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  1. Re: So what would a 27" scale mandocello sound like?

    Just as an aside, my Paul Hathway Mandocello (flat top) has a 26 inch scale; the low courses sound very good to my ears. I feel an even longer scale might be a bit too much of a handful (forgive the...
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    Re: Mandolin classical literature

    Hunting down the less well known music written specifically for Mandolin (or its close relatives) would I suspect be a long albeit fascinating journey. Then there is the question whether it’s just...
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    Re: Japanese Commission / Premiere

    Congratulations. Will you be able to be there in person? In any event, it must be a hugely proud occasion for you!
  4. Re: Real talk: Are the C strings in the J78 packs dead?

    Not sure if this is strictly relevant, but I seem to recall (from an Artistworks video exchange) that Mike Marshall has been speaking to D'Addario about providing Mandocello C strings at a lighter...
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    Re: Lets Talk Eastman Line.

    I have an MD404 (a bit of an outlier in the the Eastman range in that it has Mahogany back and sides rather than maple, and a black gloss finish to the spruce top). It is very easy to play (albeit...
  6. Re: Newtone Mandocello strings, any experience of these?

    Old thread I know, but just to update it for future searches: Paul Hathway supplies his Mandocelli with Newtone strings: gauges are 070/046/030/022. As I only acquired my mandocello from him recently...
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    Re: Solo Mandocello Literature?

    As a raw beginner with the glorious Mandocello (I recently acquired a Paul Hathway) I share the pain of finding suitable material, albeit at my stage simplicity is the main criterion. Although I...
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    Re: Armrest usefulness

    Thank you for this Mark. I looked at this thread because I just fitted a Mclung armrest to my Eastman (I love it mostly because it seems to help me keep my right wrist and arm more relaxed). But your...
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    Re: Why is this posted here???

    Well the E 665 is almost the frequency of the E course (should be 659 I think, but we all go a bit out of tune from time to time).
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    Re: New to mandolin

    +1 to both of Dave1066's suggestions. Actually for me the best bit about Carr's book is the first page intro: basically saying learn which finger/fret corresponds to each written note, without...
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    Re: Newbie needs DVD/book suggestions

    A book like Don Julin's is a very useful resource, but my experience as a beginner is that listening and - really vital for us newbies learning basic techniques - SEEING is what really helps. So I...
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    Re: Beginner Classical

    As a beginner, I am doing the Artistworks Classical mandolin course with Caterina Lichtenberg, which is great. But I am also having a lot of fun with Allan Alexander's books of Renaissance and...
  13. Re: 1895 Angara & D'Isanto (Allievi Di Vinaccia)

    Thanks Randi. Had it a few days now and delighted with it. Still getting used to how small and light it is, but even in my newbie hands it sounds lovely. And there is something rather moving as I...
  14. Thread: Snark picks

    by fumblefour

    Re: Snark picks

    I just replaced my ancient snark tuner with a new one and it came with a sample pick (marked .93), attached to a label with "Teddy's neo tortoise pick, Tone like a tortoise pick, coated for great...
  15. Re: 1895 Angara & D'Isanto (Allievi Di Vinaccia) that a recognised treatment for MAS? Sounds like a doomed approach to me.
  16. Re: 1895 Angara & D'Isanto (Allievi Di Vinaccia)

    Well it looks and sounds irresistible. In fact it was - so I have bought it! Hoping for delivery sometime next week (up in the Scottish Highlands delivery can take a wee while longer). I am a raw...
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    Re: Romanza - arranged for mando

    Enjoyed that a lot, thanks for posting. I have just today bought a A e d'I mandolin which looks pretty much the same as yours (1895 so not quite as old!) from John, should arrive next week. May I ask...
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    Re: France & The UK

    Hi Patrick

    If you make it as far as Inverness, take a pint or dram or two at Hootananny: not usually a free-for-all session, but some cracking good live traditional music. Well worth a visit....
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    Re: Eastman MD404

    I bought a MD404 last week as my first good mandolin (after starting as a complete beginner about 4 months ago on a laminated affair which cost all of 70 including gigbag- and was actually OK as an...
  20. Re: Metronone-How often do you use yours and how do you use it?

    As a mandolin beginner (but former bass guitarist), I use my metronome a lot, as others above have described. FarmerJones' exercise is good; I make life a bit easier by using a metronome app which...
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