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    Re: Monroe Mandolin Camp Abington VA

    So many instructors, so many different styles of teaching. You are bound to find several instructors that you'll return to repeatedly. And with so many classes you'll have ample opportunity to work...
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    Lorenzo Lippi visit

    I'll be in Milan in mid May and have contacted him to arrange a visit to his workshop. Outside of the language barrier it will be the highlight of my visit to Northern Italy. (Don't tell my wife,...
  3. Re: bluegrass listening to understand and learn the mandolin

    The Skaggs/Rice album is essential. The songs aren't hard driving bluegrass so it may be easier to attempt to play along.
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    Re: Mike Marshall interview

    Years ago, after watching a performance with Edgar Meyer and Mike, I stood in line for MM to autograph my MM instructional booklet. After asking if I played, Mike asked me what I played. I mumbled...
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    Re: Frank Wakefield

    If you haven't tried listening to Danilo Brito, you should. His bandolim playing is incredible. Sorry, not savvy enough to include a sample.
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    Re: Monroe Mandolin Camp 2021

    So sorry I was unable to attend this year. If anyone cares to share some of their highlights from 2021 MMC I'll be happy to read about them.
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    Re: Random mandolin sightings

    Watching Rhapsody in Blue. The Gershwin biopic. Just saw someone playing what appeared to be a Lyon and Healy during"Somebody Loves Me". At the end of the solo he just slid it across the floor!!...
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    Re: Eastman H4 style Mandola

    Recently purchased a 315 from a user who decided to switch to an Octave. As with my step into mandolins 25 years ago, I needed to step into a new instrument without spending thousands. I'm very happy...
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    Re: Your first great mandolin

    My Old Wave is my favorite. I may buy one of his octaves someday.
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    Re: What's in your case?

    A receipt from the original owner's purchase from Elderly, a Big Boy keychain they left there and a penny matching the year of manufacture. And the usual, needle nose pliers, picks, humidifier....
  11. Re: Article: Mandolin Orange's Andrew Marlin Comes Out From Under

    I ordered this from Andrew's website about a month ago. Does anyone know if it's unusual to wait that long for a CD? Sorry, not a streaming guy.
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    Re: Las Vegas Music Scene

    I'll be interested if you had any success. I'll be going there in November and had no expectations to play.
  13. Re: When did you realize mandolin was your primary instrument?

    With the sad realization I was never going to be a rock star, sold my Gibson ES 330, and focused on the instrument I had loved since the 1980s.
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    Monroe Mandolin Camp goes virtual.

    First I've heard of this. What a great camp, instructors, students, location and price. Might have to sign up August 1st and lock myself in the music room.
    Hate for my family to have listen to me....
  15. Re: Article: New in Print: Randy Wood - The Lore of the Luthier,

    A true gentleman.
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    Re: Suddenly feeling old

    If, like me, you were born in the 50s. There was "oldies" radio in the 70s. It seemed ancient. Now things that are fifty years old are classified "classic rock".
    Why? Because our age refuses to...
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    Re: Kimble or Duff F5?

    I agree with Banjo Boy. They'll both be at MMC, as well as some of their users who will be bringing those mandolins to camp. Listen, play and finish your week at Carter's where they usually have...
  18. Re: Just for fun and interest - favourite acoustic tones

    It's so seldom Lee Rocker and Edgar Meyer show up in the same sentence.
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    Re: Beginner getting into Bluegrass

    That gives you about four months to get ready for the 2020 Monroe Mandolin Camp, an excellent place for introduction to bluegrass and the man that created it. Don't be scairt, all abilities are...
  20. Re: You know you look at the Cafe classifieds regularly when...

    My game is to guess the price. So, note to all sellers. Put the price in the bottom not the heading.
  21. Re: Looking for beginner people to play in SE Michigan

    I'm in the Toledo area, one mile from the line. When this all gets better I'd love to attempt to play a few songs with you.
  22. Thank you Mandolin Cafe, I've only read...

    Thank you Mandolin Cafe, I've only read Stiernberg's and Bush's memories and needed to stop and recognize how much appreciate a site that would take the time to solicit and print these responses....
  23. Re: What's Your Favorite Instrumental-Mandolin Album?

    Plenty of great suggestions here but I agree with Markus, that Adam Tanner "State of Grace" album is one my favorites.
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    Re: Casey Campbell

    Love the Duets album, love the extensive liner notes and photography, great to hear he'll be back at Monroe Mandolin Camp in September.
  25. Not having much luck accessing registration, asks...

    Not having much luck accessing registration, asks for user name and no option to create one.
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