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    Re: Lyon & Healy Model A rebuild or for parts

    Auctioneers are extortionist pirates.

    That has not kept me from buying at auction, however. Due diligence and avoiding bidding duels may help keep you from getting "skinned".
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    Re: Arm rest. Y or N?

    I had a guy make me arm rests decades ago. My sweat was fogging the varnish, and the purfling was giving my forearm a permanent crease. Never looked back. BTW, no indication of any finish damage on...
  3. Re: How important is having the original hardshell case?

    Old "original" cases have that cool factor, but they fail in protection. Instruments are loose and banging around inside. (I guess some of the old Loar cases were pretty protective, but they're out...
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    Re: Favorite A style mandolin?

    For nearly any style except bluegrass, Lyon & Healy/Washburn carved mandolins are wonderful. The style C is the most affordable, and can sometimes be found in the high 3-figure range.
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    Re: Bowlbacks of Note

    I'm thinking it's actually curly maple, with a dark stain. Lots of chatoyance and curl that seems unusual for rosewood. But old eyes and laptop screens, you know . . .
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    Re: Am I being to Critical on New Mandolin

    Apropos of nothing in particular, a brief comparison of my first mandolin in terms of 1965 and 2020 dollars; a Central European, probably Czech, pawnshop bowlback cost me (IIRC) $39.00. In today's...
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    Re: Gender and age distribution of mando players

    Picked up my first mandolin (pawnshop Czech bowlback) when I was 18. It wore out in a year. No more mandos until I got my F4 from Mike Holmes ten years later. (Still have the receipts; took three...
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    Re: Old F4 Mandolin Neck- Bonus Cheap Body

    New frets and board and inlays, and the back button area looks to have been re-shaped from a pointed Gothic arch to the F5 curved style.

    Sorta painful to look at, on the whole.
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    Re: Are All Lloyd Loars Dropping In Price?

    All prices are cyclic.

    Cycles are determined by the state of an economy, faddism, market saturation, location and dire necessity, among others.
  10. Re: Could someone help me identify this old bowl back?

    Given family history, I'd go with an Italian origin. I was unable to see if the back of the neck was veneered; if so, that would be still another indicator of Italian origin. I'd also look into...
  11. Re: Looking for Mandolin Recommendations that hold their value

    Buy a used instrument made by a reputable maker or firm that is in good condition and state of setup. Play as many as you can get your hands on and buy the one that you'd most regret passing up.
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    Re: Early 1900s mandolins

    Well-built instruments that have been properly maintained should be just fine. Wood being organic will be subject to stability issues due to environmental and aging issues. Glues and things like...
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    Re: Observations about a Calace on Reverb please?

    I'm speculating as to the differing features being indicative of a higher quality, or at least a higher-priced, build. I'm unaware of "after-market fads" for bowlbacks. The design elements may indeed...
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    Re: Observations about a Calace on Reverb please?

    Far as I'm aware, it's just an Art Deco enhancement. I have seen them on mandolins by other makers as well. IIRC, the Calace instruments I've seen this on also don't have the typical "skirt" that...
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    Re: L&H Model A pick guard question

    When I bought my L&H Style A from Vintage Instruments in PHildelphia, it had that sort of guard on the belly, on the bass side. Before purchase, I had them remove it. Came off with no problem and no...
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    Re: String tension question

    You might consider a practical experiment; why not use one of each on every course? The tension could be estimated by measuring deflection, or just go by the "feel" and tone of the individual...
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    Re: String tension question

    A variable that makes calculation of tension even more complex would seem to be the mass of the string per unit length. The relatively coarse windings on a Dogal Clalce string would have a different...
  18. Re: Buying myself my first mandolin for my 30th. Need help

    I looked at it a few days ago; not marked "sold" at that time.
  19. Re: Buying myself my first mandolin for my 30th. Need help

    Not me. I hope the OP broke down and made the call.
  20. Re: Buying myself my first mandolin for my 30th. Need help

    Buy the fluted bowlback, before I do. I need no more mandolins, but it looks great, and the price is remarkably reasonable for what it is.
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    Re: buying first mando without playing?

    Yep. Always aim for a better instrument than you think you can afford. You will rise to the occasion musically, and it will delay any regret that you didn't get something better.
  22. Thread: Informal Poll

    by Bob A

    Re: Informal Poll

    I was four grand short of a Loar when I bought my F4, and I never caught up.

    However, I enjoy the instruments I have. It would be interesting to own a Gil or Monteleone just for the experience,...
  23. Re: Buying myself my first mandolin for my 30th. Need help

    Personally, I'd go for the bowl.

    It's a far cry from a modern mass-produced instrument, the bling is not extreme, the fluted ribs generally go along with higher-quality.

    I assume you'd get a...
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    Re: Vinaccia vs Embergher vsCalace Video

    Having instruments from the same ateliers myself, I was pleased to hear that the characteristic tonalities were similar across the board. The Vinaccia's treble seemed a bit more pronounced than in my...
  25. Re: Buying myself my first mandolin for my 30th. Need help

    Italy is the home of the bowlback mandolin, and they are well suited for classical play. Their 13" scale makes long stretches considerably more comfortable than the 14" instruments you've mentioned. ...
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