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    Re: Has Waverly Jumped the Shark?

    Recently had new mandolins built. When ordering I suggested Waverly’s. My builder talked me out of them saying that he has done some luthier work changing them out for people due to stiffness.
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    Re: Automation replacing mandolins?

    Progress! You tell me.
    I stop listening to music as soon as I detect the use of a synthesizer.
  3. What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

    I have many that are amongst my favorites. The genre of music I most currently enjoy playing and listening to is 40’s and 50’s country & honkey tonk and I try to listen to all the great mandolin...
  4. Re: Day by day (instrumental, for lead mandolin)

    [QUOTE=Maurizio Vitagliani;1782602]Hi everybody, I hope someone likes it.
    Greetings from Italy.
    Maurizio Vitagliani

    What’s not to like? I enjoyed it very much!
  5. Re: When did you realize mandolin was your primary instrument?

    Guitars, pianos, and cellos are too big for our retirement life style.
    We live in our RV and travel about 260 days per year and spend only about 100 days per year at home. Musical gear and...
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    Re: New Big Muddy - Myrtlewood!?

    Happy pick'n
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    Re: Buy without trying

    For what it's worth and I can only speak from my experiences. I have bought several mandolins through the Cafe Classifieds and sold a few this way as well. I always sell or buy with a 48 hr. trial...
  8. Re: i am having problems with "clefs" again. Treble or alto

    Thank you Doug C for the chart.
    I can't see it. Would you be so kind as to send it to me via PM or send a link. Perhaps your chart may be beneficial to my handicap. I struggle with Alto Clef as...
  9. Re: How did the "curl" on the mandolin body evolve?

    I, too, believe this to be accurate for most builders. Of course, builders that are on this site may endorse or debunk this notion. I base my thoughts upon a well known builder recently telling me...
  10. Re: How did the "curl" on the mandolin body evolve?

    While I fall into your camp of thinking about the "curl", keep in mind that it is obvious that not everyone feels the same way. I am glad choices exist and especially glad that the style I prefer is...
  11. Re: Coming back to Mandolin and have a few questions.

    I don't
    You would.
    I did.
    I would do it again. But every one has their own preference.
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    Re: Humidity

    I, too, fight excessive humidity in our RV travels. When I saw your reference to d addario package humidity absorber, I thought it may be something I could use to fight high humidity. Upon looking...
  13. Re: Playing a collings - what would an "upgrade" really get me?

    Ken P
    Good advice! A lot to consider when spending additional $’s to upgrade a mandolin you already are fond of.
  14. Re: Playing a collings - what would an "upgrade" really get me?

    I sold a Collings MT that I was very fond of last September to help fund a new Stiver built to my desires. I missed my Collings until I received my Stiver. Absolutely no regrets now!
    I am fortunate...
  15. Re: Do any companies make bowlback mandolins and banjolins anymor

    Carbon fiber looks like the ticket for playing out of doors provided it has the tone you want. Does not appear as though you would have much opportunity to try one state side.
    Out of curiosity I...
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    Re: Mandolin to Mandola

    Sorry. I miss read your question to ask if you should also play dola.
    Can’t answer this with any real expertise. I do think that you would loose tone on the C course and the beautiful sustain you...
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    Re: Mandolin to Mandola

    I find a dola to be a nice compliment my mandolin family. Especially so when playing solo as the range accompanies some tunes better than mandolin and provides for a sometimes more comfortable vocal...
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    Re: Weber Yelowstone A Mandola

    I have a Gallatin A and it is 11 1/8.
    I would assume their CNC cuts tops and bottoms for A's the same. Perhaps even the tops and Bottoms for F's are CNC cut the same as the A's.
  19. Re: Four Finger Chop Chords and the Pain!

    Better living through Chemistry!
    and practice.
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    Re: Washburn Americana M3SWE

    This would be a mandolin that if you were to decide that mandolin was not for you or if you wanted to upgrade you could resell in these classifieds for somewhere near 70 to 75% of your investment....
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    Re: Washburn Americana M3SWE

    Pretty good group of people here and the Cafe does a good job of keeping the bad guys out. With a 48 hour trial you have nothing to lose except postage. I have never had a problem and gotten...
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    Re: Washburn Americana M3SWE

    $849.00 ! Coming from a shop that isn't likely to do a set-up on a mandolin with less than stellar reputation! The cost of a set-up by a luthier is likely cost between $35 and $125.00 depending upon...
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    Re: New mandolin player

    Welcome and glad you found the Cafe. I continuously find it to be a learning tool that never stops rewarding me.
    Watch the Cafe classifieds and you will find many reasonably priced used mandolins...
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    Re: Arm rest. Y or N?

    Yes for me, but you just need to try one to see if they work for you. It is a minimal investment and you should be able to recoup at least half of your investment by reselling it if you don't like...
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    Re: Comfy in our new RV

    Also, I have found campgrounds willing to barter camping fees for playing.
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