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    Re: Chinese made mandolins (Northfield?)

    Posted May 19, 2020 here:

    Northfield is not an Asian import company. It is not a business entity that solely purchases items from an external country and separate business entity and then resells...
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    Steve Miller (NMC)

    Just read a really cool, sort of multi-dimensional article about Steve Miller. Sharing the link for those who might be Steve Miller fans among us.
  3. Re: Mandolin Orange live streamed performance yesterday

    The one on his IG is an A2. He played his friends A1 last night.


  4. Mandolin Orange live streamed performance yesterday

    If folks didn't catch the performance yesterday - produced or at least ticketed through a website called - it was really fantastic...intimate, well recorded and filmed. Some nice new...
  5. Re: Hello All. I'm new here, first post. Loving the mandolin.

    Similar path here (but more of a blues guitarist). If you haven’t seen this already, check it out. Sam Bush plays a medley, Sailin’ Shoes with a Claptonesque Crossroads.
  6. Re: Hello All. I'm new here, first post. Loving the mandolin.

    Do I know you from somewhere?? :grin: Nail on the head for me. You remember - we had to tune our guitars to the speed of the record and flip the needle all summer long until we learned how to play...
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    Re: Thomastik-Infeld Strings

    Hi Dan, overall I thought they sounded great on the Northfield, to me the tone was very clear and loud. I infrequently record myself so I can’t really say for sure that the bass in particular stood...
  8. Get up John/ split tuning, with Sierra Hull improvising

    i have never played this tuning but it sounds really neat, and ironically i was going to post a thread asking about different tunings on mandolin, this evening. this may have already made its rounds...
  9. Re: Article: The Caleb Klauder Interview

    Noting today's anniversary of this interview.
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    Ella Recording

    I had the honor of spending time with Ella a few months ago. For those folks who are unfamiliar with Ella, "she" is a black top A5 built by John Sullivan some years ago. One of the great mando...
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    Fiddle Tune (and more)

    Just ran across this link from a friend on the Acoustic Guitar Forum. Lots of tunes!
  12. How to Open a Vintage Guitar Store in Seven Easy Steps

    This is a wonderful read, by Walter Carter: How to Open a Vintage Guitar Store in Seven Easy Steps

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    Re: Looking to upgrade from first, but Eastman?

    If your budget limit is $1000 because that is what you can afford to spend, then my comments are entirely irrelevant and you can ignore the rest of the comments. You are on a good track without me.
  14. Re: Mandolin Recommendations - Beginner to Intermediate

    While I know what you mean and your question is good, I am going to object to your premise.

    I believe that there is no "deserving" or "being good enough" for a particular mandolin. After one's...
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    Re: In praise of mandolin builder Matt Ruhland

    Defund the grammar police...
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    Re: Kimble or Duff F5?

    Here's the Kimble:

    Curious, which do you prefer.
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    Re: Kimble or Duff F5?

    Ok, here's a better video/audio of the 2017 Duff. Kimble will be coming in a little.
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    Re: James tailpiece on a Northfield F5S?

    You don't need to enlarge the hole for the jack-- the end of the jack is smaller than the main portion and fits right through the existing hole in the tailpiece.
  19. Re: An (incomplete) list of recorded black mandolinists

    Let's not forget that a major influence on Bill Monroe was the fiddler and guitarist. Arnold Schultz, who introduced Bill to the blues.

    Here are more folks who weren't listed above:

  20. An (incomplete) list of recorded black mandolinists

    I searched for this on the cafe and there doesn't seem to be a resource for learning about black mandolinists of past and present. I dug up what I could, but would love to learn more. Here is what...
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    Re: Am I being to Critical on New Mandolin

    Am I the only one who feels that the abuse of Amazon's liberal return policy is not a victimless crime? Conventional logic would say that it was designed to address flaws or damage, certainly, but...
  22. Out of solidarity we will observe Blackout Tuesday

    Since inception this site has attempted to serve as an oasis, a respite from the rest of the world, a place to relax, let down and get away from a lot of complicated news, hot button topics, and many...
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    Re: Sultans of Swing tab

    Okay now, I LOVE that kayagum version. What a talent.

    How can she get 1.2k thumbs down? Eff YT.
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    Re: Dreaming of a Great A5 under $6000

    OK time for me to put my money where my mouth is... this is how I feel about Will Kimble's instruments...
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    Re: Kimble two point reviews?

    I bought a 2018 Kimble two point from the Music Emporium in March and am loving it. This is my first higher-end mandolin, but I had played a wide variety up to about $10k over the past year as I was...
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