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    Re: Loosening strings

    If there are no issues with the instrument, there is no problem leaving it tuned.

    Should an issue occur and the instrument is under full tensions for months, it could make things much worse. <--...
  2. Re: Does it look like a good entry-level mandolin [new player her

    I recognize both of these mandolins. The A style there is the same as the old Morgan Monroe MA-1. It will be a better instrument than the Dean F-style.
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    Re: Mandolin Setup Advice

    Those quoting a flat rate of something like $70 may not be doing a thorough setup. It is very common for mandolins to need serious fret work, bridge modification, etc... Sometimes there is a...
  4. Re: Help comparing Kentuckys for upgrade!

    Some of this depends on the year of your mandolin and the Kentuckys.

    The KM-630 is a downgrade. KM-606 may or may not be as nice as your Rover. Thge KM-855 is a much higher model, but again, you...
  5. Re: Tuner that works for setting intonation?

    iPhone 8 did... My XS came with headphones with a lightning connector (no adaptor).

    I think Adrain's ability to intonate by ear is far from average! My pitch is well above average and I stil...
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    Re: about gluing in a fret

    Agreed, CA glue is correct here. I would personally fill and recut the sloppy fret slot.

    As a case of don't do as I do... I use thin CA glue and often do it unprotected. You have a couple of...
  7. Re: Do you think this is a loose neck joint

    I am not seeing anything that verifies a problem. It looks like the finish is brittle. I see cross grain checks...

    I do see that your neck angle is low. Both the foot and the saddle have had a...
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    Re: Am I asking too much?

    There is no reason you can't get your initial asking price. Letgo and offerup are highly prone to flaky low ball buyers. I have sold a fair amount of personal stuff on there and it is always a...
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    Re: Bridge "leaning" toward peghead

    I always push the the bridge back under full tension. Not a big deal. If you loosen the strings and move it, it will just get pulled over again as you tighten back to pitch.
    Index fingers brace...
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    Re: Noob question: Nut and bridge

    The nut is typically glued to the fingerboard but not fully glued into the slot.
  11. Re: Tuner that works for setting intonation?

    Something that is wired for a headphone jack. A regular mic will not work on an iphone without an adapter.
    The Peterson version that John linked to is likely a good choice for that very reason. :)...
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    Re: Refret Considerations

    The only reason would be if there was a benifit to leveling the fingerboard to fix bow, humps, etc.. If everything is in order, just doing the 5 frets makes sense.
  13. Re: What to look/listen for when mandolin shopping?

    A lot of your list is setup related. While a great setup is ideal, you don't necessarily want to rule out instruments that might just happen to have the action on the low side or some other setup...
  14. Re: Tuner that works for setting intonation?

    Another vote for just getting a clip-on mic/pickup and sticking with Strobosoft. Strobosoft is really good. Whatever you are using, you want readings from the bridge, not the headstock. There is not...
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    Re: Tools that you use.

    I have had a bit of an issue with collecting/making tools. I can't leave things alone and always look for a better way... That said, 95% of my tools go mostly unused.

    I have the stewmac gauge. ...
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    Re: Headphones recommendations?

    Last year I purchased the Bose QC35 II noise-canceling headphones. At first I was extremely disappointed with the sound (I still am). They sound better plugged vs Bluetooth (to be expected), and...
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    Re: Music Streaming service question...

    Been very happy with iTunes/Apple Music, but mainly because we are heavy Apple users, the integration is great and we get to share the account among 6 family members so the price isn't "that" bad. ...
  18. Re: Best Place to Sell aside From Classifieds

    Re: Shipping costs....

    Average $50. Zone one Postal done online (cost more at counter), as low as $10 without insurance... A larger box that is billed via dimensions and then add insurance,...
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    Re: Eastman 514 vs Eastman 515

    Big dofference in tone. They both sound like mandolins, but that is about the only thing in common. For the record, I prefer the tone of Oval hole mandolins in a solo setting. Within a group,...
  20. Re: THE FEARLESS FLYERS /// Daddy, He Got a Cessna (feat. Chris T

    Joe Cocker played Mandolin? Kept waiting for Belushi to appear!

    Quite cool for such a simple video shoot! Not sure I would add it to my playlist, but interesting nonetheless.
  21. Re: Cripple Creek Music in Ashland OR closing

    That sad to hear. I rememeber stopping in there long before I was in the business. Great shop!
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    Re: Andrew Mowry article

    I was still back in California when I first saw one of Andrew's instruments..... A customer was looking at Eastman's (apparently for a beater), when they ask if I wanted to see something... Sure, I...
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    Grover's are the best value in my opinion. Going with anything less won't be a big improvement. The stock KM-150 tuners are not the best, but I never noticed any problem with them.

    As for the...
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    Re: Carters and Gruhns...visit yesterday


    Both of these situations are inexcusable... A perfect example of bad business... I do think it is important to differentiate between management and random employees... It is entirely...
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    Re: The Weber Build Part 1

    I received the email, and then promptly overlooked it while attending to customer emails... Glad you mentioned it. Great read!
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