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    Re: Bluegrass for the elderly

    I, for one, never thought I liked Bluegrass. That is until I started learning the mandolin... Now when I hear a bluegrass song or see a show, I'm mesmerized by the skill it takes. It sounds beautiful...
  2. Re: Driftless for mandolin orchestra - score and parts available

    This song (your song?) is being played by the Louisville Mandolin Orchestra. I've been learning it. Nice piece of music!

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    Re: I just purchased an Eastman 305

    I will count on you for your enabling. Ha!
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    Re: I just purchased an Eastman 305


    I think the very different tone is what threw me off at first. The 415 has mahogany back and sides which made it sound more like my Breedlove. After all this time I'd grown used to that...
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    Re: I just purchased an Eastman 305

    Thanks! That's all it takes for me. A couple thumbs up and a few "that's a good idea's", and it's settled. :grin:
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    I just purchased an Eastman 305

    Hi Everyone!

    I've been a member here for a few years, but mostly just lurk. Thought I'd jump on to see your thoughts. I just purchased an Eastman 305 as a "back up" out of what I see as...
  7. Re: Lefty in a predominantly Right-handed World - Help appreciate

    I'm a lefty, and I play right-handed. I had a choice in the beginning since I was brand new to a fretted instrument. I chose to play right-handed because of all the beautiful mandolin choices out...
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    Re: Survival Mandolin Chords for Beginners

    Thank you for this! I dropped by to get help with the 4-fingered G chord and I read every thread in this post. Thank you for the print out! It will help in my jamming class!
  9. Re: Benefits of mandolins vs other instruments

    I'm a new mandolin player. I just loved reading all of the responses to the op's original post.😊 I'm in the new stages of love, in which want to sit and hug my Mando all day long. I only wish I...
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    Re: Central Ky Area?

    I'm new to mando playing, but I have a beautiful mando and a real desire to connect with others and learn. I live in the Louisville/Prospect area.

    I'd love to come to some jams. I'm sure I'd watch...
  11. Re: A new girl (still) with a problem with genre.

    Oh. I think you just might be on to something with the disco....
  12. Re: A new girl (still) with a problem with genre.

    Thank you so much for all of the suggestions/ recommendations, everybody. I'm so glad I asked! As a newbie, it's a little intimidating to ask questions for fear that they may sound... Childish? ...
  13. A new girl (still) with a problem with genre.

    Hi everybody! I joined this group last year when I began taking lessons. I became too busy for a while and put down the Mandolin. I've missed it and I'm ready to start playing again. I have what...
  14. Re: Is a non-solid wood German bowl back worth it?

    Thank you for your quick responses! I will keep looking. It's hard because that bowlback seems to be calling my name. I am thinking it's a little pricey, though.

  15. Is a non-solid wood German bowl back worth it?

    I am a new new new newbie to the mandolin. I'm actually in the purchasing stage. Thanks to this forum that I've been perusing obcessively for a while and I feel that I may be able to not walk away...
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