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    Re: Gibson A-1 (ca. 1933)

    Very nice transitional depression era Gibson! :cool:
  2. Re: 1935 Gibson A-75 (listed in MC classifieds)

    This is a rare one! Not too many of these A-75's, it should have an elevated fretboard like an F-5, it also should have sunburst sides and back. These also have Mahogany back and sides! I've had...
  3. Re: Inexpensive 10-String Mandolin Tuners

    If anyone ever finds a teens-20's set that are nice-I'm your guy as I'm thinking on a Lloyd Loar 10 string Mando-Viola-I just need a 24 Tenor Lute with a nice maple back-figures I had 2 24's that...
  4. Re: Can anyone give me info on this one? Gibson?

    It looks like a 1941 A-50 to me, there should be a penciled date on the inside through the treble F-hole and maybe on the neck block! Some of these have great tone! I like it!
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    Re: Old F-Case Repair. Handle?

    One of our Cafe folks Mark Lynch had a connection for some really nice handle's! They were leather and high quality! He may chime in. I think he sold out but wanted more but alas the price like...
  6. Re: 1923 Gibson "Lloyd Loar" F-5 Mandolin-Storied Sounds Demo

    I seen this Loar video whenever it came out, its a sweetheart for sure. Beautiful all the way around in looks and voice!
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    Re: Ebay Gibson F-5

    Yes that price is out of control-to put things in perspective I picked up a nice 1942 F-5 with the Fluer-DI-Lis! Granted the top and back were twice as thick as a Loar, the tone bars were like mini...
  8. Re: The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise for Tres Cubano

    Nice, that thing sounds sweet!
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    Re: LL Waverly tuners in classifieds

    Yep those are the REAL deal folks, very, very nice indeed. I like the 5 screw per plate as the flower and oak leaf details are sweet. You just get a little more than the older 3 screw per plate....
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    Re: Apitius Mandolins

    I'd recommend trying to get on his list, Oliver is a pleasure to work with, his work is topps and the final results will and should exceed ones expectations. My LS voiced custom I waited maybe a year...
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    Re: Happy Birthday, Jim Simpson

    Happy B-day Jim!
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    Re: RIP Arthur Stern

    I always enjoyed reading his posts. Bummer he will be missed in this mando-community and in his other areas! We're all just passing through! Be safe and well out there and love one another please!...
  13. Re: Gibson MB-4 Trapdoor Banjo mandolin info request

    I had a 1923 MB-4 but in some circles I was told it was an MB-5? As everything on it was silver plated-even the Loar engraved pearl button tuners! The tailpiece cover was silver with "The Gibson"...
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    Re: Identifying My Mandolin

    Thats a nice Aria! I bet re-worked it could be a killer one! Does it have maple back, sides and neck? Is the top and tone bars thick?
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    Re: Griffith Loar

    I'm still waiting for myself to find the other Loar A-5 or that other unknown Proto-type Gibson Loar oddball that I know exists "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"-way up high-so yep its still in an attic...
  16. Re: Found some autographed Bluegrass vinyl at my local store toda

    Awesome score-I've found some as well one an early 70's 45 of when my Gramps Big Bill Smith played out in Grass Valley with Glenn Moore and his cousins! I got lucky and found it on evilbay and had to...
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    Sticky: Re: Loar Picture of the Day

    Another new/old Loar in the HOUSE! This is the very early 1924 Lloyd Loar Rybka H-5 Mandola! This thing is like an F-5 Loar on Roids! Awesome tone, volume, overall voice is tops and one of two that I...
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    Re: Silvertone Mandolin identification

    There are a serious load of sweet vintage mandolins-even guitars from the teens all the way thru the 1940's and some are seriously built with quality! Most can be made even better with some easy...
  19. Re: Undocumented Loar? Gibson Style H-5 Mandol

    Back to the Virzi F-4 in Cremona with a Loar F-5 case-I believe this one was part of the Rybka collection! The quality and wood selection was topps! And being a 1924 it falls in line and well was...
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    Re: Griffith Loar

    Yeo in the words of Colonel Kurtz "The Horror-The Horror"
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    Re: Griffith Loar

    Does that fine picker Patrick Sauber own the Tut A-5 Griffith Loar? I've never been fortunate enough to stroke a chord or so on that sweetie! Does Simminoff still have Lloyds #75315 for sale? Now...
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    Re: Levin TG-15

    That's really sweet! There are a few real neat Levin mandolins floating around but I'm not willing to pay the high prices!
  23. Re: 30's Gibson F-7 RW "Loar Buster" and 1936 F-5 Fern video link

    I've sold them all-I've had about 10 of these but they allwent down the line!
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    Sticky: Re: Loar Picture of the Day

    All I know is is Loar #75319 is awesome, I'm very blessed to be the new owner to take care of it and play her! I'll try and get some videos at some point for you all!
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    Sticky: Re: Loar Picture of the Day

    Well I swapped my 26ish-28 F-5 Fern to a friend in Germany and got back a super sweet Feb.18th 1924 Loar from the first highly loved batch! I'll get my own pi soon and perhaps a demo of her along...
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