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  1. Re: “Satan is Real” Louvin Brothers movie looks like it’s happeni

    I can see why the Ira Louvin role would be irresistible for an actor-producer, given all the opportunities for scenery-chewing tantrums, drunken binges and mandolin-stomping blowups... The only...
  2. “Satan is Real” Louvin Brothers movie looks like it’s happening

    Delighted to see the mention of Michael Daves in this week’s issue of The New Yorker, where a profile on actor Ethan Hawke described Michael coaching Hawke on voice and mando for his role as Ira...
  3. Re: Two Hornpipes: Rights of Man and Off to California

    What makes a tune a hornpipe?
  4. Re: Chris Henry New Monroe Improvisation Course

    You're welcome. Wish you were here in N. California so we could play our Northfields together!
  5. Re: Chris Henry New Monroe Improvisation Course

    FYI — As an alternative to constantly rewinding, there’s an iPhone or iPad app called AudioStretch that I found and it’s making these lessons accessible at last. It’s a slow downer app, but it also...
  6. Re: Grass Talk Radio GTR-164 - Western Red Interview

    Thanks for this episode, Brad! It really spoke to exactly what I always liked about “golden age” country music.

    I think you — and anyone else who digs that music and hangs out on Mandolin Cafe —...
  7. Re: Chris Henry New Monroe Improvisation Course

    Yes, Isaac — I’ve just been sticking with videos 0 to 2 for the past three weeks, particularly Lesson 0, getting progressively more comfortable with the modules. As I learn a module, I start playing...
  8. Re: Chris Henry New Monroe Improvisation Course

    Josh, by "the modules," do you mean the modular bits (staggered 16ths, slidey lick, infinity shape, bouce, etc.)? I've been trying to figure out whether I should get all those technical pieces...
  9. Re: Chris Henry New Monroe Improvisation Course

    I think it's a huge value and a must-buy for anyone interested enough in Monroe style to be reading this thread.

    How much you get out of it, though, depends on you: Do you need a teacher who...
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    Re: Mike Marshall’s tone recipe

    Re:strings — On my Northfield F5S I tried Straight Up Strings medium gauge, and I think they sound great on it. Never went back to D’Daddario after that. So if you feel like experimenting again, they...
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    Re: Mike Marshall’s tone recipe

    Is it this one?
    D'Andrea Pro Plec 385 Large Round Mandolin (Shell 1.5mm)
  12. Re: Chris Henry New Monroe Improvisation Course

    Totally agree. Just one thing to know: If you’re accustomed to a deliberate, very structured, progressive learning curriculum like you’d find on, say, Sharon Gilchrist’s Peghead Nation courses, then...
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    Re: New Northfield Big Mon on it's way.

    What's the difference? Is it just in appearance, or is there any sound aspect and if so, what? Do all the NF5Ss, for example, use the same wood for the top?
  14. Re: Chris Henry New Monroe Improvisation Course


    I think this course really breaks some new ground, compared with other Monroe-style instructional options out there, by focusing on several core concepts, or building blocks, or...
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    Re: Mike Marshall The Movie

    If Adam Sandler isn’t available, I think John Turturro would be a good second choice.
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    Re: Removing a pickguard/fingerrest

    My Northfield F5S came with a pickguard, but the minute Mike Marshall saw it, he recommended I remove it.

    Why? Because, he said, if it's there then sooner of later you're going to start planting...
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    Re: 10-15 Minute Theory Practice

    Great spreadsheet. Now if only it could somehow be made to play all the notes in it, we could hear what all these different scales and modes sound like and that would aid with ear training as well!
  18. Re: No mandolin content: Nursing musical grudges?

    I posted this news item because it gave me a laugh in a dark time.
    It just struck me as funny that they singled out harmonicas for the ban — I could imagine some harmonica-hating government official...
  19. No mandolin content: Nursing musical grudges?

    This item appeared in the April 21 Santa Rosa Press Democrat, about Mendocino County’s proposed changes to its coronavirus lockdown order. At that time the county had a total of 5 COVID-19 cases.
  20. Re: Peghead Nation - Monroe Style or Intermediate Bluegrass cours

    I think it depends on what you feel you need most right now for your level of playing (and how objectively you’re able to assess your own playing skills).
    I started Monroe Mandolin at first because...
  21. Re: String recommendation for Northfield NF-F5S ?

    I’ve tried similar strings on my F5S as the posters above, but nothing pleased me as much as when I tried the Siminoff Straight Up Strings, medium gauge.
    Even when new, they don’t have that...
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    Re: Missing the bluegrass sound

    I'm not shilling for this, but I did notice Peghead Nation announced Sharon Gilchrist's new course, starting this month, is "Bluegrass Mandolin Fingerboard Method." She gives a preview here.
  23. Re: Funny reference to Bluegrass in mystery novel

    If you like mysteries (the ones with interesting characters and regional flavor, not the high-andrenaline, high body-count kind),
    The Appalachian Mountain Mysteries series by Lynda McDaniel has a...
  24. Re: Celebrating The Mandolin Pickers Guide to Bluegrass Improvisa

    Thank you, Jesper -- your book is a godsend.

    I'm in the midst of really working my way through it (after a couple of false starts)...

    I think the reason I put it aside before was that (1) I was...
  25. Re: Bill Monroe's Actual Pick and Phone Number

    That’s what happens after the picker who discovered the pick and card and spoke to Mr. Monroe suddenly starts playing so well and coming up with these original but ancient-sounding new tunes.

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