix- a Parrot and early Orville

    Sadism and bad taste are universal human faults.
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    Re: Mandolin - Resonator by Republic

    Not at all uncommon for National and National-style tailpieces to crack at the bend. Probably fairly easy to replace (said he without ever trying to replace one).

    My 1930's National Style 0...
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    Re: Howe-Orme Mandolinetto

    If you can get it for less than $300 -- assuming you want a mandolinetto -- I think it'd be a good deal, perhaps even a wise investment.
  20. Re: Help identifying a country gospel tune

    I gotta believe "Gary Upright" is a pseudonym for a gospel singer -- the blues equivalent would be "Gary Lowdown," I guess.

    There are several gospel songs with similar titles available from Google...
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    Re: Howe-Orme Mandolinetto

    I have one of those; they're fun. Bought mine on eBay advertised as a "wall hanger," got it fixed up so it plays. Chirps like a canary...
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    Re: Mandolin - Resonator by Republic

    Good luck with this one, J-Bear. Not too fond of the Asian clones of National resonator mandolins. I have one of the cloned originals, a 1930's Triolian, and while it's deafeningly loud, its larger...
  23. Re: Hoping someone has seen one of these before

    Yeah, I speculate that the "flat in the middle, recurve around the edges" that CarlM noticed above, actually is the result of an arched top flattening out in the middle. Non-luthiers building...
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    Re: Vega cylinder back mandola on reverb

    I was gonna offer to stop in at John's (he's mostly "by appointment only" for store visits) and give a hands-on evaluation, but it's apparently sold and gone.
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    Re: Unusual instrument

    Oval and f-holes, scrolled headstock like a violin -- "made in Italy" sounds likely to me. Other ideas?
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