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    Re: No motivation

    All the regular jams in our area are cancelled and the church music group in which I played mandolin and octave mandolin has been shut down, as singing in church has been suspended. But the mid-1800s...
  2. Re: Dumb and petty complaint (Doyle Lawson F-5 content)

    Hah! I have a black top Old Wave that I wish was a natural or honey amber. My paltry advice is try to make it all about the music and your playing of it. Then the instrument and its appearance...
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    Re: What are your go-to crowd pleasers?

    I have done that too and it can work well. You are probably aware that arguably he most famous use of that trick was when Joe Cocker changed the Beatles' "With a Little Help From My Friends" from 4/4...
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    Re: What are your go-to crowd pleasers?

    WARNING: You may actually be addicted to playing waltzes. You may have to go into a three-step program!

    Crowds keep asking me if I can play "Somewhere Else" but I haven't been able to find tab for...
  5. Re: When did you realize mandolin was your primary instrument?

    When I was learning guitar, my best friend from HS who was teaching me had an old mandolin that was a mess, but still playable. I was fascinated by trying to play it, but did not pursue it. Then I...
  6. Re: What do you do when you're Just. Not. Feeling it?

    I think your question of "how do you power through" is not the right question. There are some times you can "power through" for a short period of time, but you pay for it in the long run. I have...
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    Re: Old vs New Oval

    I have had one for over 15 years. I also took care of another one for Bill for several months (long story). Mine is spruce over maple. The other one was cedar over mesquite. They of course each had...
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    Re: jams with friends during covid

    My mid-1800s period band started practicing together again two months ago after two months of staying quarantined. Our first month back, we started in a large screened in porch at one of the member's...
  9. Re: What upgrade for Hora/Thomman Octave Mandolin / Bouzouki

    I had a Hora-made octave years ago. It was rebranded by a British company I can't remember, but it wasn't Thomman. What I found was:

    The neck was as thick as a baseball bat sawn in two...
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    Re: Can you teach musicality?

    IMHO, "musicality" is one of those fifty cent words that a lot of people use to sound intellectual. I'm not saying it isn't a thing, just that I dislike those kinds of academic terms. If you ask an...
  11. Re: MAS: Remember, it's stronger than you and there ain't no vacc

    I had MAS for 18 years, since I bought my first one. But the 2008-9 recession cured it for good. We lost our jobs, our really nice house and our credit rating. We nearly had to declare bankruptcy and...
  12. Re: Steve Winwood "Back in the high life again"

    I played that part on mandolin in a "pickup" rock band we threw together at a company I worked for. We rehearsed once a week for a couple of months and played for the company's annual business...
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    Re: Arm rest. Y or N?

    Yes, definitely.
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    Re: string life with limited playing

    I played a gig on a stage facing into the sun on a 95 degree, humid day. We were sweating like crazy. I ruined a brand new set of EXPs in an hour. Other times they have lasted months. I had a set of...
  15. Re: Advantage and disadvantage of the Cutaway on Tenor guitar ?

    Cutaways are, in theory, for people who use the really high frets, but I will bet only a small percentage of people with cutaway acoustic guitars actually do that. So it's more a cosmetic thing for...
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    Re: Stringwinder's for mando

    The D'Addario Turbotune is the best I have ever used. It has three different slot configurations in one socket for different size knobs and the socket comes out of the crank and will fit into an...
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    Re: How Do I Maximize An Octave Mandolin?

    I have brought both my mandolin and octave mandolin to play in church music groups for about 15 years. The church music I've played has been really diverse, from classical, to spirituals, to...
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    Re: "Brain Flatulence" when playing

    That's great! I am reminded of the Spinal Tap discussion on jazz:

    “Music like jazz is music based on fear.” (of making mistakes)
    “Jazz is mistakes. You are playing a song, but you’re playing it...
  19. Re: Trouble hearing "in tune" unison strings

    There is a trick that helped me with this. It may not be that clever, but it works for me. Instead of looking for pairs being "in tune," I now think about them being "not out of tune." Let me...
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    Re: Hora Octave ?

    I had a Hora Octave for a couple of years. Mine was sold rebranded by a British company and was finished differently than the standard Horas, but otherwise identical, same exact body, headstock,...
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    Re: Describe your MAS progression

    Mine is not too exciting.

    Early 90's: "Lotus" A style, made of select Korean plywood, traded it
    A year later: Alvarez A-800 F style, my main mando for about 10 years, then traded it
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    "Brain Flatulence" when playing

    I have been playing mandolin for about 30 years, guitar for 20 before that. I am still an intermediate player, but a solid one. I have played in bands and church ensembles most of that half century....
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    Re: "tinny" A string?

    I am no luthier, so I may not be explaining this right. I had this exact problem for years on one of my mandolins, a mandolin built by a well known builder. I went through two luthiers who worked on...
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    Re: Why do you like the picks you like?

    I used rounded triangles for a long, long time, Blue Chip, Wegen and D'Andrea Pro Plec. But lately, I've been going for more rounded picks, namely Golden Gate. I've had them for years and didn't get...
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    Re: One Mandolin - forever...

    My Old Wave oval A
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