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    Re: I don't like F styles. Anyone else?

    It was Jan. 1945 and being there was only one A5 around at that time the odds are he would have not found that one. More likely it could have been a mid 20's Fern. Remember Bill knew brother Charlie...
  2. Re: How important is having the original hardshell case?

    When a vintage mandolin has that original case and has continued to be stored in that case, it does help add to that "vintage" smell. Put it in a new case and you will loose some of that smell.
  3. Re: $59,000 Reward for Missing Gibson Shipping Ledger

    $59K? yeah, that's up there for some obscure paper work. How many pages? 59? That's $1000 per page. Also noted they were offering rewards for "any" original documents pre 1970. Now that could...
  4. Re: Ricky Skaggs and Dailey and Vincent Saturday Night Opry

    It was good to see them together. And good to see the Opry live back on TV. This Circle channel has been doing some great documentaries. Don't miss the ones on Bill Monroe and Flatt & Scruggs. ...
  5. Re: Gibson snakehead mandolins, seek info on variants

    Snake owners can tell you they are in a league all to themselves. No doubt Bill Monroe like his old mid 20's Snake A model. He bought it used and used it from 1931 until he traded it in on his new...
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    Re: Gibson Post Mortem

    It should be noted that since the Gibson F5 was introduced in 1922 it has always been a "custom" ordered model. A dealer would have to order one based on someone putting a deposit down at the...
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    Re: Gibson Post Mortem

    Gibson is very much still building and selling mandolins. I have toured factory recently and I was most impressed by the process still being done as it was under the supervision of Charlie...
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    Re: Is this Gibson A-5 model familiar to anyone?

    yeap, the old 70's lumpy scroll (some call them the mickey mouse ears model). This A5 replaced the previous A5 which had the 2 points on it with the red cherryburst finish. Even in great minty...
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    Re: Fern Loar F5 Attic Find

    for sure the Garcia photo Fern is not a Loar Fern. The inlay's position puts it in late 20's to early 30's. I'd say it's likely that one is out there and who has it don't know this previous owner. ...
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    Re: Chris Thile's Loars

    More than one Loar? That's insane, but there are quite a few out there that are seriously inflicted with M.A.S. I suspected early on Thile has a mild case of M.A.S. The famous multi Loar owners...
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    Re: Fern Loar F5 Attic Find

    Agree. Many collectibles are going up, up, up. One area I have noticed is old Universal monster movie poster from the 30's. I've seen some priced more than this Loar and it's just an old piece of...
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    Re: Dec 18, 1980 signed Gibson F-5L

    I see no one has brought up the poster boost Monroe as the "King of Bluegrass". A title he once used up until he was given his "Father of Bluegrass" title. After that Jimmy Martin used the King...
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    Re: 1939 F5's and the archive

    In my F5 Journal I have: EA5190; EA5191; EA5192;EA5790 as F5s and EA5248, an H5 Electric made for Dave Apollon.
  14. Re: Sirius Radio Replaced Bluegrass station 62 with 24/7 Dolly Pa

    Like the McRib, it's back! Bluegrass fans can now breathe easy again as they listen to their mostly not bluegrass 24/7 again. I listened to some of the Dolly. At least she broke it up and had some...
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    Re: Country Music Special on PBS

    That's Ricky's old RSDMM that he had transformed in to a Monroe look-alike by David Harvey at Gibson. No chance Ricky will be able to carry Monroe's million dollar Loar outside the CMHF where it...
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    Re: Aluminum saddle on vintage Gibson ovals

    yeap, ole Dave hoarded those Alum. bridges and usually kept them on his top two F5s. Like Monroe, Apollon got his tone from his right hand technique. He stood up with no strap and could be heard...
  17. Re: 1924 Gibson Mandolin Production Estimate - By Model

    Any pre war F5 serials should be given to Darryl Wolfe at F5 Journal to put them in the register. I've always said, it's better it is in the archives with photos then not, should it be stolen. A...
  18. Re: Sirius Radio Replaced Bluegrass station 62 with 24/7 Dolly Pa

    This was a really poor choice by SirrusXM to do this to their only Bluegrass channel. It's been blowing up on Facebook, with many saying they will cancel. Now we all love Dolly. Heck, she even...
  19. Re: Gibson Ricky Skaggs Distressed Master Model - My New Mandolin

    Us DMM or RSDMM owners are few. I like this one a lot. It's got the tit on the T logo, reverse binding and one piece back of highly figured maple. I've found the thin neck to be like those of the...
  20. Re: 1924 Gibson Mandolin Production Estimate - By Model

    So with 270 F5 estimate for signed Loars there are 250 found and listed in the F5Journal . That leaves 20 not found. Subtract 10 destroyed by acts of God, flood, fire etc. destroyed over domestic...
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    Re: Marty Stuart's ex-Loar?

    If I remember, Marty had this way back in the late 80's and sold it later to raise money to buy his "collection" of Country "stuff" to put into his new 30 million dollar museum in MS. Marty has...
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    Sticky: Re: Loar Picture of the Day

    Sounds like you got the "golden ticket" to get past the door into the world of Banjothon/LoarFest. I'd say most of your questions can be answered there by the several experts that usually are there....
  23. Re: The Guitars (and Mandolins) of Ken Burns' Country Music

    The left with the mid 20's A model Gibson is Zeke Morris from Black Mountain, NC. On the right with the 30's Martin 2-15 is Bill Calhoun who also sang the tenor and played a tenor guitar. Charlie...
  24. Re: Did you catch the Ken Burns Country Music series opening?

    Yes, I noticed Mike Seeger's mid 50's Gibson F5. Shown in part 5, in part 6 you get to hear it. My take on the 8 part series (1:50 mins each so not quite 2 hours, but the DVD set will have extra...
  25. Re: How do you test the qualities you're looking for in a Mandoli

    The true test is when you pick it in a band. That's when you know it will do what you need it to do. Sitting down by yourself won't get it. Having someone else play it in front you helps, but not...
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