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  1. Re: Why do L&H Model A, B, & C owners use TI mittels and not star

    Hi Tim,

    I don't know where those gauges come from as TI don't print them on the packs. However, they do list string tensions at their official website:
  2. Poll: Re: Poll: do use use a bevel edge or round edge pick?

    For me, it depends on the instrument. On my bowlbacks, I use a rounded edge nylon pick (I don't think you can put a meaningful bevel on nylon) and on my Gibson and Mid-Mo I use a 1mm Wegen pick with...
  3. Re: Gender and age distribution of mando players

    The UK fits in a bit awkwardly in this as it's subject to heavy cultural influences from both continental Europe and the US (and influencing them, of course). As a broad brush, I'd say the classical...
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    Re: 40 Somre (Danish folk)

    Thanks, John! I've played a few schottische before, from Scotland and elsewhere, so I'm familiar with the rhythm. When I first learned it, I tried to get more syncopation and a strathspey/polka...
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    Re: 40 Somre (Danish folk)

    As part of my lockdown home recordings, I've been revisiting some old tunes. My earlier recordings of these were trial runs for the arrangements, before introducing them to our weekly group...
  6. Re: Louis Patenotte Mandolin in UK 1940s?

    Nice photos. The main difference between the one for sale in the UK (now sold) and the one featured in Fretboard Journal is that the latter used the Gelas system and that is the primary point of...
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    Re: Tono Hypodorico

    Very nice! We had a recent discussion thread about this piece and its composer, Athanasius Kircher, here:
  8. Re: Recordings of Mandolins as String Quartets

    Here are a few:
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    Re: Classical Mandola

    This isn't necessarily true. Though intended for a different repertoire and playing style (and usually different tunings), five course large-bodied instruments with a scale length around 600mm are...
  10. It Was A Lover And His Lass (Thomas Morley)

    Thomas Morley (1557-1602): "It Was A Lover And His Lass"
    Arranged for two instruments by Steven Hendricks

    This is one of only two surviving songs written for Shakespeare's plays during his...
  11. Re: Cantigas de Santa Maria - Cantiga 119

    Nicely played!

    The Cantigas are fun, and as the surviving notation is so rudimentary, there are a lot of ways to play around with them, with various degrees of "historically informed" adaptation...
  12. De Pace: Allusione della lettera de Manon (waltz)

    Bernardo de Pace (1881-1966): Serenade - Allusione della lettera de Manon
    From: "A Variety Of Mandolin Music" (pub. 1975)

    This is one in a series of bare-bones videos I've been making during the...
  13. Thread: "A Bruxa"

    by Martin Jonas

    Re: "A Bruxa"

    Great tune!

    There are several settings at the Session:

    Also, there's a three-part harmony setting in one of Evelyn's books and I recall a rather intricate...
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    Re: Vintage Viaten Tenor Guitars?

    I've just double-checked what I have on my Viaten:

    13p 22w 33w 45w

    These are measured gauges with my calipers, not necessarily the nominal gauges when I bought them. Customs d'Addario singles,...
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    J.S. Bach: Arioso

    Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata "Ich steh mit einem Fuß im Grabe", BWV 156
    1. Sinfonia - Arioso

    This is Bach's famous "Arioso", played on mandolin with piano accompaniment. This tune was written...
  16. Re: Handel: Sarabande in D Minor (La Folia), mandolin quartet

    Thanks, Dennis.

    I mixed the parts using headphones where they sound fine, but playing back on speakers I find that the mandocello and OM parts are a bit low. To bring out that bass melody a bit...
  17. Handel: Sarabande in D Minor (La Folia), mandolin quartet

    Georg Friederich Händel (1685-1759): Suite in D Minor for harpsichord (HWV 437)
    3. Sarabande

    This is Handel's treatment of the "La Folia"/"Folies d'Espagne" theme, originally for harpsichord, but...
  18. Re: What is the "Must Have" Mandolin Book(s)?

    As August is far too modest to do it himself, I have to nominate him instead:

    "Exploring Classical Mandolin: Technique & Repertoire" (Berklee Press, 2015) by August Watters.

    For more beginner...
  19. Après un rêve (Fauré), mandocello and piano

    Gabriel Fauré: Après un rêve (Op. 7 No. 1)

    Although written as a song with piano accompaniment, this piece is commonly played on cello. For my instrumental adaptation, I have played the melody on...
  20. J.S. Bach: Siciliano from Flute Sonata BWV 1031

    Following on from my recent recording of the famous Bach/Marcello Adagio in D Minor (Link), here is another Bach mandolin/piano duet, just as melodic.

    Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonata in E-flat major...
  21. Re: Passacaglia della vita (Bisogna morire), renaissance madrigal

    Thanks, Eugene! Yes, the L'Arpeggiata/Marco Beasley arrangement is very effective. If you haven't done already, also check out their live recording linked in my original post -- the visuals add a...
  22. Passacaglia della vita (Bisogna morire), renaissance madrigal

    This early 17th century madrigal is usually attributed to Stefano Landi (1587-1639), although this is considered unreliable. My recording on two mandolins, two mandocellos and tenor guitar is based...
  23. Adagio from Concerto in D Minor (A Marcello & JS Bach, BWV 974)

    Alessandro Marcello & J.S. Bach: Concerto in D Minor (S D935 / BWV 974)
    2. Adagio

    This is the Adagio movement from the Oboe Concerto in D Minor by Alessandro Marcello (1673-1747), which has...
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    Re: Ensemble pieces for beginners

    You may also want to look at the arrangements by the late (and much missed) Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni, which cover a wide range of genres. All of them are arranged for three parts (two mandolins...
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    Re: Tunes from the BMG Magazine 1947-50

    Vyna Waltz (E.G. Sheffield, 1972)

    This waltz for two mandolins appeared in the August 1972 issue of the BMG Magazine. I attach the score.

    I have played both parts on a vintage Italian...
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