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    Re: Bryan Sutton on mandolin?!?

    Bryan plays mandolin on this fantastic track from Tim O'Brien's Chicken and Egg. Really musical and tasteful playing.
  2. Re: Post A picture of your favorite "A" model

    182429182430 Nugget 272 Art Deco A style
  3. Re: Of your favorite instruments that qualify for this site...

    It really depends on the day. I'm blessed with two beautiful mandolins, but the one that feels the most like home is my Nugget. My hands seem to conform to its shape and its shape has changed with...
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    Re: New Mandolin Day - Ellis

    Really beautiful! Congrats.
  5. Re: Thoughts on starter fiddles/transitioning to fiddle


    I don't really personally play fiddle, but I purchased one a few years ago as my wife wanted to learn and I knew enough to help her get started until she had a decent teacher. I recommend...
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    Re: Prettiest Peghead Inlays Ever

    I'm quite partial to the inlay on my instrument...a little biased I guess but it's certainly unique! Here's a picture from the mandolin archive 179598
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    Re: Mandolin art (drawing)

    Nice work folks! I love to draw too. This is a self-portrait/mandolin drawing that I did for my recital in grad school.179531
  8. Kickstarter for Duo Album - mandolin content

    Hi fellow mandolin fans,

    I haven't posted on the forum in quite some time, but I wanted to share a passion project from my wife and me. We are a folk duo under the name The Boston Imposters. For...
  9. Benefit for the Ostroushko Family

    Hello mandolin family,

    I just received word of this benefit concert in Minnesota for Peter Ostroushko and his family. Peter Ostroushko is one of my musical heroes and I wanted to pass this link...
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    Hi friends! Thought I'd post a quick video of our quartet from Joe Val this year. It's an original tune written by our Fiddler/Band leader Rob Flax called "Alpaca Noir". Cheers!...
  11. Re: NEED ADVICE: College (best ones for mandolin?)

    New England Conservatory has a fantastic program called the Contemporary Improvisation department. Students from all over the world study and are able to play their instruments that wouldn't normally...
  12. Octave Mandolin + Irish Bouzouki + Piano = Our Tiny Desk Entry

    Hi mandolin world!

    Just thought I would post a video of me and my friends playing one of my original songs. Can't think of many times I've heard an octave mandolin and Irish bouzouki together in...
  13. Fretboard Journal Gilchrist Repairs Earliest Loar

    I don't know if you all have seen this, but it is worth a quick read...I continue to be blown away by the genius and artistry of Steve Gilchrist:
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    Re: One mando kind of picker...

    The mandolin that I use for every musical context is my Nugget. I love it so very much and feel so incredibly blessed to be its caretaker. It has a beautiful clarity and presence in its sound. I...
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    Re: MPR Poster Contest

    That one is mine! Number 6 on the ballot :)
  16. Re: Strange Indentation on Side of my Mandolin

    Thanks to those of you who responded. Ivan, my mandolin does have the lines forming in the same spot as your Ellis, however, the issue it more of an indent than a visible line. It is hard to...
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    Coffee, Opera, and Bluegrass

    Hello fellow mandolinists! I would like to invite any of you in the Louisville area to come to a concert series that my girlfriend and I have put together with a couple friends titled: Coffee,...
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    New Hot Rize/Tim O'Brien Cover

    Hi everyone!! I can't get enough of the new Hot Rize album, particularly the track You Were on My Mind This Morning! Hope you enjoy my cover!!...
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    New Album

    Hello my fellow mandolinists!

    My band's new EP just came out today and it would mean a lot to me if you all could give it a listen and tell me what you think. Here is a link to it on Band Camp. It...
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    Re: I am in love - Gibson F5-G

    I am a proud owner of an F5-G from 2004. Found it in a music shop last summer in St. Paul, MN. Like many people have said before, I really love this instrument. At the time I bought it, it sounded...
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    Re: Mandolin Game

    The Adam Steffey picture is from his most recent album New Primitive.
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