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    Re: Sierra Hull on Steven Colbert

    Thanks for the heads up! I hadn't seen this yet.

    I've been really enjoying this album, and you are right that the band is really great. Sierra Hull's mandolin playing is wonderful (as to be...
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    Sturgill Simpson Bluegrass Album

    In case some folks may not have heard yet, Sturgill Simpson released a surprise album late last week consisting of bluegrass recordings of a bunch of his previous songs.

    He cut the album with a...
  3. Re: Tom Bedell's TED Talk on sustainable woods for instruments

    That was a very interesting talk, and a topic that's been on my mind lately (and apparently others' as well).

    It occurred to me recently that buying used probably helps a good deal on this front....
  4. Re: Sam Bush playing something other than Hoss?

    I came across that one when I was scouring his instagram; it looks very similar to the one in these videos but it is trimmed out like an F-5L instead of an F-5G and has block inlays similar to Hoss....
  5. Thread: Picks

    by Gibcaster000

    Re: Picks

    That is very helpful, thank you! I do indeed use the "pencil grip" on my pick when playing guitar, but did not even realize it (or at least hadn't given it any thought). From the little footage I've...
  6. Re: Eastman vs Eastman vs Breedlove vs “budget” vintage vs ?????

    Well, I pulled the trigger on the MD-1000, and it is arriving Wednesday! I had originally ruled out an F-style because of the extra cost, but after a little negotiating I picked it up for less than...
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