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    Re: Ukulele forum -- ??

    Ii just tried to join Ukulele Underground, to find one must PAY MONEY ($10 to $15 -- per month) to be a member. I belong to Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum and Mandolin Cafe -- both for free, of...
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    Ukulele forum -- ??

    The best forum for Mandolin is clearly Mandolin Cafe! What is the name of the best Ukulele forum(s)?
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    Re: Mandolin tuning goes sharp between uses

    Mandolin going sharp is yet another example of Murphy's Law. I, too, find my mandolin stays in tune with itself but goes sharp (compared to A-440) while not being played. WHen I get to the jam, I...
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    GBase -- what happened to this Website??

    Recently, GBase seems to have "gone primitive" -- the interface is crude, the descriptions minimal, navigation buttons simplistic . . . and there are no ads!! Anyone here know what's up with GBase?
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    Mike Marshall's Loar -- where's the nut??

    I saw Mike Marshall and Chris Thile perform at WinterGrass over the wknd. Both were playing their Loars. I was surprised how different they looked! I was sitting very close but could not see the...
  6. Re: Converting mandocello to octave mandolin -- good or bad idea?

    Pretty sure it's one of the many versions of Liza Jane.

    Thanks to all for input. I think I'm leaning away from the idea of converting a mandocello to octave mandolin. I guess what I need is a...
  7. Converting mandocello to octave mandolin -- good or bad idea??

    I love converting tenor (CGDA) instruments to octave mandolin (GDAE) instruments. I have a '27 Martin 5-17T restrung for GDAE; an OME and a Deering Irish Tenor banjos; and an Whyte Ladye resonator...
  8. Re: VIDEO: Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott - Keep Your Dirty Lights O

    I heard last Aug that Tim O' was following the tonsorial fashion statement of Craig Korth (Nimble Fingers/Sorrento BG and OT Workshops in BC, Canada), who has sported such a beard for well over a...
  9. Yikes! NO Side-of-Fingerboard Fret Markers -- a Challenge!!

    Recently I've been playing a 1925 BlackFace Snake Head Gibson. There are NO side-of-fingerboard fret markers. Right away I note a BIG playing-style difference! Looking at my left hand position...
  10. Fairbanks Whyte Laydie resonator banjo mandolin

    Anyone here familiar with one of these? I'm thinking of buying one from a friend. Haven't seen or played it yet -- would like any relevant, helpful information about what to look for . . . and an...
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    Re: Used Collings MT - less than 1k

    You said it 'didn't sound great" -- maybe in addition to crack repair it just needs a set up (and new strings).

    I really like my MT as my "travel" and "worry-free, lend-to-a-friend" mandolin. ...
  12. Re: Red Prairie Dawn -- the "Tune de Jour" 'round here ;~) !!

    Thanks Jim . . . however seems to be something wrong with your link. I get a "Sorry, no matches" message when I click on your RPD link. ???
  13. Red Prairie Dawn -- the "Tune de Jour" 'round here ;~) !!

    In the past few weeks, Red Prairie Dawn gets called a Lot in local jams I attend! And I can't get enough of it!!

    There are many great versions on You Tube -- favorites include the one with Mike...
  14. Thread: Wiens Loar?


    Re: Wiens Loar?

    What I really want to know is: What does it sound like! The Folkway ad speaks volumes re: the appearance BUT what I need to know is what does it sound like!!

    Anyone here played this mandolin??
  15. Old Time/Bluegrass Jams in Chicago, DC, NYC, Boston?

    I'm planning a six-week pleasure trip to Chicago, Detroit, DC, Philly, NYC, and Boston in March/April. I plan to take along my Collings MT. After a day sightseeing Museums, Galleries, tall...
  16. NECK Reset . . . ever required on a mandolin??

    Anyone who collects vintage guitars knows a neck reset is eventually mandatory -- in the past, 'luthiers' would shave down (or even cut grooves in) the saddle, then shave down the bridge to give...
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    Height of BRIDGE: Higher = Louder/more Tone??

    Recently I played a friend's early 90s Gilchrist. Last month I tried an early 80s Nugget. Both mandos had very high bridges -- about 1 cm (> 1/4") of the adjusting screw threads was visible. The...
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    Re: new Travelite mando case

    I own 4 Travelite cases: 2 mando cases, 1 dreadnaut and 1 00 sized. I really like them BUT they are not perfect [IMHO].

    Faults are: 1) Hygrometer always reads the same, dry or humid;
  19. Re: Octave Banjo Lin -- Irish Tenor Banjo: Anyone here play one?

    Thanks for the tip re: TB Social Group -- I'll look into it.

    My OME has a Silver Bell tone ring. How would it differ from a Silverspun?

    re: CGDA -- I've owned several true (CGDA) tenors...
  20. Octave Banjo Lin -- Irish Tenor Banjo: Anyone here play one?

    I've owned an OME Celtic Banjo -- which I feel would better be named an OctaveBanjoLin, given its octave lower GDAE tuning. Any mandolin player, with a reasonable sized hand can play it "right out...
  21. Knocked over an Instrument at last night's jam -- NOT my fault!

    I've had nightmares about this -- at last night's jam it happened.

    People were just arriving to our weekly Old Time jam at local cafe. People were setting up chairs into a circle. I came in the...
  22. BAD Habits of a mandolin player learning to play Clawhammer BANJO

    How does the basic melody fit into the "Bum ditty" strum?!!

    As a mandolin player, all I want to do is pick out the melody with index finger downstrokes. Consequently, I only play the 4 full...
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    Re: Chapter 3 of "Could I be so lucky"

    My 1912 clearly says "a" on the label -- no number after the "a". The serial number is 5 digits. Sounds to me like it's a run-of-the-mill, humble A model Gibson, in need of a repair to back (and...
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    Re: Which Blue Chip pick?

    Thanks for help above. I e-mailed Matthew Goins, got a detailed response back in minutes, and ordered 2 - TAD 40s with confidence. This is a great company!
  25. BG &/or OT Jams in Portland, OR -- any suggestions?

    I plan to be in Portland OR in early January -- RiverCity BG, then POTMG -- YeHaw! Of course, I'll have no trouble finding jams during these events (!). However, I'm wondering what might be...
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