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  1. Re: The Entertainer - Solo Mandolin Arrangement [Tab]

    Most likely not. My roommate is ready to kick me out if he has to hear this song anymore. :))
  2. The Entertainer - Solo Mandolin Arrangement [Tab]

    The Entertainer by Scott Joplin

    Notation & Tab
  3. Hedwig's Theme - Solo Mandolin Arrangement [Tab]

  4. Song of Storms - Solo Mandolin Arrangement [Tab]

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    Funky Marshmallow
  6. Pale Rose & Ginger - My Mandolin Christmas Tune

    Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday.
  7. Kass' Theme - Solo Mandolin Arrangement [Tab]

    Tab for anyone interested!
  8. The Pink Panther - Solo Mandolin Arrangement (Tab)

    I couldn't get the percussive mutes of the intro in the tab without it looking confusing and messy so I left them out. It shouldn't be too hard to...
  9. Gerudo Valley - Solo Mandolin Arrangement w/ Tab

  10. Re: Article: Mandolin Fretboard Atlas

    I just ordered it from Amazon and the expected delivery date is Jul 24 - Aug 14. I'm guessing they are just starting to ship them out to retailers.
  11. Zelda's Lullaby - Solo Mandolin Arrangement [Tab]

    Tab is in the description!
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    Waiting on April - Mandolin Tab

    A tune I wrote in April.

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    Low in Light - Mandolin Tab

    A quick video test of my new camera lens along with a cute little song.
  14. Re: Are tenor guitars less high-maintenance than mandolins?

    Larger instruments are usually less finicky than smaller ones to temperature changes so it would definitely be a bit easier to take care of. I have an old bass guitar that just sits in the closet...
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    Coffee Roll Jig - Tab
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    Re: Considering a Blue Chip Pick?

    I have the CT-55 and TD-60 and while they have a glossy finish that looks a bit slippery, they never really fall out of your hand. They produce a very loud and crystal clear tone. They're great if...
  17. Let It Go - Disney's Frozen - Solo Mandolin Arrangement w/ Tab

  18. Re: Odered a KM 950 from Amazon....guess what happened

    I'm surprised an instrument of this price isn't shipped in any sort of soft case or gig bag, though I doubt it would have done anything to save the mandolin here.

    I've ordered a handful of cheap...
  19. Re: Lon Lon Ranch - Solo Mandolin Arrangement [Tab & Notation]

    It is actually just a tuning app I left open. I haven't been able to find any good DAWs or recording apps for tablets yet though Im interested if you know of any.
  20. Lon Lon Ranch - Solo Mandolin Arrangement [Tab & Notation]

    I'm not sure how big you guys are into video games but here is Lon Lon Ranch from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for solo mandolin. Enjoy!

  21. Kiss From A Rose - Solo Mandolin Arrangement [Tab & Notation]

    This is probably my most favorite song ever. I hope I did it justice!
  22. Auld Lang Syne - Solo Mandolin Arrangement [Tablature]

    Happy New Year's everyone!
  23. Re: Take Five - Solo Mandolin Arrangement [With Tablature]

    You're right and good ear! Right at the transition where the harmonics are is where I accidentally changed the time.

    Oh wow. He is truly out of this world. It almost seems impossible what he's...
  24. Re: Take Five - Solo Mandolin Arrangement [With Tablature]

    Hey Sid, the tab is in the video description as a pdf. Here is the link for it.

    It is very possible. Time...
  25. Take Five - Solo Mandolin Arrangement [With Tablature]

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the Cafe and wanted to share a new project I'm working on with all of you. I have been practicing arranging some of my favorite songs into solo mandolin pieces sometimes for...
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