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  1. Re: Name this tune Emory Lester is playing...

    Thank you administrator! is indeed 'Forever True', which is a song I wrote back in 1993, and has been recorded on my old 'Emory Lester Set' album, and another version of it on an album I did...
  2. Hi everyone.....on the road in Wasilla Alaska...

    Hi everyone.....on the road in Wasilla Alaska this week at the Acoustic Alaska Guitar Camp, with the new flat top octave and a new 5 bar artist model mandolin.....I just received this octave a few...
  3. Re: GDAD? CGDG? Anyone using these tunings? Advantages?

    This is a great subject......I started playing around with my mandolin tunings for certain pieces years ago, and loved the drone effect of GDAD, so I used it on the intro for my song 'Salt Creek...
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    Re: Emory Lester- Pale Rider

    Thanks so much to all of you for this thread, and your encouraging words regarding 'Pale Rider', and the other songs and projects mentioned. There are quite a few funny and interesting stories...
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    Re: Emory Lester- Pale Rider

    Good morning, and thank you for asking about Pale Rider.....not even sure that I have a copy myself anymore of it, but we've talked about possibly re-issuing the project at some point, so I'll make...
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    Re: Northfield mandolins

    We were all sitting around our Appaloosa trade show booth at the IBMA World of Bluegrass, and Chris Warner (good friend, banjo icon and builder of the famous ‘signatures’ mandolin that Marty Stuart...
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    Re: Sad news to report

    This is still hard to believe.....I remember not long ago when we first heard the awful news of his condition, and how unbelieveable it was. And now.....what a good friend and extremely talented...
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