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  1. Thread: new website

    by nkforster

    new website

    Adam rhodes isn't just a great musician, he's also a talented web designer. He's just updated my website. Please take a look - the mandolin section has a few new images too.


  2. Re: Two German songs in honour of meadows

    Very nice Toomas! I remember singing "Spannenlanger Hansel" with my children when they were little -- it's one of those songs I learned from my own mother as a child. Here is the German Wikipedia...
  3. What is Andy Irvine playing in this video?

    What is the proper name for this instrument? Any idea who made it? How is it tuned?

    Fantastic singer and fantastic instrument! Yes?
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    Re: Two German songs in honour of meadows

    Nice and lovely location to play.

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    Re: Two German songs in honour of meadows

    The first couple of bars are similar to Alouette. I'm German, and the closest match to my mind hasn't been mentioned yet: This German children's song about a lanky boy and a plump girl picking fruit....
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    Brendan o'Regan mandolin playing

    I very much enjoy Brendan's mandolin playing. I caught a bit of a Facebook live performance he did about 3 weeks ago but I don't think it's still on his page where he ended up with what I think might...
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    Re: Two German songs in honour of meadows

    Interesting, and the video with the live sound in the meadow is lovely. First tune has strong similarities with the French song "Alouette", which I remember learning as a young student in my French...
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    Re: Faraway Grandchild

    Here is a version of The Faraway Grandchild. There is quite a lot of wildlife activity going on, between bees and pigeons flying around.

  9. Re: "Tuomi on virran reunalla" ("Under the bird cherry")

    A haunting tune and lovely playing again, Toomas.
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    Re: James Oswald: Divertimento I

    I've just discovered this thread. I've updated my "guittar" pages:

    and here is a dedicated James Oswald page with thee free...
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    Re: Vals från Vargön, jazz version

    Interesting improvisation phrases here, Toomas. I enjoyed your scale runs mixed with the chordal phrasing. Quite different from your non-jazz version.
  12. Re: “Tuonne taakse metsämaan” (“To the woodland far away”)

    Very interesting - one pick plus one finger? As technique makes the instrument, this mandolin plays out of the box by far :cool:
  13. Re: “Tuonne taakse metsämaan” (“To the woodland far away”)

    Another of your very fine and distinctive offerings, Toomas. The two voices technique works so well on those tunes you post.
  14. Ceilidh Band in Lockdown (WARNING: non-mandolin content...)

    ...Those of a sensitive disposition, avert your eyes.
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    Re: The Blue Bells of Scotland

    Fine arrangement and playing, Toomas, and thanks for posting the pdf as well.
  16. Jacques Pellen (Breton guitarist) dies of Coronavirus
  17. Re: “Mamma har sagt till mig” (“Mom has told me”)

    Lovely tune and that hybrid picking style is so effective on those tunes, Toomas.
  18. Re: "Vals från Vargön" ("Walse from Vargön")

    Brilliant playing!
  19. Re: "Vals från Vargön" ("Walse from Vargön")

    I like your hybrid picking style on this tune, Toomas. Very unusual on a mandolin in my part of the world, but so effective on the harmonies you play here.
  20. started playing again....some Bach.....

    After not touching the mandolin for two years....I picked it up again at the beginning of this quarantine after breaking my ankle in two places (lots of sitting around)....had to sell my MT2V and was...
  21. Re: help not-quite-intermediate player put together a tune set

    I would agree with all Aidan says here, Heady. Also, are you playing for an audience, for dancing ,or for yourself (and maybe a few fellow-players) for your own enjoyment?
    For dancing, and I am...
  22. Re: Bach: Allemande, BWV 1009 (swing version)

    Very different and verrry nice. Fun stuff Toomas!:mandosmiley:
  23. Re: help not-quite-intermediate player put together a tune set

    Hi. There is absolutely no reason why a tune set should comprise any more than two tunes if you’re happy that two tunes “say” all you want to say.

    In fact, and this is merely a personal opinion,...
  24. Tarantella italiana XVII sec. (Athanasius Kircher)

    Tarantella played by me:
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    Re: “Viire takka”

    Interesting use of harmony being played live here, Toomas. Clever technique.
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