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    Re: Calhoun case?

    Guessing if there was enough demand for them that NF would consider selling one themselves. I haven't played a Calhoun yet but they're very intriguing
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    Re: Daughter's New Mandolin!

    awesome, congrats! Wish I could get my 7 year old to be interested in playing, but not going to force it on him. Maybe he'll come around lol.
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    Re: Carbon fiber Northfield case?

    That's hilarious, because I just put some of my favorite stickers on my Airloom too after having it for a year. I was planning to buy another Recurve since I had one that is currently while a mando I...
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    Re: Carbon fiber Northfield case?

    They are going to be releasing something soon that looks very enticing. Apparently they weren't quite ready for that to start getting attention but hard to keep things a secret these days lol. Adrian...
  5. Re: Northfield F5S consistency (or buying without checking)

    Oh, I will add since someone mentioned the Big Mon, that while the consistency of quality is very good, the sound of the various models can be quite a bit different. i.e. F5S v. Big Mon v. 4th Gen v....
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    Re: Northfield Recurve Case

    very interesting...
    My green recurve case is currently with a mandolin I have on consignment, so if it sells I will be looking to replace it with another lightweight option. I did keep the deluxe...
  7. Re: Northfield F5S consistency (or buying without checking)

    I haven't owned an F5S but I bought a 4th gen and an Octave flat top with nothing but a picture to go on. Not a bit disappointed with either one. I haven't played any NFs that I thought were junk. I...
  8. Anyone going to Mandolin World Retreat, Benicia CA March 2022?

    Just curious who from the Café might be going to the Mandolin World Retreat in Benicia, CA in March? Mike Marshall, Caterina Lichtenberg, Marla Fibish.

    Assuming we don't get cancelled for COVID of...
  9. Re: Bach's Invention in C Minor for Mandolin/Octave Mandolin

    great job Jake and thanks for the trills lesson. I've learned the mandolin part of Invention #1. Need to learn the octave part and then start on this one!
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    Re: What is a C2 chord?

    I would guess most of the time they are muting that A string with the finger holding the bass note. I'm sure Tony would use a 9 chord plenty, but guessing Lester would not. Mostly what they are doing...
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    Re: Cody Shuler Loar inspired cases

    Very nice. Out of my price range but I'm sure there are plenty of folks that would love to have one.
    I met Cody at a jam about 18 years that time I could barely chop a G chord and he was...
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    Re: To be or not to be (a bluegrass player)

    Outside of the house, yes.
    At home I like to work on jazz, Dawg, choro, Bach. But that's just for my enjoyment. I live in NC so if you want to play with other folks you better play bluegrass.
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    Re: Essential David Grisman

    I just picked up a copy of the Svend record for $10 on Discogs. I think I paid $5 for the Grappelli one a while back. I think I have the majority of the Grisman stuff on vinyl now!
  14. Re: Article: Artistworks and Mandolin Cafe Team Up with New Year'

    Can't say enough good things about Mike and Sierra's class. (Have met Caterina and she's great too but haven't had her class yet).
  15. Thread: Vintage?

    by Drew Egerton

    Re: Vintage?

    What year will my Northfield become vintage? It certainly has the quality and look to get there one day. Maybe 2075? I doubt I will live to see the day lol. Of course maybe all wooden instruments...
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    Re: In Praise of Matt Flinner's Classes

    If I had to complain about anything it's that the classes I have taken lately go until about 1030 PM (Eastern time) and my attention span just goes to crap in the last half an hour lol. It isn't a...
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    Re: Doc Watson - Blackjack County Chain

    very nice! is that his grandson Richard playing with him?

    Doc is where I first learned that there was so much more to learn on the guitar than just the chords to country songs, which ultimately...
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    Re: In Praise of Matt Flinner's Classes

    Agree with all above, Matt's classes are wonderful. I have taken 5 or 6 classes now with him and they have all been very good. Some are 4 weeks, some are 8 weeks and as mentioned above you get the...
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    Re: Northfield 4th Gen F5

    NFI but here's a used 4th gen for sale at a good price. I love mine!
  20. Re: Unwanted string noises with mandolin and mandola

    My wife is always complaining about unwanted noise from the mandolin, but I keep playing anyway....
  21. Re: Win: A Private Mandolin Lesson with David Grisman

    Tough to decide what to talk about I'm sure! For me it would just be inspirational moreso than actual technique stuff. Maybe some specific examples of licks or chords from tunes that I have worked...
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    Re: Curt Mangan Strings - Wonderful

    I love the Curt Mangan monels. I use the Gabe Wiseman set which is the "custom medium" gauges.
    I can't use Phosphor bronze from any brand as my hands just corrode the heck out of them in no time, CM...
  23. Re: Win: A Private Mandolin Lesson with David Grisman

    Congrats to someone, not me.
  24. Re: Win: A Private Mandolin Lesson with David Grisman

    I am currently the highest bidder, so everyone else can ignore this post. Just kidding :)
  25. Re: F5 Upgrade Guidance - Gibson, Collings, Northfield

    I absolutely love my 4th gen Northfield. Total different beast from F5S or other models so anyone comparing those is apples and pomegranates.
    You can probably beat it for 5 figures if you're lucky,...
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