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    Re: Old F-Case Repair. Handle?

    this may not be what you want, but Deering banjo company offers a leather replacement handle that has a leather(its real leather not vinyl or fake) buckle type fastening. they offer two kinds, one...
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    Re: Bela at Carnegie Hall

    the best of the best right now. would be an amazing concert. hope those of us who cannot attend can find it on YT later.

  3. 1923 Gibson "Lloyd Loar" F-5 Mandolin-Storied Sounds Demo

    this is a neat place to hear the story of an instrument, and then hear the actual instrument.

    *take note of comments regarding this mandolin below the video (T Ellis and Don MacRostie)

  4. Re: What are your thoughts on Deering Tenor Banjos

    i would suggest checking out Bob Smakula's shop in WVa also. a well regarded shop that does rehab on old instruments and it gives you something with built in mojo, but plays as nice as a modern made...
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    Re: Flat Tops, Waterloo and others

    thanks for posting this, i thought it sounded amazing. never heard of the maker so this is fun to explore and learn about.
  6. Re: Considering a trade - is it me or the mandolin?

    i come from a fingerstyle guitar background-with a preference for wide nut width guitars. when i started mandolin, i was advised to start with a wider nut width. i purchased and traded into 1 3/16"...
  7. Re: do you own/have experience with a Martin Style 5 Terz?

    Thank you for all this info, so far I'm not finding a lot of info unless it's from someone who owns/plays one.
    Such a cool little instrument.
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    The Sound of the American Mandolin

    i found this just now, never seen it before, i would think its made its rounds here in the past, but in case someone else has never watched this either, here you go
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    Mary Spender interviews Molly Tuttle

    a neat 16 min interview with the awe inspiring Molly Tuttle(who can play guitar, banjo, mandolin, and who knows what else). to keep kinship to our mandolin nature, i've included an excellent concert...
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    Re: Weber scroll

    the pictures are not taken "straight on" but more with a vector towards the headstock region, giving a slight angular view. its an optical illusion sort of thing. Webers have always had a more open...
  11. some good mandolin on this new Billy Strings video
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    Re: Mandolin Orange is now Watchhouse

    well, that was just excellent!
    these two just get better and better

    - - - Updated - - -

    me too, one of my all time favorites
  13. Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile: Tiny Desk

    Aoife O'Donovan joins in at 12:50
  14. Chris Thile & Aoife O'Donovan Lakes of Pontchartrain
  15. Sierra Hull + Sam Bush play baseball + perform "Sugarfoot Rag
  16. Thread: Fern?

    by darylcrisp

    Re: Fern?

    i think this is considered a "fern" inlay on this headstock of this Weber. I have no idea how similar or dis-similar it may be compared to the Gibson, assuming that it is indeed a fern style inlay(i...
  17. totally fun MandoMike lesson for April, "theme from the Godfather

    and the Advanced lesson:
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    Re: Artistworks question

    i've used artistworks yrs ago when it started up, have recently used PegheadNation with Sharon Gilchrist, both excellent, different style of teaching. For me i learned quicker and better with...
  19. fun NPR desk concert, shows a nice Kimble and Gibson, and more

    steve martin and his crew, around 3:00 check out the Kimble, then the Gibson on the next tune. i'm staring glassy eyed at the Deering Clawgrass banjo.................

    these guys sound great...
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    Re: Frustrated with new Loar 310F

    i know exactly what you are talking about, seems like the TR well is cut so deep and the entry angle for the tool is totally impossible. I have cut down the face/length of the adjustment tool(whether...
  21. John Reischman, Scott Nygaard, and Sharon Gilchrist: Live From Em

    i may have posted this a few years ago but i didnt find it in a search, anyways, here it is and its plenty good enough to watch again. a lot of mandolin from John Reischman and Sharon Gilchrist, and...
  22. 2002 Monteleone Radio Flyer played by Tristan Scroggins

    i like the mandolin, i really like Tristans playing style, and i love the jacket!
    (reminds me of a cool patterned jacket Cody Shuler was in on his album(which is excellent btw)

  23. Music With Matt: A Conversation With John Reischman
  24. Old Time Banjo with Allison de Groot: Tunes from Maggie Hammons

    time spent that you will remember with fondness

    Old Time Banjo with Allison de Groot: Tunes from Maggie Hammons Parker
    April 8, 2021 @ 3:00 pm...
  25. Re: Open-back banjo recommendation for a mandolin player?

    and i've over spent my stay on your thread so i'll leave now. i apologize.
    i enjoy folks "finding" the open back banjo.

    one last adventure
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